22 Months!

Sweet Pea is 22 months!!


This has been a huge month for Sweet Pea developmentally!

Sweet Pea’s language development took off this month! I felt in my gut that there was nothing wrong with her speech development and that she is just on her own little timetable and she will do things when SHE is ready. I was right. The therapist was concerned at 18 months when she wasn’t really saying much of anything, but now, four months later, Sweet Pea says more words than I can count. And she will try to repeat most anything we ask her to say.

One of the cutest things she said this month was one day while Big Sis was at preschool and Sweet Pea was helping me start a load of laundry. She was pushing the laundry basket from my closet to the laundry and while she was pushing she was saying, “Hush!!!” to Pup because she was barking! She was like a little Mommy doing laundry and shushing the dog!


Sweet Pea continues to have her opinions about things which cracks me up because she has been so mellow since birth. She still is, but this girl has an opinion about certain things for sure! We usually close the blinds at the kitchen table when we sit down to eat dinner because the sun is shinning right in on us. Well now Sweet Pea feels every time she sits down to the table to eat, the blinds must be closed!

The tantrums I wrote about last month are no issue this month. I’ve probably said a million times this month, “Use your words” when she is trying to tell me what she wants/needs. Both of my children have quickly learned that “use your words” means crying, whining and pitching a fit gets them NO WHERE. They turn off the fits like a switch and find some other way (words, hand gestures, basically ANYTHING but crying/whining/fits) to communicate their needs and wants. We have a zero tolerance for tantrums in this household!!


This month Sweet Pea has started copying everything – and I do mean everything – Little Bug does. It is absolutely precious and at this time it doesn’t seem to bother Little Bug at all. I am not even sure if she is aware that sister copies everything she does. Goes to show how much influence the oldest child has in the family! I’ve heard how you want to make sure your oldest is trained well behaviorally because all the ones behind them are just going to copy what they do! Kinda scary since my oldest is the crazy one (hehe!).

Sweet Pea started saying Little Bug’s name plain as day this month and it is the cutest thing ever!! If we get in the car and Little Bug is not with us (ridding with Daddy, etc.) she starts saying her name over and over. One morning Sweet Pea sat down to breakfast but Little Bug was taking forever coming to the table (distracted by birthday presents) so Sweet Pea turned in her seat to look for her saying her name the entire time. She wanted her sissy at the table with her!

Sweet Pea does room time for about an hour in the mornings. She plays in her room very happily and helps pick up toys when room time is over. She is really into the doctor kit lately. She brings it to me wanting me to open it for her and says, “Doctor!”.


Eating is still a circus around here with Sweet Pea. Usually picky eaters have at least 4 or 5 foods that you can count on them eating. Well, you just never know with Sweet Pea. She will literally gobble up something one meal and protest it and throw it on the floor in disgust the very next day. It makes feeding her very stressful. I try not to get stressed about feeding her, but it is hard. Oh, and don’t even dream of trying to feed her a PB&J sandwich! What kid doesn’t like PB&J?! I thought that was staple for EVERY American kid?! Anytime I get a break from having to try and feed her a meal, I do a little happy dance. I know this too shall pass…


One Saturday while Daddy and Little Bug were at the store, Sweet Pea and I did some cleaning around the house. I gave her a duster (first time) and she used her copy-skills and went behind me copying everything I did to dust the furniture! She even picked up that picture (like I had done), dusted underneath it and then placed it right back in it’s spot! I think I might have a little cleaner in the making on my hands! Sweet Pea does seem to like things being in their places. She will say “ut-oh” if something is out of place and if she sees trash on the floor she will pick it up and run to the trash can to throw it away.

Nothing changed in the sleep department this month. I tried to see if she could push nap to 1pm (to give us a little more time before needing to be home for naps) but she started waking early so I knew she was overtired going to bed at 1pm, so we went back to 12:45pm and naps went back to their normal length. Crazy how 15 minutes can make the difference in a long or short nap, but it does!

She had another bout of teething pain and FINALLY cut a few incisors!! Dave told me she was laughing and he saw a molar poking through back there.

Sweet Pea wears size 6 diapers (for the simple fact, she fits in them and it is what Little Bug wears for naps/night so it is just easier to have them in the same size!) and wears 18 month or 2T clothes.

At 22 months, Sweet Pea loves: bubbles, playing outside, when Daddy gets home from work, copying and playing with sister, running, putting on dress up clothes, carrying her water around with her (she asks for water every time we put her in the car seat) and her blankies.


Sweet Pea’s Schedule (21 months old):

8am wake

9:30-10:30am Room time

12pm Lunch

12:45-4/4:30 Nap

7:30/7:45pm Bedtime


Happy 22 Months, Sweet Pea!!!!

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