2 Years Old!

Sweet Pea is two years old!!!


It is hard to believe Sweet Pea is the age Little Bug was when Sweet Pea was born. They were both SO LITTLE.


And now, two years later, they are the best of friends.


Sweet Pea has changed A LOT in her two years on this Earth. She has gone from the withdrawing, furrow-browed baby,


to a go-with-the-flow, smiley, roly poly baby


to the determined (more on this in a minute), sweet, jolly, copies-everything-her-big-sis-does toddler.


Before I go any further on this post it must be noted that I absolutely LOVE that my daughters are closer in age than I had desired. I thought 3 years would be ideal, but I’ve totally changed my mind on this. I love their 2 year (26 months) age gap. Perhaps I should write a post all about this!

And now about that determination! Sweet Pea is a determined little girl. I never would have thought I’d see this coming out of her a year ago! She is going to be one of those that is quiet in a large setting, but get her in a small setting where she feels comfortable and WATCH OUT. This girl WILL speak her mind and speak it LOUDLY.

I am back in the phase of saying five million times a day, “Use your words, please.” That is my cure-all for whining. It worked wonders with Little Bug and I am seeing the same results with Sweet Pea.


Sweet Pea has become a little chatter box. Her language development continues to grow at Sweet Pea’s own little pace. She is making progress and before I know it, I know she will be stringing words together to form sentences.

Some of the frequent things she says (she says WAY more than this, but this is just her frequent words that describe her best at age 2):

“Ice!” – She wants ice in every drink.

“Me!!!” – When Sweet Pea wants to do something (most of the time what big sis is doing) she loudly proclaims “Me!!!” so as not to be left out of the fun.

“Yeeeah” – She answers questions a lot by saying this. It is adorable and so Sweet Pea. Her little voice is so sweet and almost like a whisper when she says this. We can say something like, “Sweet Pea, do you want to read a book?” and she will say, “Yeeeah”.

“Boppers” – I will ask her, “Sweet Pea, do you want to wear big girl panties or a diaper?” And she always says, “Bopper!”

“See” – If we take a picture of her she will say “see” because she wants to see the picture.

If I put Sweet Pea in her seat before Little Bug comes to the table to eat, Sweet Pea always says, “Little Bug, mear!!” (Little Bug, come here!)

At breakfast when you ask her what she wants on her waffle she always says, “Keem cheese”. (cream cheese)

One of her favorite foods? Beeps! (grapes)

Sweet Pea has two ways she says “no”. One is sweetly; she is just simply saying no. Do you want to go outside? “No”. Said with her whisper voice, it is just too cute. And then there is the “NO-NO!!!”

“Sweet Pea, time to go to the bathtub to take your bath!” “NO-NO!!!!” Like I said above, she knows what she wants to do and she lets us know too!


And now about those “boppers” (diapers). I was hopeful maybe Sweet Pea would be ready to potty train right at age 2, but she is not. I will wait until she shows me she is ready because I firmly believe that is key to quick and easy training! I am hoping that time will come in the next 6 months. It will be nice to get a pay raise in not having to buy as many diapers. (Just today, I put Sweet Pea in a pair of panties simply because there is nothing cuter than a toddler booty in panties for the first time! I let her walk around in them and kept asking her if her panties were dry. I taught her to check them to see if they were dry! Then I was going to put her back in a bopper but she did NOT want to take the panties off! haha! So…maybe potty training is closer than I think! When Sweet Pea had an accident Little Bug said, “But Mommy, why didn’t Sweet Pea tell you she needed to go potty?!?” When Sweet Pea had the accident she looked at me and said, “Poooooop!!!!” Thankfully it was just pee.)

Sweet Pea loves to hide. The other day I called her as she had gone to the back of the house. I kept calling her. No answer. So I went looking for her. I knew she had headed to Wesley’s room. I went in and called her and continued to look for her. No Sweet Pea. I left and went back to the living room asking if she had come out. Everyone said no. So I went back to Wesley’s room and looked again. And there, standing in a tiny corner stood Sweet Pea with the biggest grin on her face! Turkey!

While her sister was way more verbal at this age, Sweet Pea’s motor skills are WAY more developed at age two than her sisters were. Sweet Pea can throw a ball. And I do mean throw the ball! She has good aim, great form and it makes me wonder if we have a little athlete on our hands! Sweet Pea loves anything that involves her motor skills.


Eating? Do we have to talk about this?? Frustration city. I will leave it at that. She does love watermelon which is why she had a Watermelon Birthday Party!

Sleeping. Her schedule has been pretty much the same since she went to one afternoon nap, but this past month I started seeing signs she was ready for a tweak in her schedule again. Midway through this month she started not falling asleep right away at bedtime. I didn’t know if this was just normal 2 year old sleep issues (many two years olds take forever to fall asleep) OR if she was ready for her schedule to be tweaked. And then after she started taking forever to fall asleep at night, there were several naps that were unusually short.

Whenever I change up Sweet Pea’s schedule I do so in only 15 minute increments. So, first I moved naptime from 12:45 to 1pm so see if she just needed more wake time between waking up from the night and her naptime. That was the trick. I also noticed if she had a longer night (13 hours of sleep), her naps were shorter. So I took that all into account when deciding when to lay her down for bedtime. Her naps settled back at 3 hours and the short naps and bedtime parties stopped.


Schedule (23 months old):


9:30-10:30am Room Time

12:15pm Lunch

1:00-4:00 naptime

6:00pm Dinner

7:00pm bathtime

7:30/7:45pm bedtime


Happy 2nd Birthday, Sweet Pea!!!

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  1. Your daughter is just the cutest! I am about to have my second daughter, my other is 5 years old. Thanks for the tips, it will surely be a better schedule then my 5 year old, Lana’s. I also LOVE your daughter’s names! Sweet Pea and Little Bug. How cute!

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