3 Years Old


There is nothing more amazing in life than watching your children grow, mature and learn through the years. It seems like just yesterday she started taking those wobbly first steps towards her Daddy so she could eat the cottage cheese he was trying to feed her. And now, here she is a beautiful, spunky, imaginative 3-year-old.

I will never ever forget the tiny weight I felt in my arms on the day of her birth has her birth grandma placed her in my arms. I literally could have sat there and held her and stared at her for 24 hours straight.

So, what’s new with this big 3-year-old girl?

She went through those couple of weeks of testing her boundaries and being a complete pill and then…she came out on the other side with a vivid imagination! Often times rough patches indicate growth and development and something definitely changed in this girl during those two weeks.

She NON-STOP talks and plays with her imaginary “Disney Character” friends! It started one morning when I got her up and she told me the “Disney Characters” were in her bed. Each slat of her crib was a character and from that day on, the Disney Characters go and do EVERYTHING with her. One day at lunch one of them was siting in the chair next to her and I was scolded when I sat on him! I told Little Bug he had moved to another chair and then Daddy was scolded when he sat on him in the other chair. So, that Disney Character eventually moved to the floor so no one else would sit on him. Little Bug was happy with that.

She talks to the “Disney Characters” constantly! She has even, on her own choosing, gone outside to play with them by herself and then one day at my parents’ house she went upstairs by herself to “play with the Disney Characters”. I am LOVING this new stage of imaginative play. It is so cute to hear her talking to her imaginary friends.

Little Bug has started to get into games. She likes to play Candy Land, Elefun and Hi Ho Cherry O. I have a lot of educational games that I bought on sale long before she could play them and we’ve started playing those too. Her attention span with games is still somewhat short at this age, but I expect that will increase this year.


Little Bug continues to be Miss Social Butterfly. She doesn’t meet a stranger and will go up to anyone and start talking to them. When we are at the park, ANY child who enters, is an instant friend to her. No matter their age. She joins in with the “big kids” as if she is their age. I think she actually prefers to play with kids older than her, although she enjoys her Sunday School friends as well.

Her favorite things include: the Disney Character friends (of course), her Minnie Mouse, people, getting out of the house and going places, playing with her friends, making new friends, learning time and reading books.

Little Bug loves to wear dresses. Most mornings she requests to wear a dress. Her favorite is a little pink dress with flowers. She wears is all the time!

Little Bug participated in her first little dance class this spring. She seemed to really enjoy it. She pretty much stayed on task during class and would watch and do what her teachers were doing. She looked absolutely adorable in her little pink tu-tu!

Little Bug loves to read Bible stories. Every night as we go the rocking chair and as she drinks her milk, she says, “Don’t forget to read the Bible!” She is always full of questions and wants to look at the pictures over and over again.

Little Bug loves her baby sister. Their relationship is really starting to take off. Little Bug can get her sister belly laughing in a matter of seconds. They light up when they first see each other in the morning. Little Bug enjoys getting a basket of toys and bringing them to Sweet Pea so they can play.


Little Bug is most certainly left-handed! She has preferred that hand for a while now, but now that is drawing and writing, she always puts the crayon/marker in her left hand. We have a leftie for sure.

We are loving our 20-30 minutes of daily structured learning time. Little Bug knows we usually do this after her room time and she will often ask, “What are we doing today, Mommy?” I love seeing her having fun while learning. She is a sharp little girl and I am going to have to keep learning interesting for her. She is able to do way more than I thought she was capable or ready to do. We have enrolled her for preschool in the fall. She needs some “outside of the house” activity to do weekly and preschool is it! I know she is going to have a blast at school two days a week.

Little Bug had those 2ish weeks when I wondered how in the world we were going to make it through age 3, but then, after she tested her boundaries and we were very consistent with her and made our expectations for her behavior very clear, she has been our sweet, obedient (for the most part) Little Bug since then. I am sure she will go through another time of testing her boundaries but as long as Little Bug is getting the appropriate amount of sleep, she is such a pleasant little girl to be around.


After those two crazy weeks of testing boundaries constantly it seemed Little Bug matured somewhat in the area of making messes and not being able to be left for literally two minutes without getting into something. I used to have to put her in the pack n play just to take 3 minutes to go lay Sweet Pea down for a nap, but I have started letting her stay in the living room and she has done well with that. She will play or look at books. It is nice to finally feel like I don’t have to watch her every single second – although she does still require constant supervision. I also started making her clean up her room after room time instead of her cleaning about 20% and me cleaning 80%. I feel that has made all the difference in the world in her making messes everywhere she goes. Now she knows she will have to clean it up so I guess she figures she just might as well not make the mess to begin with!

