Intentional Christmas Gift Giving {and Giveaway!}

This month for our Babywise Tips and Tricks Day we are pinning something about Christmas on our Pinterest board! I’m sharing with you how we plan to give Christmas gifts to our girls this year.


I try to parent intentionally. This year, as my girls are both older and more aware of Christmas and everything that that entails, I want to intentionally put the focus on Jesus’s birth and not the commercialization of Christmas.

We have a four year old that walks into a store and automatically desires to bring home everything she sees. We know if we don’t consciously teach our children an attitude of gratitude they aren’t just going to wake up one day and suddenly become self-less, caring people who truly desire to give rather than get.

It’s starts now. Now when they are little and their hearts are so moldable is the time to teach them that having more isn’t necessarily the best.

Since they were both infants we have limited Christmas presents to 3-4 gifts per child. To us, birthdays are their special days where we go over and beyond (but not extravagantly so!) and give them more than three things for their birthdays.

Christmas isn’t about them getting a bunch of new stuff. Christmas is about Jesus’s birth and what that meant to the people who lived long ago and what it means to us living today.

Throughout the Old Testament the people had been hearing that the Messiah was coming, and then, finally, He came.

In the form of a newborn baby, born to a virgin girl in a stable…He came to one day die as payment for our sins.

That is why we celebrate Christmas and in the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, it is so easy to forget that.

Recently I was reading somewhere (and I cannot for the life of me remember where) about giving your child three gifts on Christmas morning, just like Jesus received three gifts from the wise men.

A gift of gold, frankincense and myrrh.

The gift of gold is a gift that the child really, really wants. For Little Bug, this would be a bicycle.

The gift of frankincense is a gift that can be shared and enjoyed with the whole family. So like a game, movie or tickets to go see a musical together.

The gift of myrrh is a gift that will further the child’s relationship with the Lord. A devotion book. A new Bible.

I really like this method of Christmas gift giving because it keeps Christ the focus of Christmas as the child only receives three gifts instead of piles upon piles of gifts.

It also keeps down on the “trendy” toy giving because all three of these gifts are very intentional and will stand the test of time.

And now for the Giveaway

We’re giving away two copies of the eBook Charlie and Noel, An Advent Calendar Story! This is a story about a young boy awakening to the real meaning of Christmas. The eBook contains the story along with discussion questions for the family to talk about after reading each chapter of the story. It also includes links to activates you can do with your family!


The giveaway will go from today (Tuesday) until midnight on Saturday night, November 30th. Enter to win by the Rafflecopter below! If you don’t win, you can purchase Charlie and Noel, An Advent Calendar Story by clicking here.

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  1. I truly enjoy your Blog – found you through a friend of a friend of a friend. Thank you for sharing all you wonderful ideas through Homeschooling.

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