Little Bug is 3.5 years old!

Halfway to FOUR?


Yes. Little Bug is half way to FOUR, but she thinks she is all grown up and ready to conquer the world.

Little Bug loves preschool. She attends twice a week and always wakes up ready to go. Daddy takes her in the “new car” and she loves the ride. They apparently listen to music on the way to school and then Dave prays with her before she gets out of the car. It’s another one of their special Daddy-Daughter times.

I had a teacher conference with Mrs. S back in October. It was a new experience for me since I’ve conducted countless teacher/parent conferences before but until this one, I had never been the “parent” and had always been the “teacher”! Mrs. S reported that Little Bug is performing above average or average for all prek-3 skills. Some assessments she was not able to do on Little Bug (such as an assessment to see if Little Bug knows her shapes and colors) because if Little Bug knows something she is done, she wants something else to do. I have noticed this during our Learning Time too. Once she masters a skill, she doesn’t want to do it anymore. She wants something that will challenge her.


It is amazing to me how Little Bug and her Daddy share not one strand of DNA, but they are seriously identical. Dave tells me all the time, “I was just like her when I was little.” It’s funny to me because when we first learned we would not have biological children I told myself, “Well, I don’t have to worry about raising a strong-willed kid like Dave.” HA!

Little Bug loves her Learning Time with Mommy. She is always eager to have this time and often asks if we can do this more than one time a day. I love teaching Little Bug, doing crafts with her and watching her have so much fun with our activities. Her smile today when she wrote the letters P and M was priceless!


Little Bug is either the sweetest big sister in the world to Sweet Pea or she is the biggest bully to her! Poor little Sweet Pea. Smile I know these girls already have a deep bond because if Sweet Pea gets hurt Little Bug is right there to check on her. She will bring her sippy, a toy and anything else that will make her sister feel better. And then…two seconds later, she could be found knocking her sister down! I don’t know what makes Little Bug want to do mean things to her sister. Right now, we tell Little Bug to “show love” to her sister and that usually snaps her out of the meanness.

Little Bug LOVES to take Sweet Pea into her room (or Sweet Pea’s room) and play with her. And they usually play pretty well together like this. I keep my eye on them when they do this but try to stay “out” so they can have that time for sister play. The sweetest sound in the world is to hear them both laughing hysterically about something!

Little Bug still loves to read and play outside. She is not understanding why we can’t just set up the pool and swim even when it is cooler outside! Instead of siting and reading for a huge chunk of our day, we read several times throughout the day. We often read books during our Learning Times, before nap and bedtime, and then after bath time, Dave usually reads with her while I am getting Sweet Pea to bed.

Little Bug does Independent Playtime in her bedroom 3-4 times a week and her new favorite thing to do during this time is to read books in bed!


We are having to work on just saying “yes mam” & “yes sir” when we ask her to do something because this girl is FULL of excuses about why she doesn’t need to do something or what she thinks is a better idea. And while we are more than happy to give her choices in some areas of her life, there are some areas that simply require first-time obedience.

And can we say emotional? Wow. Sometimes I am thinking to myself “If she is THIS emotional at THREE, what is it going to be like when she is THIRTEEN?” Dear me. I think I will have to attach a bucket to her neck to catch all the tears. It is not unusual for her to wake up extremely grumpy even though she is getting the perfect amount of sleep! On those mornings I have started sending her back to bed for a re-do. I tell her she can wake up when she is ready to face the world. It works every time to snap her out of her grumpiness.

Little Bug is obsessed with “Jesus dying on the cross”. She spots every single cross on every single church building and she always asks if that was the cross that Jesus died on. She can sing the old hymn “The Old Rugged Cross”. She wanted a “cross song” and that is the one I sung to her and now she can sing it herself. When we read the Bible with her at night she always wants to see the page where Jesus died on the cross. She is understanding that Jesus died to pay for her sins. I LOVE LOVE LOVE seeing the truths of God’s Word taking root in the heart of my little girl. That is the ultimate reward of parenting and makes the frustrating times of disobedience and stubbornness all worth while.


I guess I can finally report that Little Bug is no longer a “messy eater”! She does a pretty good job these days of leaning over her plate and keeping her messes to a minimum with most meals. There are some exceptions, but she is only 3.5. Smile

Little Bug has entered the phase of wanting to pick her own clothes. To save a lot of tears and frustration, when I get her up in the morning, I announce if it is a morning she can pick what to wear or if it is a morning where Mommy will chose what she wears. I pick if it is a pre-k day and if it is an “at home day” I let her pick her clothes.

Little Bug has definitely started the nap wean. There are some days where she just doesn’t fall asleep and I know this is perfectly normal for her age. We still have a daily naptime where she is expected to sleep (and most days she still does sleep), but I do realize that there are just going to be some days when she won’t sleep. On these days when she does not nap, she goes to bed early. When she does nap, she usually sleeps two hours.

I try to think of a time with Little Bug wasn’t a part of my life and it is hard to remember life without her! It is hard to believe that there was life before Little Bug and it is hard to believe she has only been in my life just three and a half years. And then, it is also hard to believe it has already been almost FOUR years since Tracy placed this baby girl with our family and my journey of motherhood began.


These 3.5 years have been the best 3.5 years of my life. The birth of this special little girl gave me the title I had always dreamed of having. I love nothing more than spending my days with her (even the hard days) and I stand in amazement at all she is becoming at the tender age of just 3.5 years old.

She is one of my greatest blessings in this life and I can’t imagine any other little girl on this planet being my oldest daughter.

I look forward to the future with my big girl.

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  1. She does love Cross songs … I’ve even taughter her “Foi na cruz, foi na cruz” in Portuguese (At the cross, at the cross). She knows several of the words meanings now and will ask often to review the words or what a different word means!

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