Norwex Party Extending to Friday!

This is just a quick post to say the Norwex Party is going to stay open until Friday, November 21st!


There have been 9 orders placed so far! If there are 6 more orders there will be a 3rd drawing for a Giveaway!

30% of all purchases made via this Norwex Party will go to paying for Sarge’s adoption.

Join the Facebook group for the party to learn more or click here to learn more!


One thought on “Norwex Party Extending to Friday!

  1. Hi Elaine, I’m tempted to give Norwex a try and wanted to ask a few things about it in case you happen to have time to answer. Do you clean toys with Norwex products? If so, which product do you use for toys? How often and how do you clean the sanitizing cloth and dusting mitt? Thanks!

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