19 Months!

Sweet Pea is 19 months old!!


My baby is growing up. She is the sweetest little thing you ever did meet!

She is starting to say more words. She will surprise me and repeat a word I say every so often. Her food therapist mentioned that she might need speech therapy as well but my gut said just like she met her other milestones a little later than average, she will start talking a little later than average, too. I’m not worried at this point about her speech.

The biggest news this month is that, as of March 2nd, she is now taking only ONE nap!! (I’m actually writing this on day 2 of only one nap, so at this point I can’t really say how it is going!) Just before turning 18 months, she just stopped sleeping for that hour in the morning, but I kept laying her down for a “rest time”. From 18-18.5 months old, she only slept in the morning maybe a couple times. Then, after she cut her finger and lost so much sleep from being at the ER, she started sleeping for about 30 minutes in the morning. But, that morning sleep proved to be messing up her afternoon sleep! There was one afternoon when she did not sleep AT ALL in the afternoon and many afternoons where she lay in there for over an hour before falling asleep. She had never done that before. I adjusted naptimes slightly and it worked for a couple days and then she was back to messed up afternoon naps and I knew the time had come: It was (finally!!!) time to drop the morning nap!

I’ve been looking forward to this because now we can get out in the mornings to run errands, go to playdates, go on fun outings, etc. It will be so nice to have our mornings free again! I don’t mind at all having to sacrifice morning outings so a baby can sleep (I’d rather do that than have a screaming, overtired infant on my hands!), but it will be so nice not to have to be home to get Sweet Pea a morning nap!


Sweet Pea has started her food therapy and honestly, I am just not pleased with the services we are receiving. Sweet Pea has had three different therapists (because her first went on maternity leave – totally understandable) but the two she has seen since have two very different ways of approaching this issue. One follows Sweet Pea’s lead while encouraging her to touch, taste, kiss, smell foods that Sweet Pea refuses to eat or touch and the other has been trying to get Sweet Pea to learn to follow her commands and then “rewards” her by letting her do a puzzle. I just don’t see how the second approach is effective at all. Unfortunately, we are scheduled to have therapy with the second girl for the remainder of Sweet Pea’s appointments. I am going to call and politely explain the situation and ask if we can see the other girl.

After just one session with the other girl, I was able to get Sweet Pea to eat some peas! But after two sessions with the girl whose approach is proving to not be effective at all with Sweet Pea, Sweet Pea will no longer eat peas. So frustrating.


Sweet Pea’s morning nap time has been replaced with Independent Playtime in her bedroom (when we are home) and she absolutely loves it. Unlike her sister, this girl does not have a problem with playing alone. She actually loves it. When I tell her it’s time to play in her room, she excitedly runs to her room and wants me to open her closet so she can get her toys out!

Now that we have more time in the mornings, I want to start implementing a Learning Time with Sweet Pea too. It won’t be anything major. Just some intentional time when I sit down with her to work on puzzles, coloring, play-doh, letters and numbers.


At 19 months old Sweet Pea loves: playing in sister’s room (that is a real treat), eating a whole apple, bath time, playing outside, books, baby dolls, baby strollers and puzzles.

She makes this goofy face where she tucks her upper lip into her bottom:


Sweet Pea is very interested in sister going potty on the potty. She will peak into the toilet but she isn’t very fond about sitting on the big potty herself. I am going to take the same approach to potty training with Sweet Pea as I did with Little Bug: when it is clear Sweet Pea is ready (not me), I will train her. Little Bug was a breeze to train that way. For now, being interested in sister going potty on the big potty is enough for me!


Sweet Pea got a big boo-boo on February 19th after she got hold of a snowglobe and it cut her hand. It landed her in the ER and she got 3 stitches. I took her to the pedi on February 28th to get the stitches out but they were not ready to come out. We were told we’d have to go back to the ER in a couple days to have them taken out (no, thank you) so we asked my parents’ life long friend who is a doctor if he would take them out. He was more than happy to do that and the stitches came out on March 2nd. The cut has healed nicely and most likely there will be hardly any scar, if any, left.


Sweet Pea’s schedule (18 months old):

8am wake up

9:45-10:45am nap (Most of this month, she just rested during this hour.)

10:45-11:45am Independent Playtime

12:00pm Lunch

12:45 or 1:15pm – 4:30pm nap

6pm Dinner

7/7:30pm bedtime



4 thoughts on “19 Months!

  1. I hope you don’t find me too nosy, but I’d LOVE to get more information about the food therapist and how you knew it was time to pursue something like that. Our little guy is just 9.5 months old, but he doesn’t love food so much and is always on the low end of the growth chart. Anyway, I’m curious to hear what your situation was. Was Sweet Pea a picky eater? You can comment on my blog or email me if you’d like to get back in touch with your story. 🙂

    • Basically, Sweet Pea just refused to eat certain textures/types of foods. She is 19 months now and still only eating pureed veggies because she will not eat table food veggies. I know I could just stop feeding her purees but I don’t want her not eating ANY veggies.

      If you read this post, I explain more in detail about what is going on specificially with SP! http://www.faithfullyinfertile.com/2013/01/sos/

      Honestly, at 9 months I wouldn’t be concerned if your little guy isn’t too interested in table foods. Just keep offering them and let him play with them and as with most babies, it just clicks and they start moving more and more to table foods vs pureed foods!

  2. I just wanted to thank you for everything that you’re writing about… 🙂 My 14-months-old struggles with eating, texture and new foods as well and we’re seeing a therapist also. (Elizabeth, our county offers Early Intervention Services – maybe that’s something for you to look at?) I’m particularly excited to read about your Learning Time projects with Sweet Pea – I really want to start doing something like that with my twins and I can’t wait to read about your ideas. You’re very creative and inspiring – thank you so much for sharing!

    • Oh don’t get too excited about LT with Sweet Pea! I seriously mean that it will just be puzzles, coloring and things of that nature! I didn’t really start LT with Little Bug until she was 2.5 years. I wanted to start at 2, but with a newborn I just couldn’t get it together until SP was 6ish months old. I don’t really plan to start the ABC activities I did with LB with SP until SP is around 2-2.5ish yrs old!

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