a few pictures

We succeeded in getting a few poses that did not require anyone to be looking at the camera or that did not involved all four members to be simultaneously cooperating at the same exact moment.

Here’s a few shots Wesley got, along with some outtakes that are pretty hilarious:

I love this one.beach

We were trying to recreate a picture from a previous shoot with just Little Bug. Sweet Pea would not play with her sister and did not want to touch the sand!IMG_3612

This one was great too. Just needs some slight editing of the photographer’s shadow!IMG_3554

Our feet were cooperative!IMG_3482

Love this of Sweet Pea with her Daddy!IMG_3662

There are actually a few more that are pretty good, but I can’t post them here for privacy reasons. (The location is too obvious.)

And now for the outtakes. This is what we were dealing with yesterday!!

What in the world?!?!IMG_3428

This one cracks me up!!


As does this one.


I wasn’t making stuff up when I said we were dealing with rolling in the sand….IMG_3433

I debated if this was really an outtake because it’s so cute. Sweet Pea does NOT like the sand!IMG_3676

We will still shoot with our photographer probably in February but at least we are giving Wesley some practice and we even got some shots that will definitely be framed and displayed in our home!

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