Yes, Little Bug is 3-years-old and still in her crib. And, I have changed my original plan of moving her to a bed at her 3rd birthday. I KNOW my girl and I KNOW the battles we would have, and I am just not ready to go there. She still fits comfortably in her crib and she still needs those boundaries. I know I will know when she is developmentally ready to not have the boundaries of crib rails and she is just not there…yet.

Her schedule hasn’t really changed much since age 2. She wakes up around 8am, but doesn’t get out of bed until 8:15ish. She has breakfast and then room time from 9:45-10:45. After that we do learning time and then she gets to watch a 20-30 minute show. Her favorites are Word World, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Dr Suess. On Saturdays we sometimes let her watch some of Charlotte’s Web. After TV, she eats lunch, plays outside and then naptime is from 2-4/4:30pm. Her bedtime is 8:30/8:45pm. We are going to have to adjust her schedule slightly in the fall when she starts preschool because she will need to be at preschool by 8:30am.

Little Bug continues to be a very good eater. We continue to limit her intake of sugar. She loves to chew watermelon gum and calls that a “treat”. She loves milk and still has “milk time” when she wakes up, after room time, after nap and before bed. It’s our time to snuggle and I am going to have “milk time” with her as long as she wants because I know a day will come when she won’t run to the fridge and get her milk cup and come running to the rocking chair for “milk time”.

This precious girl changed my life in more ways than I ever imagined. I am forever grateful God chose me to be her mother. It is one of my greatest privileges here on earth.


Happy 3rd Birthday, Little Bug!!

24 Months!


09848 - 100_4681


It has been absolutely amazing to watch Little Bug grow from a teeny tiny five pound newborn to the little girl she is today. From the moment she became aware that there is a world out there, she has not stopped! She loves to be on-the-go exploring and learning anything new, she loves to be around people and she adores the family and friends who have showered her with love over the past two years.

Little Bug has fulfilled every single desire I ever had about being a mother. Where there was once an empty void, it is now completely full.


As sad as it sometimes is to see that my baby is no longer a baby, I am thrilled to see the plans God has for this precious little girl. There is just a special spunk about Little Bug. She captures the heart of everyone she meets. She is one special girl and I am honored to be her mother.

This month has been one of those “smooth sailing” months.

Now that it is full blown summer, Little Bug wants to live outside. She can still play and entertain herself for quite a while outside. She is a magnet to dirt, yet also enjoys “girly” activities such as wearing high heels.


Little Bug loves to read books. We typically spend an hour reading books most every day. That is one of my favorite activities to do with Little Bug. It is amazing how much she has learned simply from reading books. Through the past two years I have built up quite a large home library by purchasing books at the second hand children’s store. The most I spend on one book is typically $1.50 but most books are within the 50 cents to $1 range!

Independent Playtime is back to normal after a phase of it not going so well. All I needed to do was be consistent. Little Bug does IP right after breakfast (to make sure we get it in) and that seems to have helped too. She plays independently in her room for an hour. This hour allows me to have an hour to get my duties around the house started (or finished). I also use that hour to take some time to be still before the Lord and/or write a blog post!


Little Bug has started to expand her prayer life. Little Bug’s prayer for a while now has always been “Dear God, food, Amen!” When her Mimi and Papaw’s cat, Tiger, passed away unexpectedly and I told her Mimi and Papaw were sad and we needed to pray for them, she started expanding her prayers. She would say, “Dear God, Help Mimi and Papaw, sad. Amen!” Upon her uncle’s request she has now started praying this prayer for her uncle: “Dear God, help Uh-Note find wife! Amen!”

Little Bug has never really been into playing with toys, as odd as that may seem. She has toys and she does play with them, but she doesn’t have a “favorite toy”. She does really enjoy playing with her baby dolls. She has a stroller that she pushes them around in. One day I saw her laying the baby dolls side by side on the floor. Their hands were touching and Little Bug said, “Look, Mommy! Baby dolls praying!”


