tell me the story of when I was born

I wish I had the words to express the joy in my heart yesterday over seeing someone who will forever hold a special place in my heart. We got to see Tracy (Little Bug’s birth mother) for the first time in over 3 years.

For over a year now, Little Bug has asked me to "tell me the story of when I was born" to which I go into about a 2-3 minute story telling the events of her birth and when she "came out of Ms. Tracy’s belly". Yesterday, for the first time that she can remember, Little Bug got to meet Tracy. I told Little Bug I had brought someone very special to meet her. She asked me who it was and I told her "Ms. Tracy! Would you like to see Mrs. Tracy?". She immediately nodded her head excitedly and we turned around and I introduced my daughter to the woman who chose life for her. Little Bug and Tracy hugged right there in the middle of the Applebee’s entrance! The joy in both of their hearts was very evident.

It did Tracy’s heart so much good to see Little Bug. My heart just breaks for her. Her life circumstances are just so incredibly sad. Generational sin is real and strong. I wish I had the power to change her life around, but all I can do is use my words and actions to show her Who can.

While the need for adoption comes from tragedy, there is also a measure of redemption found in adoption that is one of the most beautiful things I have ever witnessed on this earth. As we parted ways and Tracy began to walk in one direction towards home and Little Bug got in the car with her family to go home, it struck me that Tracy’s choice to place Little Bug for adoption broke that cycle of generational sin for Little Bug. I am forever grateful and humbled that, because of my broken body, I am the third piece of this puzzle and the one Tracy wanted her daughter to call "Mama".


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  1. Beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing. I really miss your posts now that you only post homeschool things. You always have so much good to share.

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