Little Bug’s birthday was a TON of fun this year because, for the first time, she truly understood what the day was all about!

She was excited from the moment she woke up and put on her birthday shirt and skirt for church that morning.


After church, Little Bug opened her birthday presents from us and my parents. She actually had a few things that she wanted for her birthday this year and she was elated when she saw that we had gotten them for her!


She wanted a fishing pole and…


…a scooter!!


She is already a pro on the scooter!

Little Bug was such a hoot opening her presents. She got puzzles, 2 dresses, books, a game and then my parents had a surprise for her in the garage!


A sand box!


After lunch and naptime, my mom threw a family birthday party for Little Bug!

Little Bug opened more presents!


Dave’s parents got Little Bug this cool, glow in the dark tent that you can write on with a special pen!


Aunt Amanda had a bag full of fun things: a golf club set, a Minnie Mouse (a new favorite toy of Little Bugs), clothes and a matching pj set for both girls!

At Little Bug’s request, my mom made her a lady bug cake for her birthday!

It was so adorable!!


She LOVED her cake!


And we sure do LOVE this girl!


She is such a special little girl and I am so glad we were able to give her a special 3rd birthday celebration!

We will celebrate again in a couple weeks with a Minnie Mouse Birthday Party with all her friends!

The Minnie Mouse theme is also at Little Bug’s request!

Happy 3rd Birthday, Little Bug!!

Has it really been 3 years?

09796 - 100_4621

It is interesting to me how God woke me up today at 7:09am – two minutes before Little Bug officially turned 3 years old.

At that exact time, three years ago, I was sitting in the hospital waiting room when my cell phone rang. It was Little Bug’s birth grandma, who told me to come on to the delivery room because it was time for Little Bug to be born. I popped my contacts back into my eyes and then, all of a sudden, I felt this urgency that I needed to RUN to the room.

Ignoring the nurses who were telling me to “please walk!!”, I kept running because I was not going to miss Little Bug’s birth!

I arrived at the delivery room at 7:11am – just in time to see Little Bug slip into this world.


My life has not been the same since that day.

Little Bug (and her sister Sweet Pea) truly are my heart on the outside.


Little Bug is enrolled for preschool in the fall!!


I am so excited about this.

We went for a tour of the school at the end of March and met her teacher (who I have known since I was a kid)!!

Little Bug was beyond excited, which is why I am so excited about this.

My girl LOVES being around people.

The current class was having story time on the carpet with the teacher. We walked in the room and Little Bug didn’t hesitate to join them on the carpet.

She had a blast exploring the classroom and playing on the school playground.

I feel pre-k is going to be good for Little Bug because she will get out of the house for three hours two days a week and she will be able to make some new friends.

I think this is going to be a great experience for her.

It is hard to believe my baby is old enough for “school”, but I do look forward to going shopping with her for a backpack and first day of school outfit!

August 21st will be her first day of school!

Dance Recital

April 24th was Little Bug’s Dance Recital!

My mom put Little Bug’s hair up in a bun with bobby pins.


Then she painted her fingernails!


Little Bug got dressed in her outfit and we attempted a picture of her all dressed up.


Sweet Pea was enjoying herself before the show began! She was doing her own little dance on Grandma’s lap!


Sweet Pea dancing!

Little Bug was to sit with her friends at the front and wait there to go on stage. I ended up having to come sit there with her because she kept walking back to where we were all sitting in the audience.


The dance begins…



After she danced, her Daddy gave her a rose!


We were all so proud of our little ballerina! She was so adorable up there, followed along with the dance and stayed on stage the whole time. I was afraid she would see me and come down during the middle of the dance, but she didn’t.


Little Bug had her Mommy, Daddy, sister, grandparents, Bisa and her aunt there to watch her dance!


It was a special night!


With time change and it being lighter later, we have enjoyed going on walks after dinner and before bath time!

This evening, it was a perfect spring night but Little Bug insisted she needed to wear her winter hat, complete with her sleeveless shirt, skirt and bare feet.


She was a sight, I am sure, for all the neighbors we passed by on our walk.

Only an almost 3 year old could get away with that kind of fashion!

Chef Little Bug

One of Little Bug’s favorite activities to do is to cook!


Grandma gives her all kinds of “ingredients”.


Little Bug pours her ingredients in the mixing bowl…multiple times!


She does some stirring.


She wants everyone to see what she is making!


Little Bug makes a grand mess!


When I asked her what she was cooking she said, “Strawberry pancakes!”

And do you see that blue in her teeth??


See it now? That would be gum.

Her newest obsession, as well.

Grandma decided to try a new recipe for sugar-free oatmeal cookies.


Little Bug enjoyed mixing ingredients and making something that she could eat!


chomp chomp

I realize this is probably not one of my most responsible parenting moments but…


…I couldn’t help myself.

Little Bug recently started hiding when she is doing something she knows she shouldn’t do. I automatically know when she is doing this because the house goes quiet.

