Our Week

This past week was spent in the mountains with my parents, my girls and my brother and it was an absolutely wonderful week! Just wish Dave could have come with us but he had to work.

It was probably the best week I’ve had at the cabin since being a Mommy. Travel and small kids usually equals stress for me, but I was bound and determine to go on this trip and have a wonderful time, and we certainly did.

It probably helped too that Little Bug, for the first time EVER, slept normal while at the cabin this trip. She is notorious for waking early and short napping while at the cabin, which just makes for a super tired and super cranky girl at the end of our trip and when we arrive back home.

But this time, she woke around 8am (like at home) and took a 2-3 hour nap every single day. And she had an absolutely wonderful time at the cabin. She did not want to come home! That was funny to me because growing up, that was me. I never wanted to come home! I wanted to stay forever because that place is just so wonderful. And now, my daughter was the one who wanted to stay and I was ready to come home and get back into the normal routine of things again.

Sweet Pea enjoyed herself too. She was an easy baby, as usual, but poor thing did come down with a cold while we were there.

We were only there three whole days but we still did a lot of fun things!

We finished up Pumpkin week while there and I’ll be posting about that later this week.

I’m going to post some more pictures of our trip but I will start with this one now. This was our second attempt at a group picture…and it was the one and only picture we took at this spot since this one came out so perfect all things considering!


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  1. Thank you Elaine- i have been clicking in the whole week to read ‘Do not be afraid’- my little girl has been in hospital since thursday and i keep on thinking ‘Do NOT be afraid’

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