Happy 3rd Birthday, Sweet Pea!


My baby is three years old today. There is something about turning three. Beside becoming temporarily bi-polar, turning three is stepping out of babyhood and into childhood. Although three-year-olds certainly still have some “baby” in them (and Sweet Pea certainly still has A LOT of baby in her with her thumb sucking, blankie holding, diaper self!), age 3 is the beginning of them finding their independence. There is such a remarkable difference in a newly turned 3-year-old and a newly turned 4-year-old, which is why age three is so demanding! A lot is going on in their little worlds.

Sweet Pea is still her sweet little smiley self most of the time, but she is definitely three!

From the time Sweet Pea was around 18 months until just a few months ago, the girls played so well together. We have now entered the phase of them not getting along all the time. Some days, I feel like a referee. The other day it dawned on me why this change!

Before turning three, Sweet Pea was at her sister’s beck and call. Whatever Little Bug wanted Sweet Pea to play or do, she did. Now that Sweet Pea is gaining independence and has opinions of her own, they fight.

Needless to say, we are working a lot around here about how to handle disagreements, how to be considerate and kind to one another and how to communicate with each other (instead of running to Mom as a tattletale)!

With a five- and three-year old in the house, our home is very lively! I still sometimes look at my girls and stare at them in disbelief that they are so old! How is my baby three years old and my firstborn in Kindergarten?!

I figured by the time Sweet Pea was three years old I would know for sure whether I felt like my family is complete or not.

Sweet Pea is three and I still don’t know.

I think I have decided that this is not something I have to ever decide! I just have to keep living my life, trusting God to grow my family in whatever way He desires, whenever He sees fit.

For now, He has blessed me with these two precious little girls and I want to be found faithful in the ways I am raising them.

these girls

It’s been a year since I stopped writing updates about the girls on the blog so I thought I would do a little bullet update on both Little Bug and Sweet Pea for all my faithful readers who have been reading this blog since they were itty bitty!

These girls are NOT itty bitty anymore. It is crazy to think we’ve gone from this 0014

to this


in just three years!

Little Bug:

  • She’s a mess. Nothing’s changed there!
  • Little Bug turned five in May and had a Ninja Turtle birthday party in which she made the invite list (7 friends from her class at church).
  • She LOVES stories. She has always loved books and being read to, but we are talking a boarder-line addiction here now.
  • She could listen to stories all day long, and practically does: after breakfast, during rest time, during our daily reading time, before rest time and bedtime, in the car.
  • She currently loves to listen to Jim Weiss stories on CD, “Wolf Stories” that Gramps tells her, “Flopsey and Mopsey” Stories that Grams tells her and chapter books that I read to her.
  • A close second to her love of books is the Ninja Turtles. She discovered my brother’s Ninja Turtle figures that he had as a boy at Grams and Gramps’ house and that was all she wrote.
  • Little Bug has done quite a lot of maturing over the past year. She can be trusted to not get in to stuff like she would if left alone for 2.5 seconds as a toddler. I never thought I’d see the day, but, behold, it has arrived!
  • She officially moved to having a daily “rest time” instead of naptime right before she turned five.
  • Turning five must mean that you suddenly accumulate toys with a bazillion tiny pieces…princess figures, My Little Ponies and who knows what else but it is a million little pieces of toy everywhere it seems. But she loves to play imaginatively with all these little figurines she has collected so I don’t mind the tiny pieces everywhere.
  • Little Bug is still a little girl who can go outside to play and be covered in dirt, head to toe, in no time at all. But she also still loves to dress up in her princess dresses and be “fancy”.
  • She is having to learn right now to do things without arguing and complaining. Oh, the arguments this child can muster. God’s going to use this talent one day…or else I will for real pull my hair out!
  • She completed her preschool years and will officially be a Kindergartener in the fall.

