Life with 3

Three small children, homeschooling and nurturing a baby to health makes life pretty busy, but it’s been a very long time since I updated on the family so I thought I would do that now.

Blogging here has come to a stand still of sorts because I am just waiting for the appropriate time to share about all God has done in our family since last January. The time will come. I just don’t know when that time will be. But I will share because I can’t stay quiet about what God has done. It has been a wild ride, to say the least, but the thread of God’s faithfulness is ever present.

While we have definitely settled into a new normal, life is pretty busy around here. I constantly feel “behind”. Obviously I have felt behind in our homeschooling all year because we didn’t really get started until after Christmas, but I’ve come to terms with that and you can read about that here. It’s the maintaining the housework and keeping up with all three children that leaves me feeling behind most of the time.

But I am working on figuring out how to get everything accomplished to where I don’t feel behind! I was told that I needed to lower my expectations but I am not talking about washing baseboards and dusting blinds! I am talking about tasks that have to happen. Like laundry. I’ve tried just about every laundry system out there it seems but I still don’t feel like I’ve reached a new groove with tackling the laundry weekly instead of it tackling me daily!

The girls are doing well. Little Bug is enjoying her school she attends three days a week. I am a little nervous about how things are going to go once she is home again full-time, but we will figure it out. At the same time, I cannot wait to have her home again. I feel like the three days she is at school, I miss so much. Little Bug going to school was certainly not my plan but it has been a blessing for our family during this season.

Sweet Pea is doing well. She is loving her one-on-one time with Mommy while Little Bug is at school. We needed this time together. The time I was away from her while Sarge was in the NICU was very hard on Sweet Pea. She developed some insecurities but we have worked through those with her.

These pictures were taken on Valentine’s Day


Sarge is doing well too. He has come so far and is thriving. I was taking him on a walk in my parents’ neighborhood and someone was out in their yard and saw us coming and stopped to say hi. Knowing nothing about Sarge’s start to life, the man said, “He looks so healthy!”. I just said, “He is!”. As we kept walking I thought about that and how far Sarge has come. He does look healthy and he is healthy. At 7 months old, he is nearly 16 pounds and is the sweetest baby boy I have ever laid eyes on. Part of my “lack of time” is because I won’t let him hold his own bottle and then after he is finished eating, I sit and hold and snuggle him. Sarge has taught me to live in the moment more. Not a day goes by that I don’t think about how God brought him to us. It’s astounding. I won’t be able to tell his story in just one post. It will be multiple posts with multiple stories coming together to tell another story about how God painted a picture of His Redemption over a very ugly, broken season in our life.

This blog is nearly seven years old and was born during one of my darkest times in life. I will never forget what it was like to go through infertility but sometimes those days seem like they happened in a different lifetime. I am not the same person I was when I started this blog. I am not the same person I was when I wasn’t yet a mother. The journey of the past almost 8 years has been incredible. Had I known the roads I was going to travel when I was standing at the alter on my wedding day….I would have been engulfed in a sea of emotions too overwhelming for me to grasp on that day.

I miss writing here. I look forward to the day I can start writing again.

5 thoughts on “Life with 3

  1. I can’t WAIT to hear his story! Good to hear from you! I feel the same way when people tell me to lower my expectations… “but you don’t realize! I just need to keep my head above water!”

  2. Yes, very good to find a new blog post. And I am so happy that you still are planning on telling the whole story around Sarge’s adoption. But for now, I guess taking care of your busy family is more than enough. I will be patient.


  3. Love the sweet pictures of your girls! Thanks for writing a post and for sharing some of your very valuable time helping me! It is so much appreciated! 🙂
    And I can’t wait to hear all the details of what God has done. It’s always so much clearer in retrospect, isn’t it? (I feel like I have to learn that lesson a million times!)

  4. Thanks for updating. I am so glad to hear things are going so well for your family. And, I am not sure how anyone with multiple little ones gets laundry under control. It is a constant process in our house too!
    Blessings to you as you continue on your journey, and thank you for continuing to share your story. I really enjoy your blog.

  5. I so look forward to the day you are able to write again. I find such encouragement in your words – your faithfulness helps to draw me closer to God. I am inspired by you to dive deeper. And, I too, can’t wait to hear of your journey with Sarge.

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