Break Week {Christmas}


The week of Christmas we did not do our Ready-Made Preschool and instead spent the week enjoying fun family traditions, Christmas crafts, Christmas printables, watching Christmas movies and enjoying time with our family!

{Family Christmas Traditions}

On Monday before Christmas the girls and I went to several of our neighbors’ houses and the girls gave them some Christmas Goodies. Our neighbors are so sweet. Mrs. Betty just lights up when she sees us coming. She turned 88 years old on December 18th. She is exactly 2 days older than my Grandpa. I am glad we can visit her and brighten her day as this is her first Christmas without her husband of 68 years. The girls enjoyed our visits with the neighbors and had to stop and visit the reindeer too! This is a tradition I would like to start with the girls beginning this year!


Last year we started the tradition of making Sausage Balls and then this year we added watching A Charlie Brown Christmas to this tradition!


On Christmas Eve we have our own Christmas Eve service at my parents’ house. We read the Christmas Story, sing Christmas Carols, take our traditional Christmas Eve pictures in front of my parents’ Christmas Tree. The girls open their Christmas pjs from Grams and Gramps and then we go look at Christmas Lights in the neighborhood and see Santa who is always passing out candy canes! After we got home and got the girls to bed, Dave assembled Little Bug’s bicycle while we watched The Grinch and set out presents.


A tradition I started and created on my own (with the help of a friend and my husband!) is Elf on the Shelf Nativity Style! Our first year doing this was last year and we did it again this year. The girls love finding each piece of the Nativity Set. This year I used their Little People Nativity Set and kept it on the fireplace. They enjoyed finding a piece of the Nativity every morning, ending with finding Baby Jesus on Christmas Morning.


{The Legend of the Candy Cane}

Sunday afternoon and on into the evening we read the book The Legend of the Candy Cane. Then the girls made a candy cane using red and white felt paper. We talked about patterns as we made the candy canes. The girls got a special treat! We let them eat a candy cane while we watched The Legend of the Candy Cane movie. Please notice Sweet Pea’s outfit…a lady bug costume, a diaper and her slippers!



Christmas Eve we had a fun learning time that included Daddy! The girls got to play with these Snowmen stickers that I found for $1 at Target. They stick to the windows and you can reuse them. The girls got to watch Max Lucado’s Punchinello and the Most Marvelous Gift during TV time. During Learning Time Little Bug and I read How the Grinch Stole Christmas! which Little Bug is really into this year. Then I did a mid-year assessment with her! I made a Christmas Tree with all the letters we have learned so far this year. I said the letter sound and she found the correct ornament with that letter and placed it on her tree! She got 100% correct! Daddy did a Gingerbread Pattern with her and Little Bug practiced her writing. She said, “I will do better when I am 5.” Before naptime, we read The Night After Christmas which is a sweet story about old toys that were thrown out after Christmas and then found a new home with the help of a little dog named Chauncey.


{Wednesday ~ Christmas Day}

We had a wonderful Christmas Day which started with a certain little girl running out to the living room and discovering the bicycle she’s been wanting for months now! She was so excited and couldn’t wait to go outside and ride her new bike which we did before heading over to my parents’ house. Dave’s family came over too and we shared a wonderful meal, opened more presents and played games. Little Bug and Sweet Pea had fun playing in the princess castle and Little Bug enjoyed watching Rudolph with her Uncle Wesley.



We spent the night at Grams and Gramps’ house on Christmas night. The next day Little Bug spent the morning with her Gramps while my mom, Sweet Pea and me went shopping. Gramps and Little Bug watched Home Alone! That is a classic Christmas movie that we watch every year and while there are some parts I’d rather her not see, it’s a great movie and it’s time she join in this family tradition! When we got home that evening, we did the activities in her workbox for that day. She did a Letter Snowman where she said all the letter sounds and stamped the letters onto the snowman. She did Christmas Tree Counting and we read some more Christmas books including Who is Coming to Our House? This is an adorable book about the stable animals preparing for Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus, but you don’t know it’s them they are preparing for until the very end of the book.



On Friday we had a very low-key day at home playing with new toys, cleaning the house for our visitors arriving on Saturday and we had more fun Christmas activities in the workbox for that day! I drew a Christmas Tree shape on a blue piece of paper, and gave Little Bug scraps of green and red construction paper and told her to decorate her Christmas Tree. She loved this activity! Then we did Snowmen Letter Sounds, a Christmas Tree Puzzle and read more Christmas books including I Know an old Lady Who Swallowed a Bell! We love all the “I Know an Old Lady” books. We finished up our study of the Christmas Story during Bible time by watching The Read and Share Bible Christmas DVD.


Saturday Mimi and Papaw arrived for the week as well as Rebecca and her family! We took a break from all things school the next week and will pick back up on our second semester of Ready-Made Preschool on January 6th! It’s hard to believe my baby is less than a year away now from officially being a Kindergartener!

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