Sweet Pea:

  • Sweet Pea was the happiest little baby I had ever seen and now she is the happiest little girl I’ve ever seen. She is always smiling.
  • Except when she says, “I’m sad.” which is one of the cutest things she does.
  • Except when she attempts to see if this tactic will stall her bedtime. Little stinker! As I carry her to bed she says “I’m sad.” and then carries on and on. What is it with 3-year-olds? Seeing as this is my second 3-year-old I wasn’t fooled and it took two nights of her fake crying for 5 minutes for her to realize she’s got her work cut out to fool this Mommy.
  • Funny thing is, this girl loves her sleep and always has. She still naps 2.5-3 hours daily, but occasionally she will just not sleep a wink for a nap and then I just put her to bed early.
  • While Sweet Pea has grown up significantly in the last year, she hasn’t let go of all things “baby” yet, which is just fine by me because I know when she is ready, she will grow up. She still wears diapers 100%, sucks her thumb, sleeps with her “night-night” (receiving blankets for newborns that she LOVES to sleep with!) and calls herself a “baby”. I probably baby her which doesn’t help any of this, but…she’s my baby!
  • If Sweet Pea wanted to be potty-trained she would be. Many times now she has declared she wants to pee or poop on the potty and then proceeds to do so and is quite proud of her accomplishment. But if you ask her if she wants to wear diapers or panties, it is always “diapers”. The day will come… (hopefully soon!)
  • Sweet Pea loves to go on walks in the neighborhood and she holds my hand the entire time, which is just absolutely adorable.
  • She talks up a storm now. Hard to believe I was ever told she might need speech therapy.
  • Sweet Pea walks with determination in her step. She is a quiet one, but she is going to have an inner strength that will drive her to do great things in life.
  • Speaking of her being a “quiet one”, she isn’t always shy anymore. She has come out of her shell considerably in the last month or so. To the point that she has asked complete strangers (other kids) their names when we are standing in line at the store! That is HUGE for Sweet Pea.
  • Sweet Pea will start PK3 with Mommy this fall, just a few weeks after she turns three years old!

2 Years Old!

Sweet Pea is two years old!!!


It is hard to believe Sweet Pea is the age Little Bug was when Sweet Pea was born. They were both SO LITTLE.


And now, two years later, they are the best of friends.


Sweet Pea has changed A LOT in her two years on this Earth. She has gone from the withdrawing, furrow-browed baby,


to a go-with-the-flow, smiley, roly poly baby


to the determined (more on this in a minute), sweet, jolly, copies-everything-her-big-sis-does toddler.


Before I go any further on this post it must be noted that I absolutely LOVE that my daughters are closer in age than I had desired. I thought 3 years would be ideal, but I’ve totally changed my mind on this. I love their 2 year (26 months) age gap. Perhaps I should write a post all about this!

And now about that determination! Sweet Pea is a determined little girl. I never would have thought I’d see this coming out of her a year ago! She is going to be one of those that is quiet in a large setting, but get her in a small setting where she feels comfortable and WATCH OUT. This girl WILL speak her mind and speak it LOUDLY.

I am back in the phase of saying five million times a day, “Use your words, please.” That is my cure-all for whining. It worked wonders with Little Bug and I am seeing the same results with Sweet Pea.


Sweet Pea has become a little chatter box. Her language development continues to grow at Sweet Pea’s own little pace. She is making progress and before I know it, I know she will be stringing words together to form sentences.

Some of the frequent things she says (she says WAY more than this, but this is just her frequent words that describe her best at age 2):

“Ice!” – She wants ice in every drink.

“Me!!!” – When Sweet Pea wants to do something (most of the time what big sis is doing) she loudly proclaims “Me!!!” so as not to be left out of the fun.

“Yeeeah” – She answers questions a lot by saying this. It is adorable and so Sweet Pea. Her little voice is so sweet and almost like a whisper when she says this. We can say something like, “Sweet Pea, do you want to read a book?” and she will say, “Yeeeah”.

“Boppers” – I will ask her, “Sweet Pea, do you want to wear big girl panties or a diaper?” And she always says, “Bopper!”

“See” – If we take a picture of her she will say “see” because she wants to see the picture.

If I put Sweet Pea in her seat before Little Bug comes to the table to eat, Sweet Pea always says, “Little Bug, mear!!” (Little Bug, come here!)

At breakfast when you ask her what she wants on her waffle she always says, “Keem cheese”. (cream cheese)

One of her favorite foods? Beeps! (grapes)

Sweet Pea has two ways she says “no”. One is sweetly; she is just simply saying no. Do you want to go outside? “No”. Said with her whisper voice, it is just too cute. And then there is the “NO-NO!!!”

“Sweet Pea, time to go to the bathtub to take your bath!” “NO-NO!!!!” Like I said above, she knows what she wants to do and she lets us know too!


