be merciful to people

Things have been rough for Sarge over the past few days. There have been weaning from the morphine issues as well as feeding issues. I think the feeding issues have been sorted out and please just pray for his little body as he is weaned from the morphine. We think he was weaned too quickly over a short period of time and we are seeing the affects of that now.

It is heartbreaking to see an innocent baby go through this.

God has taught me so much after going through what I’ve gone through this year. I will be writing posts about what He has taught me for a long time to come.

Probably one of the biggest lessons I have learned is to be merciful to people because you just don’t know what they are going through.

This life is hard. So many people are living in crisis mode and we don’t even realize it. Be kind to people because you just don’t know what they are going through.

There is so much sadness here at the hospital. I witnessed a family walk in with tear stained faces. A couple, a set of parents and a toddler. I have no idea what was going on but they all hugged each other and then the grandparents took off with the toddler in one direction and the young couple headed off in another direction.

And then another day as we were pulling out of the parking garage, I noticed a woman sitting on a bench outside the parking garage, tears just streaming down her face.

It was such a reminder to me that there is so much sadness, heartache and pain in this world!

I don’t know exactly what was going on with those people but I am aware of many friends going through some very tough circumstances right now:

-a friend’s baby battling cancer and going this week for scans.

-a friend’s health. She is dealing with something very scary.

-a friend whose heart is broken over a girl who is her daughter, but not officially.

-another friend’s heath. She is dealing with debilitating migraines.

-a friend’s mother diagnosed with cancer.

-a friend who has been going through mold battles with her home for over a year now.

-a friend whose son has had a fever daily for 12 weeks and doctor’s have not been able to figure out why yet.

I am sure there are more I could list.

No, life isn’t all tragedy but the fact of the matter is, if we live long enough, tragedy will touch our lives at some point. I cannot imagine going through what we are going through right now without the knowledge that GOD, the creator of the universe and the One who created little Sarge in the depths of his birth mother’s womb, is fighting for us.

If He is Lord of your life, when these tragedies strike, you can find peace in the midst of the storms. Because He has promised His love will endure forever, He has promised He has plans to prosper us and not to harm us and He has promised that His plans will prevail over all.

Things may not go as we planned or even wished for them to go, but we can rest in peace in the Sovereignty of our Lord Jesus Christ.

2 thoughts on “be merciful to people

  1. Yes, we never know what a person is going through. I agree with you, how do people who do not have the Lord go through the struggles of life without the knowledge of God’s presence and the hope in Him? I’m grateful that we have His presence and hope!

  2. I just came across your website because I was looking for photos with men moving furniture…instead I came across your beautiful website. My younger sister is an ovarian cancer survivor. She has had a complete hysterectomy and is unable to have children. She is 29 and was diagnosed at 21. I’m thankful that she’s survived it, but it did hurt me that I was able to have a child and she couldn’t. Your page brought joy to my heart. Thanks for sharing!

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