This particular day, things went quiet and I found her chomping away on FOUR pieces of gum that she had found in the kitchen junk drawer.

I just laughed at her (instead of doing the responsible thing and disciplining my child for hiding to do something she KNOWS she shouldn’t do).

And then, (even better), I said, “Stay right there. I want to take a picture.”

Come on, I am NOT the only parent that has ever done this, right?!

3 Until 3

In just three months from today, my (oldest) baby girl will be THREE YEARS OLD.

Something about having a 3-year-old makes me feel really old. Smile

I wasn’t planning to do an update on Little Bug this month since I did one last month, but in the last couple of weeks several big things have happened for my almost 3-year-old girl.

Little Bug can now ride her tricycle!


We gave her this for her 2nd birthday and she at first couldn’t reach the peddles so she would push herself along with her feet on the ground or…


get someone like Grandpa to push her!

But now, she can ride her tricycle like the big girl that she is!

Little Bug rides her tricycle

Little Bug absolutely LOVES to paint!! I will be incorporating paint into her learning activities since painting really grabs her attention.


Little Bug has started pretty frequently saying, “Mommy I want a bed like yours!!” Yes, Little Bug is almost 3 and still in a crib. She is just safer that way! My plan has always been to move her to a big girl bed for her 3rd birthday, which is why we bought a second (much cheaper) crib for Sweet Pea (of which she does not sleep in, but that is another story for another time).

Instead of going ahead and making the crib to bed transition, we gave her a pillow and, let me tell you, Little Bug thought that was the coolest!


I am looking forward to redoing Little Bug’s nursery into a big girl room! I think we will go shopping and let her pick a bedspread for her big girl bed (the twin bed that is now in Sweet Pea’s nursery that was Dave’s bed growing up!). Then, she will get the bedding for her 3rd birthday and we will redo her bedroom and move furniture around in early June.

As long as the pillow continues to serve as a good distractor!

I am just worried I won’t sleep a wink knowing Little Bug has free reign of the house when we are sound asleep! I plan to teach her that her big girl bed is like her crib in that Mommy will come and get her when it is time to get out of bed. It still makes me nervous that she could get up and do who knows what in the middle of night while we are in bed! Hopefully I am worrying for nothing and she makes this transition well! I know most kids make this transition way sooner than age 3 and do well.


Little Bug continues to far exceed my expectations on potty-training! She has a bladder of steel, I am convinced. We will be riding in the car and she will say, “I need to go pee-pee!” Then she will say, “Mommy is there a potty in a car?”. And I will say, “No, so hold it and we will be home very soon!” She’s made it every time!

She is very good about knowing she needs to go and running to the potty. She has had several accidents, but no where near the amount of accidents I was expecting!

We bought her some pull-ups to wear at nap and bedtime and she was so excited about this. She said, “My friends wear these too!!” She was happy to not have to put on a diaper for naps and bedtime.


In the last couple of weeks, much to my complete surprise, Little Bug has started playing on her own (some) beyond just the time she plays in her room daily during Independent Playtime! It started with her really wanting to go play in the backyard one day. I needed to be inside so I could fix our lunch. That is always a challenging part of our day because I am needing to fix lunch but Little Bug is insistent on me playing with her! So on this day I told her I needed to fix lunch but she could go outside and play in the backyard if she wanted too. (I can see the backyard from the kitchen windows.) She didn’t want to do that, of course, because she said she would be by herself. I told her Pup would go with her, and off they went!! She played outside while I fixed lunch (in peace)!!

Since then she has gone out to play several more times (always with Pup). And I have found her entertaining herself more with toys and books while I am taking care of Sweet Pea or fixing meals. It is so nice to see her reaching this point.


This independence has also brought on some “terrible two” behavior. I don’t really like that word choice, but Little Bug has certainly started stating her strong desire to do something, or not do something, her desire to wear a certain outfit or pair of shoes, and if things don’t go her way, she can let it be known that she is NOT happy about it.

This is very tiring on Mommy! But I just try to remain consistent and patient, which some days is VERY hard to do!

Two and three year olds are just interesting little creations. They are trying to exert their independence, yet they still need SO much guidance and instruction from their parents, and often times, the fits are a result of her independence going a little too far, too quickly.

I feel like my life is a balancing act of not hovering and constantly saying “no”! I want her to find some independence, but at the same time, I am her mother and it is my responsibility to set limits and boundaries for her. So I just try to live by this motto: Say yes when I can and no when I have too. (from Babywise…yes Babywise is more than just about eating and sleeping! It’s about character development, too.)

For example: Her first painting experience. She wanted to paint herself up to her elbows. Did I really want her to do that? Not really…it was a big mess to clean up right before dinner! But, it was something I could say yes too. She wasn’t going to hurt anything doing that. And, most importantly, she was having fun! However, when she went to try and paint the table and her seat, I said “no”. She needs to learn there are boundaries of where it is acceptable to paint and where it is not acceptable to paint.