And now about those “boppers” (diapers). I was hopeful maybe Sweet Pea would be ready to potty train right at age 2, but she is not. I will wait until she shows me she is ready because I firmly believe that is key to quick and easy training! I am hoping that time will come in the next 6 months. It will be nice to get a pay raise in not having to buy as many diapers. (Just today, I put Sweet Pea in a pair of panties simply because there is nothing cuter than a toddler booty in panties for the first time! I let her walk around in them and kept asking her if her panties were dry. I taught her to check them to see if they were dry! Then I was going to put her back in a bopper but she did NOT want to take the panties off! haha! So…maybe potty training is closer than I think! When Sweet Pea had an accident Little Bug said, “But Mommy, why didn’t Sweet Pea tell you she needed to go potty?!?” When Sweet Pea had the accident she looked at me and said, “Poooooop!!!!” Thankfully it was just pee.)

Sweet Pea loves to hide. The other day I called her as she had gone to the back of the house. I kept calling her. No answer. So I went looking for her. I knew she had headed to Wesley’s room. I went in and called her and continued to look for her. No Sweet Pea. I left and went back to the living room asking if she had come out. Everyone said no. So I went back to Wesley’s room and looked again. And there, standing in a tiny corner stood Sweet Pea with the biggest grin on her face! Turkey!

While her sister was way more verbal at this age, Sweet Pea’s motor skills are WAY more developed at age two than her sisters were. Sweet Pea can throw a ball. And I do mean throw the ball! She has good aim, great form and it makes me wonder if we have a little athlete on our hands! Sweet Pea loves anything that involves her motor skills.


Eating? Do we have to talk about this?? Frustration city. I will leave it at that. She does love watermelon which is why she had a Watermelon Birthday Party!

Sleeping. Her schedule has been pretty much the same since she went to one afternoon nap, but this past month I started seeing signs she was ready for a tweak in her schedule again. Midway through this month she started not falling asleep right away at bedtime. I didn’t know if this was just normal 2 year old sleep issues (many two years olds take forever to fall asleep) OR if she was ready for her schedule to be tweaked. And then after she started taking forever to fall asleep at night, there were several naps that were unusually short.

Whenever I change up Sweet Pea’s schedule I do so in only 15 minute increments. So, first I moved naptime from 12:45 to 1pm so see if she just needed more wake time between waking up from the night and her naptime. That was the trick. I also noticed if she had a longer night (13 hours of sleep), her naps were shorter. So I took that all into account when deciding when to lay her down for bedtime. Her naps settled back at 3 hours and the short naps and bedtime parties stopped.


Schedule (23 months old):


9:30-10:30am Room Time

12:15pm Lunch

1:00-4:00 naptime

6:00pm Dinner

7:00pm bathtime

7:30/7:45pm bedtime


Happy 2nd Birthday, Sweet Pea!!!

23 Months!

Sweet Pea is 23 months old!!


And here we are, one month away from Sweet Pea’s 2nd birthday!

Sweet Pea is just a complete joy. Since she started smiling (at 3ish weeks I think it was) her smile has lit up the room. She exuberates joyfulness. She toddles around the house all day long with her sweet spirit and beautiful smile.


There are things that ruffle her feathers! As she has gotten older, she has started expressing herself and her opinions on things (which is good!), but most of the time she does it in the sweetest ways! Even when she says “no”, her voice is polite. The only person she really gets upset with is her big sis but that is because Little Bug knows how to aggravate her. Sweet Pea stands her ground though to her big sister. She runs after her demanding that she give back a toy or do what she wanted her to do! I am glad to see her stand her ground because a year ago I was thinking Sweet Pea was going to just let the world run over her with her passive personality. That doesn’t describe Sweet Pea anymore. While her personality is more reserved and she needs her time to warm up to new situations, she is a friendly little thing who knows how to stand up for herself.


While the girls do have their not so pretty moments (what siblings don’t?), Sweet Pea loves her big sister and Little Bug loves her baby sister. One morning recently the girls were about to do their Room Time and Little Bug asked if they could have a Sister Room Time instead of playing separate in their own rooms. I let them play together in Sweet Pea’s bedroom and they had a ball. I’d say, for the most part, they really do play well together. I truly desire for them to be best friends one day and I think we are headed in the right direction for that! It is so fun to see them interacting and playing together (their squabbles are pretty entertaining, too!).