Little Bug is two and she is still in the crib and still in diapers! I plan to keep her in the crib until I feel she is developmentally ready to completely understand the concept of staying in bed. (I am thinking this will happen closer to her 3rd birthday.) After the incident of her climbing out of her crib at my parents’ house I did go ahead and buy a crib tent. I have not put it up because she has not attempted that stunt again. Her crib is way deeper at home and I don’t think she is able to climb out of it yet. But should that day come sooner than I want her out of the crib, I am prepared!

As far as potty training goes, I may potty train her in June. That is a BIG may, though. Life hasn’t slowed down to be able to train her since she really started showing signs at 22 months old and I don’t see it slowing down anytime soon, so we will see. I want to do it and be done with diapers. I don’t want to start, get frustrated or have something interrupt the training (such as a trip) and then have to revert back to diapers and start over another time. So, I am still trying to think this one out.


Little Bug still drinks 16 ounces of whole organic milk every day. And yes, I still rock and hold her while she drinks! It’s the last thing I have “baby” of her to hold on to and we enjoy that snuggle time every day! Plus, if I didn’t hold her during those 5 minutes it takes for her to down her milk, I wouldn’t hold her because, like I said, this is girl is ON THE GO!

Little Bug sleeps 11 hours at night and takes a 2 hour nap.

Little Bug still eats 3 hearty, square meals every day. And the mess she makes while eating has not gotten any better! It is seriously amazing the mess she makes while eating. She had a grilled cheese sandwich last night for dinner and even Dave mentioned how amazing it was that she could get so messy from just a cheese sandwich! I just tell myself that this is something else she will outgrown and at least she eats well!

At Little Bug’s 2 year check up she weighed 27 pounds!


Little Bug is now 35 inches tall!

09049 - 100_5028DSCN9651

And, here is the final Pooh Bear Picture:


Happy 2nd Birthday, Little Bug!

23 Months!

Let’s see. Is there anything Little Bug has NOT done this month? Smile

This has been an interesting month!

It began with her having an intense interest about the potty. She even pooped on the potty once, but that was about it. I probably could have potty-trained her this month, but we had so much going on (and, with the month I’ve had with her, I am glad potty-training wasn’t added to that list!). I said I would start once we got back from Texas. We’ve been back for over a week now and it is the last thing on my mind right now.

Yes, I am procrastinating. One day, soon, we will start.



This was the month of climbing for Little Bug: She climbed on top of her changing table, over gates and out of her crib at Grandma’s house. She will climb anything really. Last time we were at the zoo she was playing on this jungle gym equipment on the zoo playground. She looked up at me and said, “Climbing!!” with such excitement! I said, “Yes, Little Bug! THIS is something you CAN climb!”


She fell in love with high heels. These are the high heels she constantly wore at Mimi’s house in Texas! She can’t find many of these in Mama’s closet because I don’t wear high heels. I am a flip flop kind of girl. I have two pairs of high heels in my closet: one was the pair I wore on my wedding day (which, really, aren’t “high heels”) and the other pair is the pair I wore in my best friend’s wedding, which I haven’t worn since. Oh wait. Yes I have. I wore them to my cousin’s wedding in September and took them off immediately after the ceremony and haven’t put them on since.


Little Bug learned to take her diaper off and even had some fun with Poop Art one time. She now goes to bed at night with zipper pjs and zipper pjs only. When she learns to unzip the zipper, I will safety pin the zipper in a way that it cannot be unzipped. I learned this fabulous trick from the adorable twin girls I used to nanny!


To add to all the fun of being 22 months old, Little Bug decided this month that Independent Play is for the birds. She was happily playing 45-60 minutes everyday in her room up until a few weeks ago when she decided it would be fun to stand at the gate and cry instead. This is when she got the bright idea to climb over the gate.

The first time she did it, I walked her back to her room and told her it was playtime and she needed to play with her toys and (like I’ve been doing for almost a YEAR now) I would come back when the timer went off. She climbed out again (of course). So, I put her back in her bedroom and told her if she didn’t stay in her room I would have to close the door because climbing the gate was dangerous!

Do you think she stayed in her room? Of course not.

So I locked the door and closed it (she doesn’t know how to do locks…yet). She did NOT like that AT ALL. (I knew she wouldn’t.)

When the timer went off, I went back as usual, we cleaned up the room and that was the end of IP for that day.

This is how IP went for two days, but on the third day, she had made the connection that if she climbs the gate, the door closes. Actually, she made this connection right away, but because she has stubborn tendencies, she chose to continue to climb the gate anyway.