I see some very challenging times ahead with Little Bug as she continues to exert this newfound independence, but I also see a tremendous opportunity to continue to mold and shape this little girl into the God-fearing woman I pray she becomes one day. I love being her Mommy and taking on these responsibilities, even though many days it leaves me counting down the minutes until bedtime (or when Daddy comes home)!


Almost three years old.

It is hard to believe there was ever a time in my life when this girl wasn’t a part of my every day life!

My firstborn.

She taught me a love that we can only learn from being parents.

The past three years have been filled with tremendous joy as I have watched that tiny helpless, constantly overstimulated, five pound baby girl grow into a hilarious, smart, beautiful, spunky, chatter-box almost 3-year-old girl! God is going to use this girl in mighty ways. I am privileged to be her mother and to be able to have an intricate part in helping to mold her into the woman God desires her to be.

Side Note as I am posting this today: Poor thing is not doing well. I think she has bad seasonal allergies. Every year when the pollen starts, she gets congestion and all the allergy symptoms. She has had congestion and a little cough on and off for about a month now (which is when pollen started), but this past weekend things got really bad for her. She had so much congestion that it was making her throw up. Poor girl. She spiked a fever which worried me. I called the doctor and she said if she is still running fever on Monday to bring her in. I am taking her in today because I want to make sure all the congestion hasn’t started some infection. Please pray she feels better soon.

Little Bugarina

Little Bug had her first ballet class a couple weeks ago!


She was very excited about all this! She got her tutu on and ran in our bedroom to show her Daddy.


Ready to go in to class!


They danced with ponies.


Little Bug dancing at her first ballet class

Little Bug at 32 Months

In short, this girl wears me out. Smile

I find myself longing for the day when she is just a teeny bit older and then I stop myself because I know I am going to blink and she is going to be school-age.

I also find myself wishing I could bottle her up and keep her as a 2.5 year old forever.

She provides everyone who knows her with endless entertainment.

I think the best way to record what my Little Bug is up to at just over 2.5 years old is to do a bullet post, so here we go:

  • Little Bug is simply hilarious. She makes us laugh every.single.day. She is such a jokester and has been since she first started talking.


  • Little Bug still makes a royal mess when she eats. Seriously. This is something I am totally over and will be so glad when she is past this stage. There is a mess everywhere when she eats – on the table, her hands, her whole face, her booster seat. I have tried everything to help her eat a little neater to no avail. It’s just something I’ve let go, telling myself she won’t (hopefully) still be a messy eater when she hits school-age.
  • I still have to watch Little Bug like a hawk because she is just a magnet for trouble. She can (and will) make a mess in 2.5 seconds flat or get into something if am not right there to stop her.


  • During the day, when Little Bug is awake and not in her room doing Independent Play, she is right with me doing whatever I do. Which is both good and “bad”. It’s good because I love spending time with my girl and I am tremendously blessed that I get to stay home with her every day. It’s “bad” because sometimes I just wish she would for once just go off and play with something on her own so I could do something without her under foot! I cannot set her up at the table to color or do Play-doh by herself while I go do something for 20 minutes or so. Why? Because she won’t have it. She will not sit and entertain herself. OR…she would do things she is not supposed to do with the crayons/play-doh. Remember the bullet about constant supervision necessary?!


  • She LOVES dancing with her Daddy which is the most precious thing ever!
  • Little Bug loves to sing. She can’t understand why the Christmas music is off the radio now. She will tell me, “I want to listen to Christmas Music.” while we are driving in the car and I have to tell her that the radio isn’t playing much anymore because Christmas is over.
  • When we tell Little Bug we can’t do something she is wanting to do she will say, “But that’s otay, we can still…”. It’s the cutest thing because when she says that she is usually trying to stall bedtime by saying she need to do this and that.


  • She loves to be the center of attention when surrounded by family. She was twirling the other day in front of a group of family and she would stop to make sure everyone was watching her and then go back to twirling.
  • Saturday mornings Little Bug and her daddy get up and make French toast together!



  • Little Bug always asks her Daddy to share a smoothie with her after dinner. They go to this spot in the living room and share their smoothie.


  • She still loves to read books. She has gotten to where if you pause while reading she will finish the sentence in many of her books! Her Grandpa Roy is actually the one who started doing this with her. He reads a story book to her and it amazed us what she had memorized from that book. Words that are not normally in a 2-year-olds vocabulary.


  • She still has 4 milk times a day. I love it because that is the only time she will sit and cuddle.
  • She sleeps 11ish hours at night and takes a 2 hour afternoon nap.
  • I would say she is probably around 30lbs now since she was 28lbs at her 2 year check up.
  • I love the way she puts her little feet on the chair while she eats.



  • There is never a dull moment when Little Bug is around. It is hard to imagine her being anywhere but with us!


  • The biggest news with Little Bug is that she is completely daytime potty trained!! She was ready and she trained in less than a day (on January 16)! She has had two accidents, but only two accidents in 11 days is pretty good!


It is sometimes hard to remember a day when this girl wasn’t a part of my life. It is hard to believe she has been my daughter for almost three years.