By Sarah Adams

How can I challenge Your command

When all I have is in Your hand

How can I question Your decree

When all you’ve done is faithfully

Provide a road that few have seen

Where I am blessed to call You King

Still I can’t wrap my mind around

This path where you have laid the ground

Right now I do not understand

This lot that you have for me planned

But then what always comes to mind

Is how You always seem to find

A way to show me Your great love

And that good things come from above

How can I doubt your plan for me

When I remember that old tree

You hung and gave your life for mine

And left the ninety-nine behind

To capture my poor weary soul

Lord, You alone have made me whole

In time I know I’ll understand

This lot that you have for me planned

My mind too small right now to see

The plan that you have made for me

But I am learning every day

That You’re the potter, I’m the clay

Lord help me to remember still

That I am safe inside Your will

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