Time for some changes at God’s Faithfulness Through Infertility!

I will no longer be blogging about homeschooling here and instead will blog about our homeschool adventures at Faithfully Instructed!

I remember last year someone asked if I planned to start a homeschool blog and at the time I said no. However, when I learned recently that our state requires a Portfolio for homeschool documentation on a yearly basis, I decided having a Homeschool blog could come in real handy!

I know these precious homeschool years that I am about to enter into with my daughters are going to fly by. I would love to have a place dedicated to recording the journey of our homeschool. The ups, the downs, the curriculum we used and loved or disliked, the read alouds we’ve shared, some of the fun activities we’ve done, the exciting places we visited and whatever else this journey brings us.

Hop on over to Faithfully Instructed and check it out!

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