Back into the swing

Today we are back into the swing of things and it feels great!!! Breaks are nice, but normal life is nice, too. The Christmas décor is put away and as much as I dislike seeing it go, I love the freshness of a clean house to start the New Year.

The girls have been difficult lately and I know it is mostly due to being off their normal routines for a couple weeks now. Today was Boot Camp and it took one instance with both of them for them to figure out that vacation time is over, and life has resumed to normal. We’ve just had the best day together since!

I went to lay Sweet Pea down for her nap and I told Little Bug when I got back it would be time for school and she said with excitement in her voice, “We are doing SCHOOL today?!?!”.

I guess I wasn’t the only one longing for “normal”.

Today I’m just extra thankful for the ability to be able to homeschool and I’m looking forward to the rest of this school year.

I’m also looking forward to cleaning out this house! The major areas that need it are the master closet and toys. I need to go through toys (again), get rid of all toddler/baby toys and reorganize to make room for toys that the girls received for Christmas. And my closet? Well, let’s just say it has become the “catch all” place and it needs some major organization!

It is going to be very cold here tonight. As in, temps that I felt during my trip to Pittsburg! This is very unusual for us and by the end of the week it will probably be sunny and in the 70s again. I hope.

Stay warm and I will be back later this week to begin my reviews on the curriculum we’re using this year!

2 thoughts on “Back into the swing

  1. I smiled when I read: ” . . .I’m looking forward to the rest of this school year”. You stuck with it when you were in the trenches and look how far you both have come! Happy for you!

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