But on the third day at IP time she told me, “Little Bug climb gate, Mommy kose (close) door. Little Bug crying.” So I told her, “Yes, if you choose to climb the gate Mommy will have to close the door to keep you safe so you cannot climb the gate. Do you want to have the door open?” She said, “Yes!”. I said, “Well then, stay in your room and play with your toys!”

That day there was no climbing and there were tears off and on but she did go somewhat back to playing with her toys. And she hasn’t climbed the gate since then.

As I say in every update about Little Bug… she is VERY social. And I know this IP boycott is just because she would rather be with me. I also know though that IP time is important developmentally for her and it also gives me an hour or so of uninterrupted time in the morning to get something done around the house.

With our busy schedule lately, I haven’t been very consistent with IP time. My plan is to be very consistent with it (meaning, do it daily) and decrease the time for now and slowly work back up to 50-60 minutes.

Today, we had a very successful IP time! No tears AT ALL from Little Bug.


Eating and sleep have stayed the same this month. Sixteen ounces of whole milk per day, three square meals, with maybe one snack a day (I do not allow Little Bug to snack all day long so that she will be hungry enough to eat her meals at mealtimes!). Eleven hours of sleep at night, with a two hour nap.

I thought by the time Little Bug turned two she would be eating a little neater…

I don’t guess that is going to happen, but I guess, there is still a month before she turns 2!


Still size 4 diapers, although once we are finished with this box, we are moving to size 5! She has been leaking some from the size 4s so I figure a move up will solve that problem.

Size 2T clothes, although she does still wear some 18 months.

Little Bug’s vocabulary has exploded! When we got back from Texas, after being gone for just 6 days, her Daddy was amazed at her vocabulary when we returned. Little Bug can basically communicate just about anything she wants using words now. She says the simple words, such as baby, all the way to complex multiple syllable words such as hippopotamus. And she can repeat just about anything she hears!


Little Bug started singing along with the songs we’ve been singing to her! One day she busted out with Amazing Grace! I had no idea she could even sing the words yet because I had just started singing this to her before bedtime and naptime. But she sung, “Amazing Grace, how sweet sound, saved a wretch like me!”

She also started singing her ABC’s! She starts at Q for some reason though! She sings, “Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z! Know ABCs!”

One day she was reading books in the play pen in our bedroom while I was getting us ready to leave the house. I heard her singing “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star”!

Singing songs has become part of our naptime/bedtime routine. We go into her room and I sing the “boys girls song” (Jesus Loves the Little Children) and then “Amazing Grace” and then the “boys girls song, one more time”. She is still while I sing, laying her head on my shoulder. Precious moments. One day last week, while singing before bedtime, I told myself, “Remember this. Before you know it, she isn’t going to be this little girl that fits perfectly in my arms like this with her little head rested on my shoulder.”


She’s been counting to ten for a while now and now we are making our way to 20! She doesn’t have it completely down yet. She can say most of the numbers  but she says them out of order for the most part.

This has been an interesting month with her for sure.

She has been a lot of hard work this month BUT I wouldn’t have it any other way. It is my greatest privilege that God has entrusted me with this child to nurture and bring up to love Him. When I am disciplining her for the same offense for the tenth time in the same day, I just have to remember why.

And she does already have such a sweet, tender heart. After a recent time out, after the timer went off and I said, “Walk to Mommy.” she walked right over and immediately looked me in the eyes and said, “I’m sorry, Mommy.”

God has entrusted me to mold her little heart and NOW is the time and I am going to put my EVERYTHING into it because I am thankful for this privilege and I love my girl.

Don’t they say that by the age of three, children are molded and set into who they are going to be?

That can be kinda scary to think about.

I’ve got one more year.

Sure, there will be much more teaching and disciplining to do with her beyond the age of three, but these first three years are the formative, foundational years …

and I certainly have my work cut out for me!


Happy 23 Months, Little Bug!

(Only one more Pooh picture to come! I have teased Dave saying that now we are going to do yearly Pooh pictures until she is 18! Don’t worry. I am not. At least I don’t think I will. Smile)

22 Months!

Life continues to get more exciting the older Little Bug gets probably because, the older Little Bug gets, the more her sweet, hilarious, big-tease personality shows.

Little Bug was caught!

