More Infertility Poems

By Sarah Adams

It’s story time again tonight

So listen closely dear

This story is about a man

Who shatters all our fear

This man is the greatest author

The world has ever known

He made the sun and moon and stars

Then man from dust and bone

He weaves together good and bad

In perfect harmony

And although we are scared at times

His pen is worry free

The ink He uses sometimes hurts

And makes us wonder why

But then His penmanship is clear

And opens up our eyes

And as we see each chapter end

We understand its start

This author has a perfect plan

To soften up our heart

To show us that without His love

We would be on our own

This authors plan right from the start

To make our heart His home

He writes the novel of our lives

Although at times unclear

This author is the best you see

He shatters all our fear

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