Break Week {Family, Friends & Crafts}


The week after Christmas was a true “Break Week” as we had family and friends in town for the week! Mimi and Papaw and Rebecca and her family all arrived on Saturday, December 28th! We had lots of fun together sharing meals, laughter and conversation. The kids had a ball together, as usual!


I had two crafts still in the workboxes that we never got to during the holidays so once the babies were down for their naps, Micah and Little Bug had a fun time doing the crafts! They made Santa Handprints and a Nativity Suncatcher Craft.


On New Year’s Eve we let the kids ice and decorate Sugar Cookies!


After this week, we resumed our normal school schedule on January 6th!

3 thoughts on “Break Week {Family, Friends & Crafts}

  1. Such a fun week!!! Glad we were able to see you guys again. Thanks for letting us stay with you.

    Micah LOVES his special crafts that he did with Little Bug. No matter how awesome anything we do here is, I can’t duplicate it being done with Little Bug. 🙂

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