Welcome Home!

Tonight, my parents arrived back home after a 19 day trip overseas where they visited Rome and went on a Mediterranean Cruise. They went with my mom’s two sisters and husbands and had a fabulous time.

We missed them SO MUCH! One day, soon after they had left, Little Bug woke crying from a nap, which is very unusual. I went in to ask her what was wrong and she just sobbed, “I want my Grams and Gramps!”. This was the longest she has ever gone without seeing them since she was born!

Their plane landed at about 7pm – which is right when our bath/bedtime routine starts every night.

But even this Sleep Nazi wasn’t going to let her girls miss out on welcoming Grams and Gramps home. Smile

My parents thought either Dave or I was going to pick them up from the airport tonight while the other was home with the girls, getting them to bed.

But I wanted to surprise them!

So, after naptime today, Dave gave the girls a bath and put them in matching pjs and then we ALL headed the airport to welcome Grams and Gramps home!


The girls put stickers on our “Welcome Home, Gramps and Grams” sign before we left.


We ate a quick dinner at the airport.


And then we waited.


The girls and Daddy played a little golf while we waited.


And then there they were! Gramps and Grams!!!



Little Bug was so proud of her sign!


We are so happy to have Grams and Gramps home safely!


One thought on “Welcome Home!

  1. We had a trip of a lifetime but we are SOOOO glad to be home and we coulnd’t wait to see everyone. It was especially hard to leave these two little girls because I wasn’t sure they would understand that we would be back. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SURPRISING US AT THE AIRPORT! I was dreading having to wait a day to see my girlies! The poster was beautiful! It was great seeing BOTH girls walking to hug us. SP was taking 5-7 steps at a time when we left and we returned to a walking little girl! LB wanted to see my pictures (I have probably over 1,000) so I told her about seeing Big Ben in London on our return trip. She asked if he was tall and large, I told her it was a clock, not a person. When I showed her the picture she said, “He is ROUND!” :>) I love my girlies!

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