Infertility Poems

A reader of this blog recently emailed and shared with me three poems she has written about her infertility journey. With her permission I am sharing them on my blog. Here is the first one. I pray these words will minister to anyone walking this road.

By: Sarah Adams

I think about you every day

And for you I will always pray

But then at times I stop and think

Will you be dressed in blue or pink?

You feel so far away some days

But then at times I see your face

You have your daddy’s perfect nose

Regretfully, your momma’s toes

But I have some good news for you

There is a God that’s always true

He plans beginning to the end

And knows the very moment when

Your heart will beat for the first time

And when you’ll cry your hearts last cry

And even when your heart is scared

There is a God that’s always there

He’s comforting in times of need

And grants a peace that’s like a stream

Of mercy that will never end

This God, my love, He is your friend

I cannot wait to share one day

And teach your little heart to pray

That even when all hope is lost

There stands a bloody wooden cross

Where this same God who is your friend

He bled until the very end

This God, you see, He has a plan

And although we are only man

He wants to hear our deepest cry

Our tears He always longs to dry

So I lay down at night to pray

And dream about the precious day

Of when I’ll finally get to see

You turn our family into three

And although we have yet to meet

Sometimes I hear your little feet

They run so quickly down the hall

I’ve loved you even long before

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