Santa Hat Brownie Disaster

I’ve been slacking in the crock-pot meals department, but I made up for it in the baking department!

December 1st was our first Christmas Party of the season and we were to bring an appetizer. I was about to have Dave stop at the store to pick up a bag of chips and dip (you don’t have to tell me that is lame, I know) when I decided to jump on pinterest and see if I could find something that I thought I could handle making.

I came across Santa Hat Brownies! I thought I could handle those, no problem. It’s just a box of brownies, icing and strawberries. Easy-peasy and oh so adorable!


Saturday afternoon I put the girls down for their naps and then headed straight to the kitchen to start my work of art.

And there I met my marvelous husband who had already grabbed the box of brownies and was getting ready to whip them up for me!

I thought, Oh yay! There is no way these will be a disaster since Dave is helping me! This is going to be perfect!!

Half an hour later the brownies came out of the oven spectacular and we left them to cool. Once cool, I cut them into squares.


Dave put some icing in a ziplock baggie, snipped the end to allow the icing to squeeze out so that he could draw a circle on each brownie.


We washed and cut the tops off the strawberries and then dried them.


Then a strawberry was placed upside down on each circle of icing.


A tiny bit of icing was then placed on each tip of the strawberries to complete the “Santa Hat”.


You know this post doesn’t stop here, right??!?

Well, three minutes after we have put the finishing touches on our Brownie Santa Hats and I am so proud that I will actually show up at this party with something cute and creative, Dave goes to put these in the fridge until we leave.

And then I hear, “Oh NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!”

I run to the fridge to see what was the matter. One of Sweet Pea’s milk sippies was laying in the pan! I thought, No biggie! We can just fix the two or three Santa hats that were damaged.

And then, I realized the sippie had no top on it and there was now about 6 ounces of milk covering the bottom of the pan containing the Brownie Santa Hats!

Poor Dave felt so bad and I couldn’t believe that, for once, it wasn’t me that caused a disaster in the kitchen!!!

I called my mom and blurred out, “I’m so sad and about to cry over something that is stupid, but…do you happen to have a brownie mix?”.

We were going to drop the girls off with my parents’ and my thinking was if my mom had a brownie mix she could bake it and by the time we got there it would be ready and cooled enough for us to make the Santa Hats…again.

She didn’t have a mix, but we ended up stopping at the store on the way anyway – and NOT for a bag of chips and dip! We bought a second brownie mix and headed to my parents.

My mom and Little Bug got to work on the brownies while we ran to the thrift store to find Dave an ugly sweater to wear to the party.

We were back within the hour and the party was starting in about 30 minutes. Fortunately, the party was literally 2 minutes from my parents’ house!

To speed up the cooling process of the brownies, we put them in the freezer. Once cool we were like Santa’s workshop getting these Brownie Santa Hats made.


And we pulled up to the party only five minutes late…with our second batch of Brownie Santa Hats!



Jennifer, Dave and I worked some more this weekend on the Elf on the Shelf Nativity Style and this week I will post more about that. It’s turning out to be something that I will do with my girls from December 15-25th, instead of December 1-25, like the traditional “Elf on the Shelf”. I’m excited with the way it’s turning out and can’t wait to share it! Feel free to share Elf on the Shelf Nativity Style with anyone and join in with me in doing this with your own kids, if you’d like!

And thank you for the comments on my last post!! Lots of good ideas for alternative to “Elf on the Shelf”! Go check them out if you haven’t already.

And I feel the need to say that I am not anti-Santa. I take my girls to see Santa every year and they sit on his lap. (Those pictures coming later this week, too. This year we had a crier. Can you take a wild guess at who that might have been?!) I am just not going to lead my kids to believe that Santa flies all over the world on Christmas Eve delivering presents to all the good boys and girls. There is a part of me that feels like I’m not letting my kids be kids and I’m taking something from them that is special. But then, I tried to imagine myself telling Little Bug Santa was going to bring her Christmas presents this year and then leaving half-eaten cookies for her to find on Christmas morning as evidence of his middle of the night visit and…I just couldn’t imagine doing that!!

In a day and age where Christmas has become so commercialized (a post coming on that too this week – yes, I did a lot of blogging this weekend instead of napping on Sunday afternoon like usual!), I want to make a contentious effort to make sure I am teaching my girls the true meaning of Christmas. Don’t read me wrong here. I am not saying that anyone who does Elf on the Shelf with their kids is not teaching their kids the true meaning of Christmas. I have several close friends who do “do Santa” with their kids and I know full-well they are also (very effectively) teaching their kids about the true meaning of Christmas.

Anyways…Elf on the Shelf Nativity Style coming right up. Smile

4 thoughts on “Santa Hat Brownie Disaster

  1. I sure wish I could have eaten one of the brownies (from the second batch) knowing how much effort was put into them. This is actually hilarious, even though I’m sure you didn’t feel like it was the day of!

  2. I like you’re thinking of an appetizer…..a brownie. As my mother always says…life is uncertain, eat dessert first! Try another crock pot meal. You can do it!!!!

  3. I’m am torn about “doing Santa” and have mostly the same feelings on it. My husband and I were just talking about it the other night. So if we don’t do Santa does that mean no Easter Bunny? Or tooth fairy?? I grew up with all those traditions and at some age knew they weren’t real but stil enjoyed celebrating them with my family. We always went overboard at Christmas, 20ish presents each, but never ever lost sight of the true meaning of the holiday. by next year we really need a game plan for Maddie so till then I guess I will just keep praying about it.

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