Meet Beau

We finalized Beau’s adoption earlier this month so we are now officially and forever a family of six!
Beau has been home now just over 9 months. It has been one of my greatest responsibilities and privileges to help our son learn he is safe with us, he can trust us not to disappear and we are his forever. I have watched the mother-child bond and attachment form over these past 9 months and it has been a beautiful thing. When he was brought to my doorstep, we were strangers. At that time, I did not know the work that lay ahead of me for the almost 5 month old baby who had been placed in my arms to recognize me as trustworthy mother and for me to feel that fierce mother-child bond with him. We were strangers.

But we are strangers no more.

What a journey this past decade has been in my life.
All I have time to say right now is weaved through everything that has happened in my life – good or bad – over the past 10 years has been this: God’s faithfulness.

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