One day, instead of putting her in the playpen in our bedroom while I got dressed, I let her stay in the living room/kitchen. I heard her playing and then, all of a sudden things got quiet. Really quiet. So I went searching for my little charge and this is where I found her:


She had gone in the pantry, pulled out the cereal box and went to her “hiding place” in the living room (in the corner by the front door) and was quietly eating cereal when I found her. The picture on the left is before she saw me and the picture on the right is after she was caught!


With age, comes style, apparently. Here is Little Bug rocking the pants, t-shirt with sundress on top style. Oh, and don’t forget the shades.


With Spring in the air (which will quickly turn to summer, probably already has, actually), Little Bug is back to practically living outside.

Little Bug is talking up a storm. Sentences are the norm now. Language acquisition really is amazing. To think that this time last year she was starting to say the normal “first words” and now, she is learning to string those words together to form sentences to communicate. It is amazing how she hears a word and immediately picks it up and starts using it to communicate.

Yesterday she said, “Little Bug put on shoes too!”

Life will only get more exciting the more Little Bug speaks.

The other day she was whining and crying about something, being completely overly dramatic. So I said, “Little Bug, you need to choose to be happy!”

She said, “Choose cry.” and continued to cry! 🙂

Then she eventually dried up the drama and said, “Choose happy!!”

I keep forgetting to put this in her monthly updates but Little Bug has consistently known her colors since 19-20 months old. Before that, it was hit or miss whether she would get them right or not, but since 20ish months she correctly identifies red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. Unless, of course, she is being a big-tease and says the wrong color on purpose.


She found the Easter eggs in the hall closet. I was trying to close the closet door and she started saying, “See ovals! See ovals!” At first I didn’t know what she was talking about, but then I figured out she was referring to the “Easter Eggs” as “ovals”!

Little Bug still wears size 4 diapers.

She is moving to size 2T for summer clothes!

She still eats a ton of food and drinks 16 ounces of whole milk per day.

She is back to napping about 2 hours every day and sleeps 11-11.5 hours at night.

Her schedule is now:

8am wake up

1:15 pm nap

8:45pm bedtime

After all I went through to become a mother, it really is hard to believe the baby God blessed me with is about to turn two years old.

It is hard to believe I’ve been something I wondered if I’d ever be for almost two years now.


Happy 22 Months, Little Bug!

21 Months!

And here we are again…Little Bug is 21 months old!

Time is flying by.

Little Bug’s personality is showing more and more the older she gets and as she learns to say more and more words and sentences!

I know I have mentioned this before, but Little Bug is a SOCIAL BUTTERFLY.

She thinks she is about to turn 12, not two.

She would rather hang around the bigger kids, than the babies. We were playing with friends the other day and while the other “babies” were playing on the slide near the mommies, Little Bug was running around the backyard and going into the woods with the “big kids”.


She is not intimidated at all in social settings. She LOVES being around people, whether it be her friends and family or complete strangers. She is energized by people. Staying at home all day long with just Mommy? Not Little Bug’s idea of fun! The older she gets, the more I realize that this girl needs social interaction and is not going to be happy sitting at home.

(I am the complete opposite. I love days where I just stay at home!)

We were in a restaurant waiting for a friend to arrive. Little Bug saw a woman standing in line (a woman that she had never met before!). I was holding Little Bug and she started reaching for the woman saying, “Hold yady (lady).” Needless to say, that was my first “stranger” conversation with Little Bug!


Little Bug continues to LOVE being outside. She can be in a horrible mood and if I open the door and let her go she can literally entertain herself for a huge amount of time just playing outside. Her eyes light up when you ask her if she wants to go on a “walk walk”.

Little Bug is still in the stage where she gets into everything given the opportunity. She knows her boundaries, though. She will say, “Blinds! No, no! Fold hands, walk away!” We just recently started doing “Time Out” when she does not obey. Time out consists of her siting on the front door mat (or in her crib) for 1 minute. Works like a charm, so far.

I am really working with Little Bug to help clean up her toys when it is time to clean up. This was when I started doing “Time Out” with her because she was deliberately not helping.

One day after she had Independent Playtime, I decided to do “Time Out” if she wouldn’t help clean up. I asked her to put her train in the basket. She wouldn’t. So I picked her up and said, “You did not obey Mommy. You have to go to Time Out.” I put her in her crib, set the timer and continued cleaning up. She didn’t like that and cried her dramatic tears! When the minute was up, I got her out and told her she needed to obey Mommy and help clean up. I told her to pick up the train and put it in the basket. She thought about it, but then decided not to do it again! Back into “Time Out” she went. We repeated that process THREE times. Finally, on the fourth time she picked the train up and put it in the basket! Whew!

