It never gets old.

Our trips to the mountains, that is!

Little Bug got to play in real fall leaves!


We took Little Bug to a Nature Preserve on Tuesday. We called it the “zoo” but it was very different than going to a zoo even though she got to see lots of animals. We spent all morning there and got to see everything!


Imagine my complete shock when from behind me I hear Little Bug say, “Take my picture Mama!” and I turn around to see her siting like this:


She got to pet some goats! She stood there petting these two together for the longest time.


Sweet Pea had her first taste of pizza at our favorite pizza place there. She loved it!


We enjoyed playing in the prayer garden area. There were beautiful fall leaves on the ground and Little Bug had fun floating leaves down the stream and calling them “boats”.


Sweet Pea is still hesitant to walk but I don’t think it will be too long before she decides walking is better than crawling.


There were several blanket forts built by Uncle and Little Bug. On our last morning there, they had breakfast together in their fort.


Our group picture this year:


Both girls really wanted to play in this stream, so Uncle took them down to put their hands in the water.


Little Bug and Gramps with their walking sticks.


Being in the mountains always refreshes my soul. The mountains truly do proclaim there is a God!


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