Looking back

I’m not really a football fan by any stretch of the imagination but the Green Bay Packer game was on Sunday evening and my family was gathered in the living room watching it.

One of the players started running the ball to the end zone but didn’t make it. (Turns out, they did call his play a touchdown, I think. Like I said, I’m not really into football and once that play happened, this post started rolling through my head.)

My brother said, “He shouldn’t have been looking back the whole time.”

Looking back.

It’s good to look back on life and reflect on things, but my brother’s right.

We can’t run the race of life constantly looking back.

Maybe if that player had put his all into running forward, there wouldn’t have been so much discrepancy over whether he scored a touchdown, or not.

There are times when I do think back to everything I went through when we started trying to grow our family.

It is good to remember where I was; the hopelessness that was felt, the disappointment of month after month of finding out I was not pregnant.

It is even good to look back and remember the worst day of my journey – the day I knew it was time to surrender my dream.

While it is good to look back occasionally and remember, I cannot run the rest of this race called life with my eyes transfixed on my past.

I know a major component of my healing process from infertility and being barren has been my resolve to look forward.

Life moves in one direction. Forward.

On this first day in 2013 I encourage you to turn your focus from your past and look forward.

Remember what you need to from the past, but run the race of life looking forward to the plans God has for you.

It seems there has been an influx of emails that I have received from readers lately who are asking me how I knew what “God’s Will” was for my life.

I am going to attempt to write a post on this soon. It’s a tough subject; one I think that is going to be tough to put into words. But it is something I want to write about.

Until then, I wish you all a very Happy New Year!

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