On that day I was thinking two things: 1) Wow, my girl is stubborn! and 2) Ha! Good thing I am too when it comes to disciplining my child! I will do this as many times as it takes for her to put that train in the basket!

Since that time (probably a month ago now) she has gone to “Time Out” for not helping clean up maybe once or twice!

I have found that Little Bug goes through cycles of hardly needing any discipline at all and then she goes through a time where I am pulling my hair out by the end of the day! Consistency is KEY.


I have a pack n play set up in our bedroom for Little Bug to play in (and be contained!) for mornings when we get up and have to be out the door. I get her dressed and put her in there to play while I get dressed and ready to go. I hate clutter in the house and the pack n play “clutters” our bedroom in my opinion but it is so worth it to keep Little Bug out of mischief while I am getting dressed and trying to get us out the door.


Little Bug likes to listen to music with Daddy on the cellphone! Sometimes they sit together in the living room listening to music and other times I will hear the music playing while they are in the bathroom at night and Little Bug is taking her bath.

Little Bug is moving to size 2T clothing for summer clothes, although she can still fit into size 18 months just fine.

She is wearing size 4 diapers.

Little Bug weighs 25 pounds!

Little Bug still eats a very balanced diet, although I think she is not in a growth spurt right now because there have been many meals lately where she declares herself “all done” when usually she would keep on eating!

I also think she is not in a growth spurt because she used to sleep about 14ish hours a day and lately she has shaved off an hour of nighttime sleep and an hour of naptime sleep.

I’ve about decided that this is due to not being in a growth spurt (because when Little Bug is growing she sleeps A LOT), or it is time for an adjustment in her schedule or a combination of both of these things.

Naptime is usually at 2pm. This week I am going to move it to 2:30pm and see if that will help her take a 2-hour nap, instead of the 1 hr to 1.5 hour nap she has been taking for about a week now. We haven’t had to make an adjustment in her schedule for a long while now (since the 2 to 1 nap transition), so it is probably about time for her to need to adjust naptime and/or bedtime now that she is almost two.

Almost two? That is seriously hard to believe.

I will probably say that from now until May, just so you know.

My baby is almost TWO, but the older she gets, the more FUN she gets. She is saying more and more and cracking me up more and more. Her spit-fire personality is adorable and I know that God is going to use her outgoing personality and confidence for His Glory one day.

Little Bug is one precious child and I am honored God chose ME to be her mother.


Happy 21 Months, Little Bug!

20 Months!

I can hardly believe we are only 4 months away from Little Bug’s 2nd birthday.

There were a couple weeks where it seemed like we had returned to the 12-14ish month phase of get-in-to-everything-can’t-take-your-eyes-off-her-for-a-millisecond!

She was in to everything and kept me on my toes.

Any one else experience this around the 18-19th months?

Like every other “unpleasant” phase Little Bug has gone through in her lifetime, this phase came and went.


We are working on learning to eat with a fork! We first gave that a try a little after her first birthday. I could clearly see eating with her hands was much more efficient, so I decided to put off eating with a fork/spoon until 18 months old.

Little Bug has a fork or spoon at every meal and she does use it some. She still finds using her hand gets the food to her mouth quicker, but at least she is practicing with her utensils and I am hoping by the age of 2 she will have mastered the fork/spoon and won’t need to eat with her hands.

Little Bug’s vocabulary is simply amazing.

She can just about communicate anything she so desires and typically does so with 2-3 words she strings together.

The way her mind works and thinks about things is amazing.


Little Bug went to a museum for the first time while Mimi and Papaw were here! She enjoyed looking at everything! Little Bug is certainly not a “home body”. It drives her crazy to stay home for too long. She loves to get out and explore the world!

Little Bug’s favorite activities include: playing outside, reading books (and especially poems now…she says, “Poems!” and then gets the Nursery Rhyme book and says, “Heavy!” as she brings it to me!) and learning. Little Bug is a sponge. My dad LOVES teaching her new things. He will get our old Encyclopedia books out, open to a page and teach Little Bug about something. It’s amazing what Little Bug knows.

Little Bug has started to show her independence by wanting to dress herself in the morning. It is quite funny. She tries to get her pants or shirt on and then usually ends up in surrender saying, "”Heeelllpppp!!!”

