Just call me crazy.

I am doing something crazy today!

I’m going on a ROAD TRIP with my girls!!

Yes, just them and me.

That is what is crazy.


I’ve done a lot of planning and thinking ahead and I’ve got lots of





music CDs

And I am hoping for peaceful travels.

I LOVE to travel. I absolutely LOVE to travel.

There is not much I miss from my former life (as in pre-marriage/kids) but I sure do miss being a gypsy!

I traveled so much in my single years…Brazil x3, Wales, London (12 hr layover!), Guatemala, California, Colorado, Mexico, Washington DC to name a few. For obvious reasons I haven’t traveled much since May of 2009. Smile

So a road trip with my daughters is a dream come true. Except…if they were 11 and 13 that might be a little better BUT I do not wish their years away. However, a road trip today with a 1 year old and 3 year old by myself is bound to be…interesting?, chaotic?, fun?

It will actually probably be a good mix of all of that.

I’d appreciate some prayers for safe, peaceful travel for everyone!

I’ll post when I get there and let you know where we are headed!

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