A Real Big Girl Bed

Little Bug now has a real Big Girl Bed – a twin bed made by her great-great grandfather. It was Dave’s bed as a boy and then it was our guest bed until December 16th when Dave moved it into Little Bug’s bedroom.


The space in our house where she slept in her crib and then toddler bed is now where her dresser and some toys are. I left her name hanging above the dresser.


This switch came at a perfect time because Sweet Pea was ready to have Independent Playtime in her bedroom instead of the pack n play. We sold the white crib months ago and now Sweet Pea sleeps in the big crib. I loved the white look of her nursery, but there was no way I was getting rid of this crib and one had to go!


The furniture is now finally matching as well. This dresser had still been in Little Bug’s room, but it matches the crib.


This is where the twin bed had been. It really opened up Sweet Pea’s bedroom when we moved the twin bed to Little Bug’s room. Sweet Pea has enjoyed her “room time”.


Little Bug wasn’t home when we made the switch. She had gone to nap at Grams and Gramps’ house, which was a HUGE blessing. It would have been difficult to do this move when the girls were awake.

When she came home she was SO excited to see her new bed.


Checking out her new bed:


She really is a big girl now. Smile


And now we need to find her some big girl bedding!!

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