BFIAR on a Rainy Morning

One day we woke up to rain and it continued to rain all morning long. It didn’t just rain, it poured!! It was also the week of Noah’s Ark for our Bible time so it was a good reminder to the girls that even though it was raining so hard, God has promised He will never flood the earth again and He always keeps His promises!


Outside time came and we couldn’t go outside because it was raining so hard! So, I decided that day would be the perfect day to read one of our Before Five in a Row books! While the girls had a “Sister Room Time”, I got everything prepared.

Side note: I think it is adorable the girls LOVE to play in Sweet Pea’s room together. During Room Time I don’t usually let them play together so they 1) have a break from each other and 2) have independent play time, but on this particular day Little Bug begged so sweetly to have a “Sister Room Time”. Room time is 1 hour, but the timer went off after an hour and I went to the room and Little Bug said, “We are not ready to come out! We want to play more.”

Ok?!?! So I got a jump start on my chores and they continued to play for about another half hour! I couldn’t believe it. I have longed for the days my children would delight in simply playing together!

Another side note: When they do this Sister Room Time I always tell Little Bug if she picks on her sister or is mean, I will separate them. Sometimes Little Bug just likes to push Sweet Pea’s buttons. It is interesting to me how they can be playing and all of a sudden I will hear the sister-picked-on-me cry from Sweet Pea but then almost immediately Little Bug shushes her someway and Sweet Pea stops crying like a switch.


After an hour and a half, I went in and told them I had something special for us to do today during outside time since it was raining and we couldn’t go outside.

We read Blueberries for Sal, an adorable story about a mommy and her daughter, Sal going out to pick blueberries and a mother bear and her cub also going out to pick blueberries. The pairs get switched leaving the Mommies to find their babies! It is a really cute story. I bought this book off Amazon and it came with a CD of the story. After the story there are suggestions for fun activities and several songs that my girls loved.


We listened to the story, pretended to pick blueberries and eat them and listened to several of the songs.


Then with a piece of white paper, blue paint and a pom-pom, the girls made blueberries on their paper!


Intentional Homeschool is doing BFIAR with her 2 year old son this year and I am following along, gathering many of her ideas to use with my girls, eventually.

After this I noticed the rain was finally slacking and I gave the girls their umbrellas and we still managed to get some outside time in that day!


I look forward incorporating Five in a Row into our homeschool at some point.

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