7 weeks home

Beau has been home 7 weeks, which means he has now been with us longer than he was with any of his other caretakers. It is crazy to think that just 9 weeks ago, we didn’t even know of Beau and we just two days away from that phone call that would, once again, change everything.

We have fallen into a good rhythm with four children. Things are often chaotic in sound (4 little children are LOUD), but it is organized chaos all around. I have quickly learned that being organized is key in managing the needs of four little ones.

Clothes laid out for our first family photo shoot as a family of 6!

I have to constantly think ahead, plan ahead and make sure everything is prepared ahead. Being prepared makes things go so much smoother.

Beau is adjusting well. We continue to cocoon him, keeping his world very small and very predictable. He is alert and engaged with his world around him and has the sweetest disposition. The other children are enamored with him, especially Sarge. He holds “his baby” every day for approximately 3.5 seconds. When I am feeding Beau, Sarge will climb up in the chair and want to hold him. It doesn’t last long, but he holds his baby every day! The girls adore their baby brothers even though they sometimes get frustrated with Sarge and his 2 year old antics! I love the dynamics of my children and I pray we can continue to foster a love that will only grow and deepen as the four of them grow up together.

I am hoping to get back to Through the Lens of Grace soon as things are settling down and we are finding our new normal as a family of six!

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  1. Dear Elaine,
    I have been reading your blog about your infertility experiences, your strong faith, and your journey to become a mother of four, and would greatly appreciate the opportunity to include your experiences in my psychology graduate research thesis. Is there a way I can contact you directly? My emails have bounced back from elaine@faithfullyinfertile.com

    Hoping to hear from you,

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