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Last Spring a friend of mine at church introduced me to doTerra Essential Oils. I will confess, at first, I was skeptical. A year later, and there is no doubt in my mind that these oils work!

Here is what they have done for my family:

Clary Calm


I first started using essential oils to control the pain I was experiencing with menstrual cramping. At first I used Clary Sage but then I bought Solace. Solace is a blend meaning it is made from several essential oils including Clary Sage. Solace is called the “Monthly Blend for Women”.

I use Solace to control the pain from cramps every month but I also use it daily for overall health. I have noticed that my cycles are closer to every 3 weeks if I don’t use Solace and Balance every day. If I use these two oils daily, my cycles are every 4 weeks like they should be.



Last Fall I was experiencing mood swings associated with my monthly cycle. I really was not liking the person I was for about two weeks of the month. For a couple months, it was really bad and I was finding myself angry, frustrated and with very little patience for two of the little people I love most in this world. This is not me and it left me feeling very defeated. I knew these feelings were associated with my monthly cycle because the negative feelings were coming after I knew I had ovulated and then would last until my period came. And then I always felt like a new woman and on top of the world…until the next cycle. After 2-3 months of this, I was desperate to stop the madness. My mom encouraged me to buy Balance and I am so glad she did. She told me to start putting it on daily. I did. That very month I had to consult the calendar to see when I should expect my period because I couldn’t tell by the way I was feeling because I wasn’t feeling angry or frustrated!!! Much to my surprise I realized that my period was days away from coming and I felt great. If rubbing a little Balance on my belly once a day is all I have to do to balance my hormones and make me not feel like Cruella De Vil for two weeks out of the month, you better believe I will be doing this from now on! It was this that sold me on Essential Oils.



Lemon essential oil is a cleanser. I put 3-4 drops in my water once a day and drink that. I don’t like the taste of lemon (fruit) in my water at all, but I don’t mind this and have even grown to like the taste. Once I started doing this my hands got extremely itchy and would break out with tiny bumps all over my wrists. It was the strangest thing and I had no clue what was going on. Turns out it was my body detoxing! Detoxing from what, I don’t know! But the Lemon essential oil was cleansing my body and that was pretty awesome. I don’t experience the break outs anymore so I assume the oil cleaned out whatever was in my body, which is pretty amazing.



OnGuard is the essential oil I put on my girls twice a day. OnGuard fights viruses!! To hopefully prevent them from getting sick I put OnGuard on their feet every morning and night. I started putting this on my girls last spring and they stayed healthy throughout the whole winter! Neither one caught a cold or the flu. Sweet Pea had a touch of a stomach bug in April but it hardly affected her at all and I know the oils that were already in her system helped her fight it off very quickly.

I’ve also made a little spray bottle of OnGuard hand sanitizer that I carry with me in my purse. After we have been in a public place (so the store, the library, the park, church, basically anywhere where they could have picked up germs on their hands) I take out the spray bottle and spray some OnGuard onto their hands. The girls have even gotten to where they like for me to spray it right into their mouths!

To make the OnGuard hand sanitizer you just put 10 drops of OnGuard with water into a glass spray bottle.



Last Fall Sweet Pea started showing signs of her reflux returning. She was spitting up like she did as an infant. It wasn’t happening every day but I know right around the time I decided to call her GI, she had spit up three times in a week. Long story short, they couldn’t see her until January 2014. I was told to put DigestZen essential oil on Sweet Pea three times a day, right before she eats. The spit ups stopped immediately and I cancelled her GI appointment! I have continued to put DigestZen on Sweet Pea 2-3 times a day and she continues to show no signs of her reflux.



Lavender has many wonderful uses but the main two ways I use it is to rub it on mosquito bites (it stops the itching) and to rub it on the girls during travel to calm them down. It is a “calmer”.



I have used Peppermint to take away a headache instead of taking Motrin. I just put a couple drops on my forehead, rub it in and it is almost instant relief!


{A Few Other Things to Note About Essential Oils}

1. It just takes a couple drops to do the job, so the little bottles of oils last a long time.

2. To apply oils to children, the best way is to put the drops of the oil on their feet. Some oils can make your skin sensitive (peppermint is one but I can handle it going right on my head). To avoid the oils feel like they are stinging, apply the oils to your feet or first apply Coconut Oil and then apply the essential oil. The coconut oil will dilute the essential oil so it doesn’t sting going on your skin.

3. When I put the Lemon oil in my water I have to drink from a glass cup (not plastic) because the oils will break down the plastic in the cup and you don’t want to be drinking that!


{Oils We Do Daily}

Elaine – Solace, Balance, OnGuard, Lemon

Little Bug – OnGuard

Sweet Pea – DigestZen, OnGuard

If you want to learn more about doTerra Essential Oils watch this!

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  1. Elaine – I’ve been using these oils for a couple of years and use a lot of the ones that you have mentioned here. I have not been using Balance, but do have a bottle in my cupboard and have the same mood issues you described. I’m going to give it a try and see if it helps. Thanks! 🙂

  2. Thank you so much! I just started to read about essential oils a few weeks ago and was wondering if they really ‘work’. Your testemony convinced me. Unfortunately, it seems that the doTerra products are not sold here in South Africa. I will have to look for something similar.

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