New Traditions

This was the year of new traditions. In Thanksgiving’s past, we’ve always gone to my Grandpa’s house for Thanksgiving. Since he is no longer living at his house, we didn’t have a family gathering there and we hope to get together with that side of the family in the summer at the beach.

So, this year we were “home”. We packed up and drove 20 minutes to spend Wednesday through Friday at my parents’ house.

Thanksgiving morning Uncle cooked his famous Pancake breakfast with his little side-kick.


After breakfast, Little Bug spent the entire morning with Grams in the kitchen cooking our Thanksgiving feast. Little Bug loves to cook and she proved that she really could stay in the kitchen all day cooking given the opportunity!


Actually, I am not so sure how much cooking she was doing. She might have been taste-testing more than cooking!


Grams needed an orange for one of her recipes so Sweet Pea and Gramps walked down to Bisa’s house (my grandmother) and picked an orange off her tree to bring to Grams. When they got back we told Sweet Pea to take the orange to Grams and she walked right into the kitchen to give it to her!


I took this picture just to take a picture of her hair. Smile


I thought I was going to be really sad this Thanksgiving since I wouldn’t be with the family at Grandpa & Grandma’s house, but, (and I really can’t believe this) I didn’t even think about it until my Grandpa called me Thanksgiving night! I guess I just realize (in my old age, haha) that life brings change and things only last for a season. The season of Thanksgiving at Grandpa & Grandma’s house is past and a new season has begun – Thanksgiving at my daughters’ grandparents house! I am thankful for the memories of Thanksgiving at Grandpa’s house and I am thankful for memories of today and the years to come.


We went outside around noon to take a family picture and…


…pretty good compared to last year’s!! Winking smile

Uncle is eating up his time with his two little nieces.


These little girls are two of my greatest blessings in this life.


I am thankful that even though life changes, God’s faithfulness remains the same through the ages.

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