17 Months!

In one month Little Bug will be 18 months old.


At 17 months, Little Bug is a riot. She gets goofier and goofier by the month. This is the little “smirk” Little Bug does when she is up to something or just having fun and enjoying life to its fullest.


Little Bug wears size 4 diapers, can still wear most 12 month outfits (except dresses, which are now too short) and wears 18 months in fall/winter clothes.


Little Bug continues to have an intense curiosity of the world around her. She misses NOTHING. When we are out she is always looking around taking in the world around her. When we are at a restaurant, she will notice when the people at tables surrounding us leave and wave “bye bye” to them.


Little Bug’s obsession is airplanes! There is not a one in the sky that flies over our house without being pointed at by Little Bug. If we are outside and she hears an airplane, she points to it and makes sure everyone sees the airplane. If we are inside and she hears an airplane, she points up immediately. When the airplane is no longer visable or she is no longer able to hear it, she says “bye, bye”.


Most every morning, Little Bug goes outside to wave bye bye to Dada as he leaves for work.


She still loves the outdoors! There isn’t much that keeps Little Bug’s attention for any lengthy amount of time, but Little Bug can play outside for hours. I LOVE this … especially now that the weather has cooled down some! The girl loves dirt. There is a small patch near our gate where the grass has died and it is now just dirt. Little Bug is a magnet to that area of the yard. Many times I strip her down to her diaper when we go outside because I know she is going to get dirty!

So, she is a “tom boy” because she likes dirt and getting dirty, BUT she is also in love with SHOES!

The girl loves her shoes and calls shoes “fffff, fffff” for some reason.


She also shows her “girly girl” side when she falls down. She thinks she needs help getting up and will stay on the ground until someone comes to help her up!


Little Bug still eats a TON of food per meal. She will eat any and everything (except eggs). We seriously are amazed at how much food this girl packs away per meal. She will sometimes eat half a can of green beans or peas! Some meals, I just have to stop her because I am afraid her stomach will explode.

She drinks 20 ounces of milk each day: breakfast, lunch, after nap and at bedtime. She still calls milk “ba” for “bottle” even though she has been weaned from the bottle now since 14 months old!

Little Bug sleeps 11 hours at night and takes a 2 hour nap in the afternoon.

Little Bug loves to dance, read books, go on walks and look at the ducks.

Before this month, most of Little Bug’s words were the basic “first words”. This month she has added more complex words to her vocabulary and has amazed us with the words she knows! Recently she has said: elbow, eyebrow, knee, moon and yellow.

Little Bug can identify: eye, ears, nose, mouth, teeth, eyebrow, hair, shoulder, elbow, hands, fingers, belly button, knee, feet, toes and just yesterday … booty!


Little Bug does 45 minutes of Independent Playtime daily.


Little Bug has discovered she likes to slide!

When Little Bug gets to my parents’ house she says “meow” because she knows Grandpa will take her to see the neighborhood cats. When she gets to Dave’s parents’ house she says “neigh” because she knows when we get out of the car we will walk over to the fence and see the neighbor’s horses. Little Bug LOVES animals.

I can’t believe she’s been my baby girl for almost a year and a half. I can’t believe it’s been almost 6 months since her first birthday.

Little Bug is a joy, and a delight. All my life I desired to give birth to a little blue-eyed, blonde haired baby girl.

God has most certainly given me the desire of my heart in a way that is more beautiful and miraculous than I ever thought possible.

(Blood means nothing when it comes to parenting.)

Happy 17 Months, Little Bug!


Her shirt says: I’m so cute, it’s scary!

16 Months!

Little Bug at 16 months:

  • is growing out of her 12 month clothes, especially her little summer dresses. Since she is tall, the dresses are getting short on her.
  • wears size 4 diapers. We still double up diapers at night. It’s the only way I’ve found to keep her from leaking overnight.
  • dropped the morning nap at 15.5 months old!! She now takes one afternoon nap!
  • continues to be a very social little girl. She may be a little shy at first but once she figures out you’re nice, that’s all she needs to turn on the charm!
  • favorite toys: books, blocks, doll, ball, riding toys
  • loves to look for airplanes in the sky.
  • many times will just randomly say “Mama, Dada, Mama, Dada” over and over again (guess she loves us!). 🙂
  • even though she’s been drinking her milk from a sippy for 2 months now, she still calls her milk “Ba” for “bottle”.
  • loves being outdoors. We go outside multiple times a day to play and explore!
  • has a sense of humor and is a HUGE tease!
  • always looks for kitty cats and horses at her grandparents’ houses.
  • has about 35 minutes of Independent Playtime daily.
  • eats like a pig. She still amazes me with how much she eats.
  • has enough hair for ponytails now!



Happy 16 Months, Little Bug!