Little Bug has started saying “Yes, mam” and “No mam”. She will say this whether the adult is male or female and she doesn’t say it every time, but it is a start!

Little Bug loves pictures! She loves to look through baby pictures of herself and asks to look at pictures almost everyday. She is just like her Mama in this area – I love pictures!

Little Bug is still in size 4 diapers, although she might be able to move to size 5 soon.

She never stops eating.


She drinks 16 ounces of milk a day. And yes, I still hold her for her to drink her milk like I did when she drank her bottles. This girl is constantly on the go and if I didn’t hold her to drink her milk, I wouldn’t ever hold her! I love that we still have these 4 snuggle times a day. She has started saying “Milt (milk) time!” when it’s time for milk. Then she walks to the rocking chair so we can snuggle.


She sleeps 11-12 hours at night and takes a 2-2.5 hour afternoon nap. Little Bug sweats so easily! Just like her daddy. Sometimes she wakes up from a nap and her hair is literally ALL wet from sweating while she was sleeping.

I thought it would be useful for me to jot down Little Bug’s schedule (which has been pretty much the same since 12 months):

8am: wake up, get dressed, breakfast (milk)

10-11am: Independent Playtime

12:30pm: Lunch (milk)

1:30/2pm – 3:30/4/4:30pm: Naptime

4pm: snack with milk

8pm: Start bedtime routine (bath)

8:30pm: Prayers with Mommy & Daddy (milk)

8:45pm: In bed

***Times are approximate, except for times that have to do with sleeping. I have found the more consistent I am with times when it come to sleep, the better Little Bug sleeps!

***Also thrown into our days are reading time, outside time and learning time. These happen at about the same time each day, but I am not a stickler to times with these activities like I am with sleep times.

Having a flexible schedule is awesome. Little Bug knows what is next and I think that is why I do not have issues with Little Bug fighting nap time/bedtime. She knows it’s “nap time!” or "bedtime” and she lays down and goes to sleep.

Little Bug is such a BIG TEASE! Seriously, I have never met a 1 year old with such a HUGE sense of humor. We could tell Little Bug was a big tease soon after her first birthday. She will know that is is time for nap but she will look at me with this smirk on her face and say, “Pay (play) toys!!”. And then I will say, “No, it’s nap time, silly girl!” and she will just laugh and laugh at herself. She does things like this all day long. It is so funny. Dave and I often go to sleep at night laughing about the funny things Little Bug did or said that day. She is hilarious. Class clown in the making. Jokster. We have some wild days ahead with this girl. I love it! Smile


There was a season that Little Bug only wanted her Mommy. Recently, Little Bug has really started to bond with her Daddy too. She has obviously always loved Dave, but now she is returning that love instead of saying, “Mommy!” when Dave comes home from work and gives her a hug.


Dave spends some time with Little Bug each morning before he goes to work. Little Bug loves to “pay (play) drums” with Daddy. She claims the pink stick is hers and the green drum stick is Daddy’s. As soon as Dave gets home from work Little Bug says, “Pay drums, Daddy!”


Raisins are Little Bug’s favorite snack! She usually has a snack after naptime.


I was just trying to snap a picture of Little Bug and I love this picture I took because it has one of Little Bug’s newborn pictures in it.

Little Bug’s second year is flying by faster than her first year went.

I am forever thankful that Little Bug is my daughter.

God has some incredible plans in store for this precious girl and I am privileged to have front row seats as these plans unfold.


Happy 20 Months, Little Bug!

19 Months!

While 12-15 months was pretty tough because we had to transition to one nap and I was teaching Little Bug boundaries with the no-no’s in our home, 16-19 months have been rather smooth, uneventful months!

This age is so fun for many reasons. Little Bug is a sponge, soaking up everything. She still doesn’t miss a thing and amazes us daily with what she learns and what she knows. I’ve found myself asking many times, “How does she know that?”!

Little Bug went to her Dada’s 5K and had a blast cheering her daddy on. My mom looked down at Little Bug in the stroller as we were standing on the sidelines waiting for Dave to run by and saw Little Bug hold up her fist and say, “Go, Dada, Go!”


Speaking of Dada, Little Bug has just recently started calling her Dada “Daddy” instead! She will sometimes call me “Mommy”.


