Keeping my eye on 2

The first day we were at Rebecca’s we went off to the Children’s Discovery Museum! My girls had SO MUCH FUN!


These two were not really happy about being “stuck” in their strollers!


Since Sweet Pea was walking (only her 3rd day of walking!), I let her loose! It was the first time I was in a public place with BOTH of my girls walking around (in opposite directions, of course!). I am not sure how people with more than two kids do something like this without losing someone! (Beth?! Meg?! Smile)

Sweet Pea was loving every minute of this HUGE water table.


Little Bug got to work on a car. She was confused that everything was “not real”. They had containers so the kids could pour things into the engine area of the car, but Little Bug didn’t like it that nothing was actually coming out of the containers.


This was cool!! The kids (that’s Rebecca’s Micah with Little Bug) turned the wheels and the bricks would fall down and out.


Then they gathered the bricks into a little wagon and…


…wheeled them to put them back in to start the process all over again! And yes, even Sweet Pea got in on the work. She was so adorable toddling around the place like a big girl. She was having the time of her life.


She found this box of blocks and started transferring them to the cart.


There was a play grocery store that both girls enjoyed.


We had never been to something like this before! I will have to check to see if we have one in our city since this was a big hit for both girls!

It is time to find fun things we can do outside of the house for when Sweet Pea drops the morning nap and we suddenly have mornings clear to do fun stuff like this!!

I love watching my girls have fun and this was a wonderful morning with wonderful friends!

Funny story: While there, we ran into a friend of Rebecca’s from college days! They hadn’t seen each other in over 4 years, but the friend reads Rebecca’s blog…and because of that, she has read my blog, too! She said, “Aww, there is Sweet Pea!” And then Little Bug walked up and she said, “And there is Little Bug!”. It was funny to hear someone call my girls “Sweet Pea” and “Little Bug”!

2 thoughts on “Keeping my eye on 2

  1. Ha! You get used to it. But remember my oldest is 6 so he doesn’t really require as much “watching” if you will. And he is usually pretty good about helping with the little ones. Now get back to me when Lorelei is 1 and walking and Adelaide is 2 and Keaton is still 3. I might just lose my mind! hehe!

  2. Oh, if we had a Children’s Museum within driving distance I’m sure we’d be there most days in the summer when it’s too hot to breathe outside. I’m so glad your trip was enjoyable and memorable for everyone!

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