Welcome to the World of Norwex

Prior to everything happening with Sarge, I had heard of Norwex.

Never heard of Norwex? Let me fill you in!

Norwex is a way to clean your home without using any toxic chemicals. After getting into Essential Oils last year, I really wanted to make the effort to stop using toxic cleaners to clean my home. But making my own cleaners with Essential Oils just wasn’t happening.

When I came across Norwex I knew I had met my match. I ordered the Household Package which includes the Enviro cloth (for sanitizing), the Window cloth (for washing windows) and the Dusting Mitt (for dusting).


The day I received my Household Package, I dusted my entire house (minus the master bedroom) and cleaned the outside of the windows in the kitchen and living room and two sliding glass doors in 30 minutes. That is A LOT of cleaning in a little amount of time and, in this phase of my life, I only have a little bit of time to clean. Look how CLEAN my sliding glass door is after using the Window Cloth:


Beside the fact that Norwex cuts out toxic cleaners, it also increases productivity in cleaning! Since these clothes last 8 years (or 500 washes), you can’t beat the price especially when you take into consideration you will no longer need to buy paper towels and chemical cleaners.

I have just begun switching over to Norwex and I can’t wait to have ALL toxic cleaners out of my house for good.

Here are a few good YouTube videos to watch about Norwex:

The Enviro Cloth

Does Norwex sanitize?

Bathroom Cleaning

Rebecca is hosting a Norwex Party for us to help raise funds for Sarge’s unexpected adoption! 30% of purchases during this party will go directly to our adoption fund!

Party goes from now until November 18th! Click HERE to join the Facebook group to learn more and to enter for Giveaways!

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