15 Months Old

How is one-fourth of Little Bug’s second year over? Babies grow up F-A-S-T.

Little Bug at 15 months …

  • feeds herself for the most part now! I still feed her certain foods that can’t be cut up into bite-sized pieces and placed on her tray. While there is always a huge mess to clean up afterwards, it is nice to be able to eat my own food in peace now (for the most part). We tried self-feeding with a spoon/fork. Didn’t go so well. We’ll try again around 18 months.
  • started doing Independent Playtime in her room on a daily basis. Certainly a work in progress, but we are making good progress towards our goal of 30 minutes twice a day.
  • LOVES shoes. I have to make sure her shoes are not in visible locations in the house or else all she will want to do is hold her shoes and want me to put them on. (And shoes are dirty and germy.) As soon as she sees her shoes she picks both of them up (one in each hand) and comes to you saying, “Fff Fff Fff!”, which is her word for “shoe”. I must say, that is adorable.
  • is doing really well with her shape sorter toy. She is getting really good at getting the shape in the correct hole.
  • still takes two shorter naps a day. About an hour in the morning (or less) and then 1 to 1.5 hours in the afternoon. I usually have to wake her up from each nap to ensure she will be tired for the next nap or bedtime. I’m still predicting (hoping!) she will only be taking 1 nap by her 16 month update!
  • Favorite toys: shape sorter, stacking cups, balls, links.
  • enjoys reading books. (I hope this is a life-long interest for her!)
  • LOVES to go outside. (I am looking forward to cooler weather!)
  • called someone by their name other than Mama and Dada! She calls my aunt  “Mimi”. She was actually “Mimaw” but apparently Little Bug has renamed her!
  • weighs 21 pounds and is 30.5 inches long! That is the 20% & 60% percentile.
  • wears size 4 diapers.
  • wears mostly size 12 month clothing.



Happy 15 Months, Little Bug!

14 Months

Little Bug at 14 months …

  • wears mostly 12 month size clothes, but can still wear some 6-9 month outfits too.
  • was weaned from the bottle!!! It was actually a very painless process and I ended up weaning cold-turkey on August 2nd because she took so well to her Born Free Sippy.
  • wears size 4 diapers overnight and for naps. We still have some size 3 diapers that she can wear if she is not sleeping. Once those run out though she will only wear size 4.
  • takes 2 naps a day and is currently trying to drop her morning nap. I’m hoping by 16-18 months she is only taking one nap a day.
  • eats like a pig. I cannot believe how much food this girl consumes in a day. It is truly amazing. Eggs are about the only thing she won’t eat. Everything else (from bread to shrimp is fair game). She will eat most anything you give her.
  • is a HUGE Mama’s girl right now. Dada has the plague and she “tolerates” him at bath time.
  • loves being outside. Which presents a problem because it is about 180 degrees outside every day and NOT pleasant to be outside.
  • is starting Independent Playtime twice daily. Right now we are doing only 5 minutes and most of those 5 minutes have been spent crying. 🙁 However, on Saturday she actually played more than cried! Progress!
  • can run. The girl is faster than lightening.
  • loves to play with balloons, balls, contents of the kitchen cabinet.
  • is learning to fold her hands instead of touching her no-no’s.
  • loves animals. Can tell you what the sheep, horse, dog, pig, cow, cat and duck say.
  • has put two words together. “Cheese, pss!” or “Wa, pss!” Usually is something and then, Psss!
  • folds her hands to pray with Mama and Dada before bed. So precious! She has been folding her hands to pray before meals for a while now.


Happy 14 months, Little Bug!

13 Months

I want to continue these monthly updates on all Little Bug is up to mainly so I can have it recorded somewhere. So, here is what Little Bug is doing at 13 months old:

  • She started leaking out of size 3 diapers, so I bought our first size 4 diaper box!
  • Wearing mostly 9 months and 12 months clothing
  • We are in a weird (frustrating!) napping phase. Apparently it is very typical for the pre-toddler to go through a phase of taking two short naps per day as they transition from 2 to 1 nap. I think this is the stage we are in. Little Bug can’t quite go through the morning yet with no nap, so we end up with 2 short naps per day. I will be very excited when she can drop the morning nap and then take one long afternoon nap. It will free us up to go and do more in the mornings before naptime!
  • She no longer sleeps with the Miracle Blanket wrapped around her middle. With summer here in full swing I was afraid she’d get too hot, so one night I just decided to put the Miracle Blanket away. Little Bug had no issues whatsoever not having it after 11 months of sleeping with her Miracle Blanket!! (Do you think Little Bug is a record holder for the amount of months sleeping with the Miracle Blanket?!)
  • Little Bug still has 4 bottles of organic whole milk per day (5 ounces of milk per bottle so 20 ounces per day). I really have no idea when I will wean because the month of July is SO BUSY for us. I’m not too concerned. It will happen when it happens.
  • This girl can eat. Seriously, I am amazed at how much food she eats at every meal. You would never know she had issues with eating solid foods! She eats and eats and eats. Sometimes I just decide for her that she is done because I think she will get sick if she eats any more! I don’t know where she puts all this food because she is still very petite.
  • Little Bug is starting to refuse pureed veggies. She will now eat fresh carrots, broccoli and green beans so maybe it is time to give peas & squash another try. I will use up the jars I still have and then buy no more.
  • Little Bug is on the go constantly (which is maybe why she eats so much?!?!). Once she really started walking the weekend before her first birthday, she never sits still except to read books. Every other moment of her life is spent exploring and destroying! She can make a mess the size of Texas in no time at all. Little Bug is FAST! I used to be able to always be two steps in front of her. Not anymore!
  • Her vocabulary is astounding. I have lost track of all the words she knows. Her comprehension level is amazing. She understands SO MUCH! We can already tell her to do simple commands such as “Bring Mommy your cup.” and she will do it.
  • Little Bug is such a people person. She thrives off being around people.
  • Little Bug has learned to sort shapes and put them in the correct hole. She can do the circle and square pretty much on her own, but needs help turning the star & cross to fit into the hole. The concentration on her face as she works is priceless.
  • One of Little Bug’s favorite things to do is to go outside with her Grandpa (my dad). He picks her up and Little Bug points to where she wants to go and Grandpa takes her there. (Spoiled much??!!) They go outside and pick flowers, leaves and anything else of Little Bug’s interest, swing, look for kitty cats, go on walks in the stroller and to look at Grandpa’s garden. My dad eats this up just as much as Little Bug does. 🙂
  • We had to work on manners this month with Little Bug because she started whining for food. We taught her to say “please” and she is doing very well with this now. We don’t allow her to get what she wants when she whines and she eventually changes her attitude and says, “Psss.”. It is the cutest thing!!
  • Little Bug is a tease. She will grab something she know she isn’t supposed to play with and take off running with it, but not before looking back at you with this silly little grin that says, “Catch me if you can!”
  • Little Bug loves to be chased and giggles and giggles when anyone is coming after her.
  • Little Bug still has a deep love for books! I love reading to her every day.

I also want to continue Little Bug’s monthly pictures with her Pooh until she is two!


Happy 13 Months, Little Bug!

12 Months!

My Little Bug at 12 months old:

  • wears size 3 diapers
  • wears mostly 6-9 month & 12 month clothing (but still wears some summer 3-6 month outfits!)
  • FINALLY moved to a 4 hour eating schedule
  • has made GREAT progress in eating table foods without gagging!! (She still eats pureed baby food but we are gradually moving towards no more pureed food.)
  • naps two times a day
  • words she can say: bye-bye, ut-o, ma-ma, da-da, duck, ball, button, dot, puppy, night-night
  • LOVES: being outside, being with people, reading books, exploring the world, giving kisses, music, animals
  • I am almost embarrassed to admit this but… she still sleeps with the Miracle Blanket wrapped around her middle 🙂
  • gets so excited when we go for a walk and she sees the ducks out in the pond
  • can blow a kiss and gives kisses on the cheek
  • thinks the laundry room is the coolest place to be (she loves to stand at the dryer when I am putting in clothes)
  • took her first 3 unassisted steps on May 6th (on the 22nd she started taking 6-8 unassisted steps at a time and since then she has been walking more and more!)
  • loves for her daddy to tickle her when he gets home from work
  • can point to the following things when asked to: fan, watch, toes, nose, ears
  • LOVES balloon
  • plays in the kitchen cabinets sliding Tupperware over the kitchen floor

00058 - DSCN3424


Happy 1st Birthday, Little Bug!

11 Months!

My Little Bug at 11 months:

  • Size 3 diapers
  • wears mostly 6 months, 6-9 months & 9 months clothing (I was packing away her 3-6 month clothing and realized she can actually still wear many spring/summer 3-6 month outfits!)
  • weighs 18 pounds 3 ounces (She was weighed at her first sick visit to the doctor on 4/16.)
  • drinks water from her sippy cup
  • eats pureed baby food three times a day (fruits and veggies – the only thing she doesn’t really care for is green beans)
  • takes 2 naps everyday (She FINALLY dropped her 3rd nap the day she turned 10 months old!)
  • drinks 7 ounces of formula every 3-4 hours
  • Spent the majority of this month sick with a cold that moved to her chest 🙁
  • Clapped for the first time on 3/28
  • Said “Mama” for the first time on 4/19
  • Can point to a nose on command!
  • Started raising her hands high in the air when we say, “How big is Little Bug? SO BIG!!!”
  • started cruising around the furniture but has not taken an unassisted step…yet!
  • Little Bug LOVES: books, park swings, Tupperware, balls, music table, going on walks, playing with other babies/children, her family, playing with Pup and Ellie, going on outings, singing


Happy 11 months, Little Bug!

