Celebrating the Changing Seasons {Guest Post}


I love the changing of the seasons. There is something about it that brings hope, joy, and a reminder of a fresh new start.

In my family we love to celebrate and we love to make our own family traditions. The season changes is such a good reason to do both.

Here are some ways you can celebrate new seasons and and place to start for making your own family traditions:

1. Make your own rules

Fall is by far my favorite season and every year around mid-August my heart starts beating a little faster in anticipation of my favorite time. Because of that September 1st is the absolute longest as I can wait for Fall. I cannot wait a day longer, much less 21 days longer to satisfy the calendar or weeks longer to match the weather. Does it matter if  no one else starts that early? Not to our family! We set our own rules for stuff like that. It makes it feel more special to me that way.

2. Pray for blessing over the new season as a family.

I think it is so important to surrender the coming weeks and new season to the Lord before it even starts. We like to pray as a family on the "first day" of the new season and ask God to bless it and sometimes specifically ask for a season change in our hearts too.

3. Think about all 5 senses:

– What are some visual changes you can make to signal change?

In addition to other seasonal decorating in my house, I like to change out my front door wreath to match the new season.

– What about smells?

We have a different Scentsy scent for every season. When I bust the Cider Mill out, my heart goes potter patter and I get giddy with Fall bliss.

– What recipes can you make a tradition for each season (taste)?

For Christmas and Winter, we love tamales and queso. For Fall, we like Chai Lattes and hot tea

– What does it sound like?

-My friend Jen makes me a new mixed cd for every season. There is a Fall Mix , Summer Mix, Christmas Mix, and this Spring there will be a Spring Mix. I love it. I love having the music match the festivities of the season!

– What does it feel like?

This is the one that is the most difficult because it is out of our control sometimes. I can’t make it not be 100 degrees in September. As much I would will it to be 62.7 degrees outside, it will not comply. But I do think we have some sort of control over the emotional climate of our home. I like to think about what people might feel when they walk in my home. Regardless of the season, I want people to feel warmth, to see Jesus, and for our personality to shine through.

What traditions does your family have to celebrate the changing seasons?

Carrie regularly blogs at www.wileyadventures.com and you can find her on facebook here.


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