The Very First Thanksgiving Day {Letter Tt, Thanksgiving, Pilgrims, Indians, Numbers}


{Books We Read}

Our Ready-Made Preschool book was The Very First Thanksgiving Day. This is a book we already had. I bought it last year during our Thanksgiving theme weeks and it was a book we enjoyed reading then and again this week. The book is poetic and takes you on a journey to that first Thanksgiving Day forwards and backwards. Little Bug continues to enjoy me reading aloud to her chapter books! She is very much into the Magic Tree House books. We read Thanksgiving on Thursday and Tonight on the Titanic in just four days!! We read Tonight on the Titanic in one day because Little Bug could not wait to see what happened next. I love reading these books to her! They do have some pictures throughout the book which Little Bug enjoys, but it is a chapter book and I am amazed she sits and listens without a picture on every page!


{Thanksgiving Books}

We checked out several Thanksgiving books from the library and also enjoyed reading some Thanksgiving books we have in our home library. These 7 books were our favorites. To highlight a few, we read Pilgrim Cat for the first time and this is one we want to add to our home library! It’s about a cat who jumps onto the Mayflower just as they set sail. He journeys with the pilgrims to America and his story tells the story of the pilgrim’s voyage to America and what happens during their first year. A Turkey for Thanksgiving is one of our favorites from last year. It’s a fictional story about a turkey who was invited to Thanksgiving Dinner. He fears he will be Thanksgiving dinner but is pleasantly surprised to find out that he has a place to sit at the table and not on it! The Story of Thanksgiving is still one of my favorites to introduce the story of Thanksgiving to preschoolers. P is for Pilgrim is one we read for the first time this year. It has a little more information than a preschooler needs, but we still enjoyed it. The ABC theme is certainly fun for the preschooler.


{Concepts We Learned}

This week our theme was, obviously, all about Thanksgiving! We learned about Pilgrims and that they came to America not knowing how to grow food. The Indians taught them how to grow corn. Little Bug made an adorable stalk of corn from a paper towel roll, bubble wrap and brown paper bag. She thought painting the bubbles red, yellow, brown and orange was cool. She made a tepee from a party hat turned inside-out! She decorated it with triangle stickers. Actually, on this day when Little Bug was making her tepee she had a little helper! We didn’t get to school that day during our normal time when Sweet Pea is napping, so we did school after naps and Sweet Pea joined in on the fun and helped Little Bug decorate her tepee.

Another day we got to pop a bag of popcorn. We played a game while it was popping. We had to guess how many seconds it would take before the popcorn started popping once we started the microwave. Little Bug guessed 71 seconds and I guessed 50 seconds. Little Bug made the numbers using her number cut outs. The popcorn started popping at 57 seconds! Then once the popcorn was ready I gave Little Bug a number and she made the number and then counted out the popcorn.

Little Bug got to make a Thanksgiving Day scene with stickers! She had lots of fun placing the pilgrim, Indian and food stickers on the page.

We continued learning about Moses this week. Last week we had learned that God saved Moses as a baby so that Moses could do an important job God had for him to do as a grown man. We learned what that plan was this week. God wanted to use Moses to free His people from being slaves in Egypt and God told Moses this through a burning bush! We also learned about the 10 plagues that God sent to the Egyptian people when Pharaoh refused to let the people go. We talked about the importance of obeying God when He tells us to do something.


{Letter of the Week}

The Letter of the Week was Letter Tt. Little Bug glued tissue paper on her Letter t. She made the Letter t with the magnet builders and play doh. She had a little helper on the day she made the Tt page in her ABC book. Sweet Pea loved gluing everything to the Tt page. We also had some fun all together playing in shaving cream!


{Fall Craft}

Our fall craft was to make a Handprint Mayflower! The girls painted blue for the ocean, then we painted their hands brown and they made the Mayflower. I had cut little sails out of white foam paper and the girls glued them on. They painted white clouds in the sky.

I love teaching the story of the pilgrims coming to America, their first hard year here in America and how the Indians became their friends as they taught the Pilgrims how to grow food and harvest it for their First Thanksgiving Feast. The Thanksgiving books we read, the Thanksgiving them in Ready-Made Preschool and this craft made for a fun week of learning all about this piece of history.


Our work for the week:


This completes the first 10 weeks of Ready-Made Preschool! I’ve ordered the next 10 weeks and we will be starting that on December 9th!

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