Sweet Pea’s imagination is developing! At lunch she took an apple she was eating and put it to her ear to be a phone. She looked over to me with a silly grin on her face because she knew she was being funny. She has a sense of humor too and likes to make us laugh.

Feeding this baby is still an absolute nightmare! Meal times are so frustrating! She is still eating something one day and not the next. Things I used to could count on her eating, she now won’t touch (rice). She LOVES cheese. She would eat JUST cheese every meal, every day, if I’d let her. Cheese and yogurt. She will eat just about any fruit but won’t touch vegetables. I think once she turns two it is going to be time for some….food training(?). I know we’ve fallen into the trap of fixing something and if it is refused fixing another food. That has got to stop because that is ridiculous and one of those things I said I’d never do as a parent. But with her texture/pickiness issues, I just could not make myself “let her go hungry” if she refused the first thing I made her! At age 2, I think she will be old enough to realize (once it happens a few times) that what she is served is what she eats and if she chooses not to eat, she can eat again next meal. It would be one thing if she had 5-8 foods that she would eat and that is IT. But when you have a toddler who eats 5-8 foods SOMETIMES and not at other times and there is no way to predict what she will and won’t eat at each meal, it is just S-T-R-E-S-S-F-U-L. Ugh- I hate this! I feel like part of this is texture issues (and whether it is drug exposure related or not doesn’t really matter to me at this point) and part of this is my fault. Feeding this baby since birth has been one adventure after another!!! This too shall pass….this too shall pass…..

It is crazy how literally everything else about this baby is smooth sailing. She is go with the flow and happy all the time. Ha! She is even happy most every meal while Mama is about to pull her hair out!


At 23 months Sweet Pea loves: bubbles, walks outside, playing with her sister, reading books, doing anything sis does, riding her toy car all over the house, dancing.

Dancing! Her happy heart shows in her dancing – even when there is no music playing! If there IS music, like in a restaurant, you can be sure Sweet Pea will be bobbing her head. She was eating breakfast at home (which, by the way, is typically the most peaceful of meals) and I looked over at her and she was bobbing her head away but there was no music playing! I asked her if she wanted me to turn on some music and she said yes. I turned on the radio and she continued to dance while she ate!

It is hard to believe this baby girl has been a part of our family for almost two years! Two years ago I can remember the apprehension I felt in adding another child to our family so soon. (Sooner than was my plan anyway.) But I cannot imagine our family without this precious little girl. She brings so much joy to us all on a daily basis. God knew she would be the perfect fit in our family!

Sweet Pea’s Schedule (22 months old):

8am wake up

9:30-10:30am Room Time

12pm Lunch

12:45-4/4:30pm Nap

6pm Dinner

7pm Bath

7:30/7:45pm Bedtime


Happy 23 Months, Sweet Pea!!!

22 Months!

Sweet Pea is 22 months!!


This has been a huge month for Sweet Pea developmentally!

Sweet Pea’s language development took off this month! I felt in my gut that there was nothing wrong with her speech development and that she is just on her own little timetable and she will do things when SHE is ready. I was right. The therapist was concerned at 18 months when she wasn’t really saying much of anything, but now, four months later, Sweet Pea says more words than I can count. And she will try to repeat most anything we ask her to say.

One of the cutest things she said this month was one day while Big Sis was at preschool and Sweet Pea was helping me start a load of laundry. She was pushing the laundry basket from my closet to the laundry and while she was pushing she was saying, “Hush!!!” to Pup because she was barking! She was like a little Mommy doing laundry and shushing the dog!


Sweet Pea continues to have her opinions about things which cracks me up because she has been so mellow since birth. She still is, but this girl has an opinion about certain things for sure! We usually close the blinds at the kitchen table when we sit down to eat dinner because the sun is shinning right in on us. Well now Sweet Pea feels every time she sits down to the table to eat, the blinds must be closed!

The tantrums I wrote about last month are no issue this month. I’ve probably said a million times this month, “Use your words” when she is trying to tell me what she wants/needs. Both of my children have quickly learned that “use your words” means crying, whining and pitching a fit gets them NO WHERE. They turn off the fits like a switch and find some other way (words, hand gestures, basically ANYTHING but crying/whining/fits) to communicate their needs and wants. We have a zero tolerance for tantrums in this household!!


