False Alarm

Wednesday, I was getting lunch together and on the table when, suddenly, the house alarm was blaring!

Both girls were in their seats at the table ready to eat, so I knew a door had not been opened by Little Bug, which has been the cause of the alarm going off in the past many times!

My first reaction was to look out the windows. In the span of about 10 seconds I had looked out the back windows and side windows and since Little Bug’s blinds were still open from her IP, I looked out that window too.

The only area of the house I could not see was the master bedroom. The door was closed (to keep the girls out of there during the day) and I wasn’t about to open it to see what could possibly be in there.

My instinct was telling me: get out of the house!

So I unbuckled Sweet Pea, swung both girls up on my hips (had no idea I could still carry both of them!), grabbed my cell phone and ran out the front door and to my neighbor’s house. Later, I thought, Little Bug totally could have just walked beside me! But, I guess, that is a mother’s instinct – grab your babies and run!

My neighbor had her front door open and saw me approaching, in my pjs, carrying both girls. I was a sight, I am sure.

About the time I reached her front door, my cell rang and it was the alarm company asking if everything was alright.

I explained that to my knowledge no one in my house had set the alarm off on accident. She asked if I wanted police to come check it out. I told her I had run out of the house with my girls and was at the neighbor’s house. And, yes, please send police. There was no way I was going back in with my girls without it being checked first.

Meanwhile I went to my neighbor’s backyard and peeked through the fence to see if anything looked strange at my bedroom windows. All appeared fine, but I wasn’t about to cancel the police.

Police came and all was fine. Turns out, the glass breaks we installed after our neighbors’ houses were broken into a few months back, were too sensitive and apparently picked up a sound from me warming food in the kitchen which made the alarm sound.

I felt a little foolish afterwards but what was I to think when I KNEW myself or one of the girls had NOT set the alarm off?! I had one thing on my mind: getting my girls out of harm’s way.

Since the incident that occurred back in September I found myself playing scenarios around in my head wondering what I would do if someone did actually try to break in to my house.

It is interesting how – in a situation like this one – you just act without really needing a set plan. I assessed the situation in seconds and knowing my bedroom was the only area I couldn’t see and the alarm had sounded for some reason, I knew I had to get the girls and get out now!

I’m thankful it was just a sensitive glass break sensor! And now I am afraid to set the alarm.

And we can also add driving to that list.

2 thoughts on “False Alarm

  1. It’s amazing how that mother’s instinct kicks in! When we had our small house fire last month (I posted about this), I hadn’t realized I carried my seven year old downstairs and outside until she told me, “Mommy, I could have walked.”
    Thankful that everything was ok for you!

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