A Slice of Normal

Tonight, in the midst of all the constant chaos, we decided to be brave and head out to a Fall Festival that we have attended for several years now. I had no idea how Sarge would do because….you never know how Sarge will do. Since he had had a really rough night and morning, I had my suspicions if that bout of pain had finally passed, he might pass out in his car seat and be good to go for the evening as he finally caught up on rest.

I was right! We had a FABULOUS time. I was soaking it all in because for the first time in over two months my whole family – all FIVE of us – went out together and enjoyed a wonderful fall evening at a Fall Festival. So much so that I am taking the time to document this evening on the blog before I go to bed!

All five of us driving in our new car for the first time:


(Yes, we had to buy a new car…for the second time this year. Back in February we went down to being a one-car family. Dave sold his car. We sold our family car and we bought a new car that we planned to keep forever. And then Sarge came along and no matter what we tried, we could not fit three car seats in the back. So shortly after we got home from the NICU with Sarge, we started car hunting again. We didn’t want a van so we went with a Santa Fe and we love it. Sweet Pea and Sarge are in the middle seats and Little Bug sits in the very back.)

The girls enjoyed a hayride with Grams and Gramps.


I loved getting to see my big girls have fun playing games!


Finally, we were doing something normal and I cannot tell you how good it felt!!


After we had left I realized we never took a family picture together. Oh well. I did have Dave snap this picture of me with Sweet Pea after we had finished her craft.


We are no where out of the woods with Sarge, but I do think we are finally at a place where we can leave the house with him…maybe. A month or even just two weeks ago, I would have not even thought about trying to go anywhere (besides dr appts) with him. Even though I am an introvert, the isolation was starting to get to me.

I am so thankful for God’s faithfulness in giving us this evening…even if it is just a slice of normal life that eventually will come.

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  1. You’re missing out by not having a van. I won’t drive anything else with small kids. But glad you got something that will fit everyone.

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