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It’s been a year since I stopped writing updates about the girls on the blog so I thought I would do a little bullet update on both Little Bug and Sweet Pea for all my faithful readers who have been reading this blog since they were itty bitty!

These girls are NOT itty bitty anymore. It is crazy to think we’ve gone from this 0014

to this


in just three years!

Little Bug:

  • She’s a mess. Nothing’s changed there!
  • Little Bug turned five in May and had a Ninja Turtle birthday party in which she made the invite list (7 friends from her class at church).
  • She LOVES stories. She has always loved books and being read to, but we are talking a boarder-line addiction here now.
  • She could listen to stories all day long, and practically does: after breakfast, during rest time, during our daily reading time, before rest time and bedtime, in the car.
  • She currently loves to listen to Jim Weiss stories on CD, “Wolf Stories” that Gramps tells her, “Flopsey and Mopsey” Stories that Grams tells her and chapter books that I read to her.
  • A close second to her love of books is the Ninja Turtles. She discovered my brother’s Ninja Turtle figures that he had as a boy at Grams and Gramps’ house and that was all she wrote.
  • Little Bug has done quite a lot of maturing over the past year. She can be trusted to not get in to stuff like she would if left alone for 2.5 seconds as a toddler. I never thought I’d see the day, but, behold, it has arrived!
  • She officially moved to having a daily “rest time” instead of naptime right before she turned five.
  • Turning five must mean that you suddenly accumulate toys with a bazillion tiny pieces…princess figures, My Little Ponies and who knows what else but it is a million little pieces of toy everywhere it seems. But she loves to play imaginatively with all these little figurines she has collected so I don’t mind the tiny pieces everywhere.
  • Little Bug is still a little girl who can go outside to play and be covered in dirt, head to toe, in no time at all. But she also still loves to dress up in her princess dresses and be “fancy”.
  • She is having to learn right now to do things without arguing and complaining. Oh, the arguments this child can muster. God’s going to use this talent one day…or else I will for real pull my hair out!
  • She completed her preschool years and will officially be a Kindergartener in the fall.

Sweet Pea:

  • Sweet Pea was the happiest little baby I had ever seen and now she is the happiest little girl I’ve ever seen. She is always smiling.
  • Except when she says, “I’m sad.” which is one of the cutest things she does.
  • Except when she attempts to see if this tactic will stall her bedtime. Little stinker! As I carry her to bed she says “I’m sad.” and then carries on and on. What is it with 3-year-olds? Seeing as this is my second 3-year-old I wasn’t fooled and it took two nights of her fake crying for 5 minutes for her to realize she’s got her work cut out to fool this Mommy.
  • Funny thing is, this girl loves her sleep and always has. She still naps 2.5-3 hours daily, but occasionally she will just not sleep a wink for a nap and then I just put her to bed early.
  • While Sweet Pea has grown up significantly in the last year, she hasn’t let go of all things “baby” yet, which is just fine by me because I know when she is ready, she will grow up. She still wears diapers 100%, sucks her thumb, sleeps with her “night-night” (receiving blankets for newborns that she LOVES to sleep with!) and calls herself a “baby”. I probably baby her which doesn’t help any of this, but…she’s my baby!
  • If Sweet Pea wanted to be potty-trained she would be. Many times now she has declared she wants to pee or poop on the potty and then proceeds to do so and is quite proud of her accomplishment. But if you ask her if she wants to wear diapers or panties, it is always “diapers”. The day will come… (hopefully soon!)
  • Sweet Pea loves to go on walks in the neighborhood and she holds my hand the entire time, which is just absolutely adorable.
  • She talks up a storm now. Hard to believe I was ever told she might need speech therapy.
  • Sweet Pea walks with determination in her step. She is a quiet one, but she is going to have an inner strength that will drive her to do great things in life.
  • Speaking of her being a “quiet one”, she isn’t always shy anymore. She has come out of her shell considerably in the last month or so. To the point that she has asked complete strangers (other kids) their names when we are standing in line at the store! That is HUGE for Sweet Pea.
  • Sweet Pea will start PK3 with Mommy this fall, just a few weeks after she turns three years old!

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  1. Thanks for the update! I hope that with the move to the new homeschool blog that you will still let us know how the girls are doing from time to time!!

    • I will still be blogging here. GFTI is not going anywhere! I wanted to keep this site for posts on infertility, adoption, Babywise, parenting, etc. And the new site is just for homeschooling posts!

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