10 Months!

My Little Bug at 10 months:

  • waves “Bye Bye”
  • loves to walk while you hold her hands
  • loves to imitate
  • wears size 3 diapers
  • wears mostly 6-9 month clothing (some 6 month clothing still fits)
  • eats every 3.5 – 4 hours (6-7 ounces)
  • takes three naps a day (She is trying to drop the 3rd nap. Some days she wants the 3rd nap and other days she doesn’t want it.)
  • loves to read books
  • loves to swing at the park
  • started being very shy around men she doesn’t know
  • loves to drop things and watch them fall to the floor
  • gets so excited when her daddy comes home from work
  • loves to take walks in the stroller
  • still likes to be wrapped up in her Miracle Blanket for nighttime sleep 🙂
  • is standing without holding on to something just about every day now (she doesn’t stand but for a few seconds at the most but boy is she proud when she does it!)
  • loves to point at things
  • went to the zoo for the first time and LOVED it
  • drank from a sippy cup (she knew what to do!)
  • loves play dates with other babies/children



Happy 10 months, Little Bug!

9 Months Old

My Little Bug at 9 months:

  • Pulls up on everything!
  • Wears size 3 diapers
  • Wears size 6 month & 6-9 month clothing
  • Sticks her tongue out a lot while she crawls around
  • Loves Pup & Ellie (Ellie loves her too, Pup tolerates her)
  • Loves interacting with other babies/children
  • Will sit still on my lap when I read her books
  • Still loves music (toys and in the car while we drive)
  • Naps 2-3 times a day (she is almost ready to drop that last evening nap, but some days she does still need it)
  • Eats every 3.5 to 4 hours (6 ounces) but during her growth spurt this month she was eating 7 ounces every 3 hours!
  • Eats solids three times a day (favorites are bananas & carrots, dislikes green beans but will eat some)
  • Gets to where she wants to go by crawling
  • Shakes her head back and forth (as if she was saying “no”) when she gets excited
  • Still loves bath time and walks around the neighborhood in her stroller
  • Enjoys swinging at the neighborhood park
  • Still shows no sign of stranger anxiety (she will go to anyone – but she certainly does know who, and where, her Mommy is!)
  • said her first word on February 18th (BYE! BYE!)
  • said her second word on February 21st (Ut-O). The way Little Bug says it it is more like Ut without the O!
  • was sick (twice) for the first time (stomach bug and then a cold)


Happy 9 months, Little Bug!

8 Months Old!

My Little Bug at 8 months old:

  • Little Bug is starting to get the hang of crawling!! She’s still got some practicing to do before she really picks up speed but she is getting there more and more everyday. I hope being able to crawl and get to where she wants to go makes Little Bug happier in life. She is sooooo curious about her world and already loves to explore by rolling. Being able to crawl should just make her day!
  • I re-introduced solids to her starting on January 15th. So far, she loves squash and green beans and doesn’t care too much for peas. (She will eat the peas but after a few bites she starts to gag.)
  • Little Bug is eating more on a 4 hour schedule now with solids at three of those feedings. She eats 5-6 ounces with every bottle.
  • Little Bug still takes three naps a day, ranging in length from 1 to 2 hours. Her last nap is only 30 minutes long. Overall, she is a very good napper and naps are only disrupted by teething.
  • Little Bug cut two more teeth this month (her front two teeth!). It looks like another top tooth is trying to make an appearance.
  • Little Bug went on her first plane ride to visit family in Texas.
  • Little Bug reaches for me to pick her up.
  • I put Little Bug in the church nursery for the first time on January 17th. She did fabulous and had a good time playing.
  • Little Bug says, “Guh!” all the time. She also says, “Buh!” I don’t think they mean anything – it is just sounds she likes to make.
  • Little Bug wears mostly 6 month and 6-9 month outfits, although she can still fit into some of her 3-6 month summer outfits and dresses!
  • She wears size 3 diapers. I am switching to Pampers Cruisers once all the Pampers Baby Dry are used up. I am finding that she is starting to leak sometimes with the Pampers Baby Dry diapers. She also wears Huggies Size 3 (especially at night).
  • Little Bug is such a wiggle worm on the changing table! Sometimes, it is almost near impossible to get a clean diaper on her little behind! 🙂
  • Little Bug still loves her bath time. She now sits up in her baby tub and loves to play with bath toys.
  • Little Bug loves to ride in the stroller up to the park in our neighborhood. I put her in the baby swing there and she really enjoys that.