Learning about Giving and Budgets…at age 3!

I want to instill a heart of giving in my girls. My mom had the idea to take Little Bug shopping so that she could buy a Christmas present for her Daddy, Mommy and Sister. I think they ended up buying Uncle a present, too.

My parents took Little Bug to the dollar store and gave her a budget on what she could spend.

My mom helped her think about what each person is interested in and Little Bug walked around the store finding things she thought we would like. I wish I could have been a fly on the wall.

Here she is in the check-out line with all her purchases:DSC05038

Mama told me that after she shopped for everyone else they gave her a budget to be able to buy three things for herself.

She chose a snow globe, a pair of Princess socks and a spray bottle.

Then she found a Princess balloon that she reaaaaallllly wanted.

When my mom was telling me the story I said, “Ut-oh! Did you let her buy four things instead?!”

And she said, “No! We made her stay in her budget! We told her in order to buy the balloon she would have to put one thing back.”

I was smiling from ear to ear.

It is NEVER too early to teach life lessons to children!

I asked, “So which one did she put back?”

She put back the snow globe and bought the balloon instead.

I absolutely LOVE this! Little Bug learned you can’t have everything you want. You have to make choices and stay within your budget. It is a lesson my parents taught me and it still impacts my life to this day.

And she also learned there is great joy in giving to others.

After shopping they took her to a new frozen yogurt place in town!



One thought on “Learning about Giving and Budgets…at age 3!

  1. This is great! We’ve done this will Micah, too, and recently, we’ve seen him making these choices himself without reminders! So incredible to see.

    Is that Sweet Frog? That’s one of the ones in our town and the one we visit. I LOVE that it’s a Christian company! Yummmmmmmy, too!

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