Little Bug made a gingerbread house! I was impressed that she knew what to do. I had to give her a little guidance because I put the icing on her house and she put her finger in it and put the finger straight to her mouth! Once I taught her she was to stick candies onto the icing she actually put several candies on her house!



Little Bug is learning her colors! She can identify red, yellow, orange and purple pretty consistently.

Little Bug is also into counting. If you ask her how many there are, she will say, “One. Two!” no matter how many there are!

One time we were looking at a book and I asked her to count the bugs on a page just to see what she would do. She put her little fingers on the bugs, one at a time and said, “One. Two. Teeeee!!!”

Her vocabulary continues to amaze us. She will try and say most any word and has started putting 2 to 3 words together to communicate something.


Little Bug LOVES her family and friends. When we are on the way to church I tell Little Bug where we are going and she starts repeating the name of a little girl in her class the whole way to church!

Little Bug thinks about her family and friends even when they are not present. When she is going to bed she will often ask me about someone and I will tell her, “Mimi and Papaw are in Texas going night night.”

Mimi and Papaw are actually in town now for Christmas! Little Bug loves her Mimi and Papaw!



Little Bug loves to talk about Baby Dees (Baby Jesus)! She has the Fisher Price Nativity Set. Here she is on Christmas Morning talking about Baby Dees with Grandma.



Little Bug is still a little goofball! My aunt mentioned that Little Bug has such a great sence of humor, even at this young age. She really does. There is never a dull moment when Little Bug is around! She truly has the best personality!



Little Bug wears size 4 diapers and 18 month size clothing.

She drinks 16 ounces of milk a day and still has a hearty appetite and puts away a huge amount of food on a daily basis!

She sleeps 11-12 hours at night and takes a 2 to 2.5 hour afternoon nap.


Frequently said by Little Bug:

Uh wah. (Other one.)

Noooooo. (in a poliet little voice!)


Peas (instead of “Pssss” for please)

rasins (she loves rasins)

Read books!

Walk walk!

Buboas (bubbles)

Mommy, Daddy (and ever other person she knows and loves!)

Yites (lights)

Babies (My dad pulled out my baby dolls from when I was little and put them in my old bedroom upstairs. Little Bug runs to the stairs and says, “Tampa [Grandpa], babies!”


I can’t believe we are only five months from her turning two. Her second year is flying by.


Happy 19 Months, Little Bug!

18 Months

Here it is. Today, Little Bug is 18 months old!

It seems Little Bug has “grown up” this month. She is doing fabulous with her no-nos. She knows her boundaries and, for the most part, she respects them.

Her language skills have developed tremendously over the past month. She pretty much can say most words you ask her to say. I am looking forward to the day when she starts stringing these words together and forms sentences.

She can now recognize the letters A, B and D. She is very close to getting C.

We were on a walk the other day (imagine that, huh?) and we walked past a house that had an alarm company sign in the front yard. Little Bug spotted an “A” on the sign and stopped to show me the “A”.

I was wearing a T-shirt that had the letter “D” on it and she pointed to it and said, “D”. She was wearing a onesie that said, “I love Daddy” and she pointed to the “A’s” and “D’s”.

Little Bug still has an extreme fascination with books. I hear “read, read, read” a million times a day! I love it though. Reading to Little Bug is one of my most favorite things we do together.


Little Bug is also trying to learn her colors! We are learning colors by the color doughnuts you see on her arms in the picture above. She can say: red, blue, green, yellow, orange, purple. So far if you ask her what color something is she says, “Yewow”. Everything is yellow!


Little Bug discovered stickers!


Little Bug loves to wear other people’s shoes. She has always loved her shoes and now she loves wearing any pair she can find…no matter how BIG they may be! Those are her Daddy’s shoes she is wearing. It looks like she is dancing in that picture, but she is actually about to fall to the floor.


This is what you get when you ask her, “How strong are you, Little Bug?”

I don’t know how much Little Bug weighs or how tall she is. We have her 18 month check up soon.

She sleeps 11 hours at night and takes a 2 hour afternoon nap.

She still eats like a little pig and is usually the last one to finish eating.

Little Bug looks forward to Dada reading her a Bible story after breakfast.

Little Bug strung together her first 3-word sentence tonight! She said, “No moon Dada.” as she was pointing at the door.

That reminds me … Little Bug loves to look up and find the moon each night.

18 Months. Little Bug is really 18 months old. I know I am going to blink my eyes and tomorrow she will be 18 years.


Happy 18 Months, Little Bug!