She should have been a turkey.

Thursday was Little Bug’s Thanksgiving Feast at preschool!

And as you can tell from these pictures, Little Bug was not having it.

But, this is just Little Bug for now. She is three. Three and a half years old (almost) to be exact. And as I have noticed, at the year mark and half-year mark, Little Bug goes through a “funk” that lasts about two weeks and then my sweet girl returns.

This current funk includes arguments and negotiations about what Little Bug wants to do.

Our response as her parents is a re-teaching of first-time obedience and a requirement of her just saying “yes mam” and “yes sir” when told to do something.

Anyway…as soon as I walked in the room, the drama began with tears. She didn’t want to sing and didn’t want to wear her Indian costume.


Then she started reaching for me with this pathetic little look. I told her to come to me and held her and gave her hugs and then I told her she had two minutes and it was time to go back and sing her songs with her friends.


The program started and she slowly walked back, keeping a scowl on her face the whole performance and not singing one word of the songs!


After the performance, Princess Frown came down from stage and wanted to get out of her costume immediately.


We went to her classroom where everyone enjoyed a Thanksgiving Feast, and Little Bug finally perked up.


She had quite the audience!


In the middle of eating her pumpkin pie Little Bug loudly said, “Gramps!!! Gramps, you are in Mrs. S’s chair!”.


After the feast, the class played some games and then read a Thanksgiving book. Sweet Pea had fun with sister at school!


Oh, this child. She has me laughing one minute and wanting to pull my hair out the next.

She’s a little turkey…that is for sure!!

5 thoughts on “She should have been a turkey.

  1. Did she not feel well on this day? Her eyes look like she may not have felt like her sweet self. It’s so cute that Sweet Pea gets to be big like her sister!

    • Her eyes look like that because she was crying! Yes, SP took a while to warm up in sister’s classroom but once she did, she was all over the place having so much fun!

  2. I was thinking it was her sensory issues. Looks like sensory overload to me. And she likes order and it wasn’t an orderly day at preschool. ???

    Have you read Your Three Year Old, Wild and Wonderful? It talks about the half year thing!

    • LB has never been diagnosed with “sensory issues”. Because of her methadone exposure in the womb, I am conscience of the fact that that could have effects on her in life, however, I know my daughter, and this was simply a matter of her deciding she was NOT going to perform.

      Also, I will never chose to ignore any issue my daughters might have because they are adopted, but I refuse to blame every little thing that happens in their life on their drug exposure!

      I have not read that book but thanks for letting me know about it! It is good to know that there are books out there about the half-year thing because it has been VERY obvious to me that LB goes through a developmental change/leap at these intervals!

      • I went to this “sensory processing disorder” site ( and found this checklist that can help parents determine if their child needs to be tested further for having SPD. This was the check-list for preschool age.

        ____ My child has difficulty being toilet trained.
        ____ My child is overly sensitive to stimulation, overreacts to or does not like touch, noise, smells, etc.
        ____ My child is unaware of being touched/bumped unless done with extreme force/intensity.
        ____ My child has difficulty learning and/or avoids performing fine motor tasks such as using crayons and fasteners on clothing.
        ____ My child seems unsure how to move his/her body in space, is clumsy and awkward.
        ____ My child has difficulty learning new motor tasks.
        ____ My child is in constant motion.
        ____ My child gets in everyone else’s space and/or touches everything around him.
        ____ My child has difficulty making friends (overly aggressive or passive/ withdrawn).
        ____ My child is intense, demanding or hard to calm and has difficulty with transitions.
        ____ My child has sudden mood changes and temper tantrums that are unexpected.
        ____ My child seems weak, slumps when sitting/standing; prefers sedentary activities.
        ____ It is hard to understand my child’s speech.
        ____ My child does not seem to understand verbal instructions.

        The only one that comes close to describing LB is “My child is in constant motion”, but I think I would be concerned about ANY 3yo who wasn’t in constant motion. 🙂

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