Operation Make Sarge a Bedroom

Operation Make Sarge a Bedroom has begun!!!

Sarge has had little corners in our home to call his own since he got home, which is fine, but I am so ready for this baby boy to have his own room and I am so excited to make a little boy nursery!

Last week we started the room shuffle. Our house has four bedrooms. The master bedroom, my brother’s bedroom and then the girls each had a bedroom. The original plan was for the girls to share a bedroom, but the more I thought about that, the more I was concerned that the girls’ sleep would drastically decline if they were expected to sleep in the same room. With the stress that our family is already under, I did not want to add to it unnecessarily because there was another option.

We decided to move our Homeschool Room to the Playroom and make what was our Homeschool Room be Little Bug’s room! With the girls not sharing a room, we had to give up having a playroom. This wasn’t a big deal at all because we have decreased the number of toys we have so our playroom didn’t have much in it anyway. Now, Little Bug’s room will serve as her bedroom/playroom as most of the toys that were in the playroom are now in her bedroom.

Last week we started moving everything around in the house. (I just tried not to look at the chaos knowing it was necessary to make the house organized eventually!)

With the help of my very good friend (who also happens to be my sister-in-law), we painted Little Bug’s old room blue today for Sarge!


I love the color and I can’t wait to put this baby boy nursery together!

To decorate Sarge’s nursery, I am using these colors: baby blue (walls), dark blue, green and red.

I wanted the walls to be a baby blue color. When we found out about Sarge donations of baby items poured in. I was given a stripped white and dark blue crib sheet. We did purchase a cube organizer to have something to organize Sarge’s stuff in. The green cube organizers were on clearance, so I decided right then his accent color for his nursery would be dark blue and green!


I received an adorable red car picture frame and decided another accent color would be red. I am planning on buying the letters of his name and painting the letters dark blue, green and red. For just throwing something together based on what I already had and what I had been given, I think his nursery is going to be very cute and I can’t wait to see it all put together!

Once it is all put together I will share some pictures! It’s still surreal I am making a baby boy nursery….but I am so excited to be doing so!

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