This month Sweet Pea has started copying everything – and I do mean everything – Little Bug does. It is absolutely precious and at this time it doesn’t seem to bother Little Bug at all. I am not even sure if she is aware that sister copies everything she does. Goes to show how much influence the oldest child has in the family! I’ve heard how you want to make sure your oldest is trained well behaviorally because all the ones behind them are just going to copy what they do! Kinda scary since my oldest is the crazy one (hehe!).

Sweet Pea started saying Little Bug’s name plain as day this month and it is the cutest thing ever!! If we get in the car and Little Bug is not with us (ridding with Daddy, etc.) she starts saying her name over and over. One morning Sweet Pea sat down to breakfast but Little Bug was taking forever coming to the table (distracted by birthday presents) so Sweet Pea turned in her seat to look for her saying her name the entire time. She wanted her sissy at the table with her!

Sweet Pea does room time for about an hour in the mornings. She plays in her room very happily and helps pick up toys when room time is over. She is really into the doctor kit lately. She brings it to me wanting me to open it for her and says, “Doctor!”.


Eating is still a circus around here with Sweet Pea. Usually picky eaters have at least 4 or 5 foods that you can count on them eating. Well, you just never know with Sweet Pea. She will literally gobble up something one meal and protest it and throw it on the floor in disgust the very next day. It makes feeding her very stressful. I try not to get stressed about feeding her, but it is hard. Oh, and don’t even dream of trying to feed her a PB&J sandwich! What kid doesn’t like PB&J?! I thought that was staple for EVERY American kid?! Anytime I get a break from having to try and feed her a meal, I do a little happy dance. I know this too shall pass…


One Saturday while Daddy and Little Bug were at the store, Sweet Pea and I did some cleaning around the house. I gave her a duster (first time) and she used her copy-skills and went behind me copying everything I did to dust the furniture! She even picked up that picture (like I had done), dusted underneath it and then placed it right back in it’s spot! I think I might have a little cleaner in the making on my hands! Sweet Pea does seem to like things being in their places. She will say “ut-oh” if something is out of place and if she sees trash on the floor she will pick it up and run to the trash can to throw it away.

Nothing changed in the sleep department this month. I tried to see if she could push nap to 1pm (to give us a little more time before needing to be home for naps) but she started waking early so I knew she was overtired going to bed at 1pm, so we went back to 12:45pm and naps went back to their normal length. Crazy how 15 minutes can make the difference in a long or short nap, but it does!

She had another bout of teething pain and FINALLY cut a few incisors!! Dave told me she was laughing and he saw a molar poking through back there.

Sweet Pea wears size 6 diapers (for the simple fact, she fits in them and it is what Little Bug wears for naps/night so it is just easier to have them in the same size!) and wears 18 month or 2T clothes.

At 22 months, Sweet Pea loves: bubbles, playing outside, when Daddy gets home from work, copying and playing with sister, running, putting on dress up clothes, carrying her water around with her (she asks for water every time we put her in the car seat) and her blankies.


Sweet Pea’s Schedule (21 months old):

8am wake

9:30-10:30am Room time

12pm Lunch

12:45-4/4:30 Nap

7:30/7:45pm Bedtime


Happy 22 Months, Sweet Pea!!!!

21 Months!

Sweet Pea will actually be 22 months old tomorrow! I can’t leave things undone so even though my blogging focus has changed on this blog, I am going to finish Sweet Pea’s monthly posts to 24 months! Can’t just stop at 20 months with her posts since I have them for Little Bug all the way to 24 months. Here is Sweet Pea’s 21 Month post. 22 Months will be posted Monday!

Sweet Pea is 21 months old!!


Three months and my baby will be two! That truly seems impossible but I know this baby girl is growing up right before my eyes.

I decided it was time to stop the baby food. She just needs to learn to eat real food that is not pureed. Sweet Pea loves being given a bowl and spoon so I am trying to introduce foods to her that way. She has eaten cheerios with milk, black beans and rice this way! I still have a few jars of baby food and will use them up but then we will not buy any more. Sweet Pea also likes sandwiches, especially if I melt the cheese into the sandwich. I see her making progress with eating. She is just going to need to learn to like different textures and I think she is on the right track.


