We made it!

Looking forward to a few days with Rebecca!!


The girls SHOCKED me with how well they traveled today. I know it was all the prayers. So thank you very much!

We got off about half an hour later than I wanted but drove nearly 3 hours before stopping for lunch! I couldn’t believe it! We were almost half way there before we had to stop.

Little Bug watched her Mickey Mouse Clubhouse DVD and then played with some toys and Sweet Pea did…I don’t know what! That baby. She just goes along for the ride. Give her her blankie and she just sits there sucking her thumb and holding her blankie. I asked Little Bug at one point, “What is Sweet Pea doing?” and she told me, “She’s just sucking her thumb.”

We stopped for lunch at Wendy’s…which was 2.5 miles off the highway. I hate when they advertise on the highway and then are not right off the highway. So we went to Subway instead, which Little Bug was excited about.

The only hiccup was five minutes after we got back in the car after lunch and Sweet Pea had already fallen asleep for a nap, Little Bug proclaims from the back seat, “Mommy, I need to poop!!!”.

So, we stopped and of course that woke Sweet Pea and she didn’t fall asleep again the whole trip but she didn’t cry once the entire day – even with NO nap whatsoever.

Seven hours after we pulled out of our driveway, we pulled into Rebecca’s driveway and I felt so accomplished that I had made this trip with my two girls and that it had actually been a pleasant experience for everyone!


And now for some fun-filled days with Rebecca and our four kiddos!

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