Year in Pictures

It’s been a couple years since I have done a “Year in Pictures” post. Here are a few tidbits of our 2015 in pictures.

January ~ Dave turned 30! Despite the fact we were just coming out of survival mode from Sarge’s birth, I managed to throw together a Surprise Party for him. It was truly a surprise as he had no clue!


February ~ Our 3 little Valentines


March ~ Sarge was born with a birth defect. He had surgery to fix the defect and was in the hospital four days. His surgeon said the outcome of his surgery could not have been more perfect and for that we are very thankful.

photo 5 (2)

April ~ He is Risen! Happy Easter!


May ~ Little Bug turned 6! She has matured greatly over the past year. She is still a spit-fire but we’ve captured her heart and she truly does desire to please the Lord and her parents. Little Bug is in 1st Grade and enjoys all things arts and crafts!


June ~ We took our first vacation as a family of 5 to the family cabin in the mountains.


July ~ We began our third year of homeschooling! We decided to begin schooling year round this year. This gives us more flexibility to take a day off here and there if needed. We also joined Classical Conversations and it has been an absolute blessing to our homeschool.


August ~ Sweet Pea turned 4! Sweet Pea is still as sweet as can be, but she holds her own when necessary! She has come out of her shell somewhat. She loves her new role as big sister and enjoys her preschool time with Mommy each morning.

Little Sarge turned 1 in August. He has made tremendous progress in his first year of life. After a rough start, you wouldn’t know it now. He went from being an infant that just laid on a blanket at six months old to rolling, sitting, crawling, pulling up and walking in just five months time!


September ~ (This actually happened in October, but I didn’t have many pictures from September so decided to put this one here.) I took the girls on a 24-hour road trip/field trip to visit a dear friend of mine who I actually met through this blog. The girls enjoyed playing on a farm with new friends and Meg and I enjoyed getting to talk face-to-face while all of our children played together!


October ~ We took our annual Pumpkin Patch picture.


November ~ We spent Thanksgiving with my parents.

IMG_0155 8x10

December ~ We enjoyed our Christmas Eve tradition of eat dinner together with the family, singing Christmas Carols, looking at Christmas lights and then heading home to get everyone tucked in for the night!


Merry Christmas to all



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