I moved naptime back by 15 minutes this month because she was ready to be up a little longer before a nap. I hope around her birthday she might be ready to nap at 1 or 1:30pm which will be nice to have a little later naptime for when we go out in the mornings.


We moved this month and both girls spent a lot of time with Grams and Gramps during that transition phase. They of course did fabulous with them. Grams is very good about keeping the girls on their schedules. Sweet Pea did start waking early from naps, but once she came home I figured out it was because of teething. She is cutting her incisors and I remember those being very hard on Little Bug when hers came in.


Sweet Pea is still just the sweetest thing – for the most part. This month she has started throwing some tantrums if something doesn’t go the way she expected or wants it to go. It is quite funny but I just ignore her fits or tell her to use her words to tell me what she wants and the fits have not escalated beyond anything that is typical for this age. I know if she had more words the tantrums would be non-existent like they were with Little Bug, but I also know as she learns more and more words and starts to talk more she won’t tantrum either.


Sweet Pea is extremely dramatic when she gets hurt. It is nearly comical except her drama has gotten a little out of hand! The slightest bump or fall and she cries like someone is stabbing her. I think we started babying her too much when she would get hurt and now she exaggerates her injuries! So now I am giving her just enough sympathy without dragging it on forever.

Sweet Pea and Little Bug have been playing pretty well together since we moved. They played for a good while together in the playroom a couple days after they moved in. Sweet Pea loves her big sis. She thinks she is so funny and Little Bug can always get Sweet Pea belly laughing.


Sweet Pea’s schedule (20 months old):

8am wake up

9:30-10:30 Room time

12pm Lunch

12:45 – 4/4:30 Naptime

7:15/7:45 Bedtime



20 Months!

Sweet Pea is 20 months old!


Sweet Pea has done a lot of growing up this past month. It’s been a big month for her.

She fully switched to a one nap schedule! March 2nd was the first day of her one nap schedule and she fell right into it with no problems. I love the approach I took with Sweet Pea in this transition. We hung on to the two nap schedule as long as possible and, because Sweet Pea was so “old” when we finally made the transition, she did it with no problems. At first her one nap was about 4 hours long! I figured it would shorten some because that is one marathon of a nap and by the end of the month it had shortened to about 3-3.5 hours long.


Sweet Pea is saying more and more words. She had her 18 month check up today (we got behind on these appointments) and I shared with her pedi that the therapist was telling me Sweet Pea would probably need speech therapy too, but I felt in my gut that she would just start speaking later than average since she has done everything else (siting up, walking, etc.) later than average. The pedi said that all we really want to see is progress and the fact that at about 17 months all Sweet Pea was really saying was “Mama” and “Dada” and now, at 20 months she has probably 20 words, she IS making progress. Pedi said if she doesn’t make progress from now until her 2 year check up THEN she would need speech therapy.


Speaking of therapy…food therapy was one BIG fat disaster. We ended up just pulling her out. After three different therapists, about 6 appointments and no progress being made because the therapist we got stuck with refused to try a different method with Sweet Pea, we had had enough and we pulled her out. The pedi gave me permission to take Sweet Pea off the pureed baby food today! Woo hoo!!! She told me to pay attention to food colors, give her an empty plate at meal times with lots of healthy food choices and then let her ask for things to eat. Limit snacking so she will be hungry to eat at meal times. So we are trying this for now and hopefully she will get over her fear of textures in time.

In the picture above, Sweet Pea was eating shrimp at her Gram’s birthday dinner! She was eating those up! She loved them! But then she had this weird rash on her face and I assumed it was from the shrimp so I haven’t let her have them since. But – she ate something new. Progress.

Sweet Pea loves shoes! We were shopping and LB was trying on some shoes and Sweet Pea decided she wanted to try on shoes too so she started taking her shoes off so she could try on some shoes. She loves to walk around the house in other people’s shoes. She also loves hats!


Sweet Pea loves to dance! She’s got some rhythm too. She also enjoys spinning until she falls over. She will just spin and spin in the middle of the living room floor laughing away at herself as she spins.

Sweet Pea enjoys puzzles and she is good at them! When I took the picture below, she sat down and did that puzzle completely on her own with no help at all from me!


