20 Months!

Sweet Pea is 20 months old!


Sweet Pea has done a lot of growing up this past month. It’s been a big month for her.

She fully switched to a one nap schedule! March 2nd was the first day of her one nap schedule and she fell right into it with no problems. I love the approach I took with Sweet Pea in this transition. We hung on to the two nap schedule as long as possible and, because Sweet Pea was so “old” when we finally made the transition, she did it with no problems. At first her one nap was about 4 hours long! I figured it would shorten some because that is one marathon of a nap and by the end of the month it had shortened to about 3-3.5 hours long.


Sweet Pea is saying more and more words. She had her 18 month check up today (we got behind on these appointments) and I shared with her pedi that the therapist was telling me Sweet Pea would probably need speech therapy too, but I felt in my gut that she would just start speaking later than average since she has done everything else (siting up, walking, etc.) later than average. The pedi said that all we really want to see is progress and the fact that at about 17 months all Sweet Pea was really saying was “Mama” and “Dada” and now, at 20 months she has probably 20 words, she IS making progress. Pedi said if she doesn’t make progress from now until her 2 year check up THEN she would need speech therapy.


Speaking of therapy…food therapy was one BIG fat disaster. We ended up just pulling her out. After three different therapists, about 6 appointments and no progress being made because the therapist we got stuck with refused to try a different method with Sweet Pea, we had had enough and we pulled her out. The pedi gave me permission to take Sweet Pea off the pureed baby food today! Woo hoo!!! She told me to pay attention to food colors, give her an empty plate at meal times with lots of healthy food choices and then let her ask for things to eat. Limit snacking so she will be hungry to eat at meal times. So we are trying this for now and hopefully she will get over her fear of textures in time.

In the picture above, Sweet Pea was eating shrimp at her Gram’s birthday dinner! She was eating those up! She loved them! But then she had this weird rash on her face and I assumed it was from the shrimp so I haven’t let her have them since. But – she ate something new. Progress.

Sweet Pea loves shoes! We were shopping and LB was trying on some shoes and Sweet Pea decided she wanted to try on shoes too so she started taking her shoes off so she could try on some shoes. She loves to walk around the house in other people’s shoes. She also loves hats!


Sweet Pea loves to dance! She’s got some rhythm too. She also enjoys spinning until she falls over. She will just spin and spin in the middle of the living room floor laughing away at herself as she spins.

Sweet Pea enjoys puzzles and she is good at them! When I took the picture below, she sat down and did that puzzle completely on her own with no help at all from me!


In the last month Sweet Pea has become a huge Daddy’s Girl. Her daddy is just loving this. Sweet Pea literally squeals with delight when she hears the garage go up when Dave gets home from work. And when Dave leaves in the morning she give him one hug and then runs to the door a million times for more hugs before he finally leaves. Sweet Pea lights up at the mention of “Daddy”. It is so precious.


I’ve noticed Sweet Pea coming out of her shell more recently! From a tiny infant she has always been pretty shy and reserved, but over the past month she has gained confidence and initiated interactions with adults and children. When I ask her if she want to go play with her friends at church on Sunday mornings she always nods her head “yes” and she hasn’t had to be ripped from my arms screaming in over a month! I am glad to see this social side of Sweet Pea!

We read together in the mornings now that Sweet Pea doesn’t nap. I am teaching the girls to take turns. When it is their turn, they pick a book, bring it to me and they can sit on my lap while I read it. Then when it is sister’s turn they have to get up and let sister sit on my lap. Oh, Sweet Pea does not like this one bit. But she will learn! Hopefully our reading time in the morning will be enjoyable soon!


Sweet Pea loves her Independent Playtime in her bedroom. When I tell her it is time to play in her room she runs to her room and goes to her closet because she wants to pick her toys. She does very well playing in there. She usually steals her blankie from her crib and has a little blankie time during her room time. She does 60 minutes of play in her bedroom.

Sweet Pea wears 18 month clothes, but I’ve already got the 2T clothes in her closet because it won’t be long and she will be able to start wearing them! She wears size 5 diapers and a size 3 or 4 shoe.


Four months and she will be two years old – the age her sister was when she was born! Doesn’t seem possible. The second child grows up WAY faster than the first. It is hard to believe I soon won’t have a child who’s age is measured in months instead of years!

Sweet Pea’s schedule (19 months old):

8am wake up

9:30-10:30am IP

11:45am Lunch

12:30-4:00/4:30pm Nap

6pm Dinner

7pm Bath

7:30/7:45pm Bedtime



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