Popping in to Say Hello

And just like that, another season has come to a close and Christmas is in 36 days!! I feel this describes our family, except the season we’ve been in has lasted way longer than the seasons that change with the orbit of the earth.

Adopting an NAS baby on top of having two young children has been one of the hardest things I’ve done. This season has been so hard. Adding a third child to the family is already a big adjustment, and then when you throw in Sarge’s special needs his first year….it was just hard.

We are turning a corner though. Sarge’s development is right on target at one year old and, earlier this month, he took his first steps! He is eating us out of house and home (this boy can put down some food) and his sisters can make him laugh like no other. He is a complete joy although we are still trying to figure this 3-kid thing out!

Our homeschool year has had it’s challenges, but is overall going well. We have joined Classical Conversations and I feel like this is going to set the course for our homeschool for many years to come. We are beginning to find our rhythm and, perhaps the best thing of all, I’ve re-established a schedule for ALL three of my children. A schedule that basically went out the window over the past year. The affects of that were very obvious around the beginning of September. Re-establishing a schedule for my children has helped tremendously with the chaos we were experiencing.

I can hardly believe we ring in a New Year in just 43 days! I love the Holiday Season. Last year, we were fresh from the hospital home with Sarge and last Fall is seriously a blur to me. I don’t have any memories besides attempting to keep Sarge as comfortable as possible through his withdrawals.

That was then and this is now. I am thankful God saw our family through that season.


The events from January 22nd to Sarge’s birth and beyond are still as mind-blowing to me as they were when I was living them. I hope to begin to write and share this story within this new season. The time is drawing near and I desire to bring glory to God by telling His story through what He did in and through my family. I hope you readers who have stuck around through this long period of silence on God’s Faithfulness Through Infertility are doing well…and enjoying this Holiday Season.

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  1. Hello from Australia, I have popped by every now and again to see how you are doing! Your journey and blog have been a big encouragement to me through my own journey of infertility and now homeschooling… Hope you have a blessed Christmas! There is always so much to be thankful for 🙂

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