In the last month Sweet Pea has become a huge Daddy’s Girl. Her daddy is just loving this. Sweet Pea literally squeals with delight when she hears the garage go up when Dave gets home from work. And when Dave leaves in the morning she give him one hug and then runs to the door a million times for more hugs before he finally leaves. Sweet Pea lights up at the mention of “Daddy”. It is so precious.


I’ve noticed Sweet Pea coming out of her shell more recently! From a tiny infant she has always been pretty shy and reserved, but over the past month she has gained confidence and initiated interactions with adults and children. When I ask her if she want to go play with her friends at church on Sunday mornings she always nods her head “yes” and she hasn’t had to be ripped from my arms screaming in over a month! I am glad to see this social side of Sweet Pea!

We read together in the mornings now that Sweet Pea doesn’t nap. I am teaching the girls to take turns. When it is their turn, they pick a book, bring it to me and they can sit on my lap while I read it. Then when it is sister’s turn they have to get up and let sister sit on my lap. Oh, Sweet Pea does not like this one bit. But she will learn! Hopefully our reading time in the morning will be enjoyable soon!


Sweet Pea loves her Independent Playtime in her bedroom. When I tell her it is time to play in her room she runs to her room and goes to her closet because she wants to pick her toys. She does very well playing in there. She usually steals her blankie from her crib and has a little blankie time during her room time. She does 60 minutes of play in her bedroom.

Sweet Pea wears 18 month clothes, but I’ve already got the 2T clothes in her closet because it won’t be long and she will be able to start wearing them! She wears size 5 diapers and a size 3 or 4 shoe.


Four months and she will be two years old – the age her sister was when she was born! Doesn’t seem possible. The second child grows up WAY faster than the first. It is hard to believe I soon won’t have a child who’s age is measured in months instead of years!

Sweet Pea’s schedule (19 months old):

8am wake up

9:30-10:30am IP

11:45am Lunch

12:30-4:00/4:30pm Nap

6pm Dinner

7pm Bath

7:30/7:45pm Bedtime



19 Months!

Sweet Pea is 19 months old!!


My baby is growing up. She is the sweetest little thing you ever did meet!

She is starting to say more words. She will surprise me and repeat a word I say every so often. Her food therapist mentioned that she might need speech therapy as well but my gut said just like she met her other milestones a little later than average, she will start talking a little later than average, too. I’m not worried at this point about her speech.

The biggest news this month is that, as of March 2nd, she is now taking only ONE nap!! (I’m actually writing this on day 2 of only one nap, so at this point I can’t really say how it is going!) Just before turning 18 months, she just stopped sleeping for that hour in the morning, but I kept laying her down for a “rest time”. From 18-18.5 months old, she only slept in the morning maybe a couple times. Then, after she cut her finger and lost so much sleep from being at the ER, she started sleeping for about 30 minutes in the morning. But, that morning sleep proved to be messing up her afternoon sleep! There was one afternoon when she did not sleep AT ALL in the afternoon and many afternoons where she lay in there for over an hour before falling asleep. She had never done that before. I adjusted naptimes slightly and it worked for a couple days and then she was back to messed up afternoon naps and I knew the time had come: It was (finally!!!) time to drop the morning nap!

I’ve been looking forward to this because now we can get out in the mornings to run errands, go to playdates, go on fun outings, etc. It will be so nice to have our mornings free again! I don’t mind at all having to sacrifice morning outings so a baby can sleep (I’d rather do that than have a screaming, overtired infant on my hands!), but it will be so nice not to have to be home to get Sweet Pea a morning nap!


Sweet Pea has started her food therapy and honestly, I am just not pleased with the services we are receiving. Sweet Pea has had three different therapists (because her first went on maternity leave – totally understandable) but the two she has seen since have two very different ways of approaching this issue. One follows Sweet Pea’s lead while encouraging her to touch, taste, kiss, smell foods that Sweet Pea refuses to eat or touch and the other has been trying to get Sweet Pea to learn to follow her commands and then “rewards” her by letting her do a puzzle. I just don’t see how the second approach is effective at all. Unfortunately, we are scheduled to have therapy with the second girl for the remainder of Sweet Pea’s appointments. I am going to call and politely explain the situation and ask if we can see the other girl.

After just one session with the other girl, I was able to get Sweet Pea to eat some peas! But after two sessions with the girl whose approach is proving to not be effective at all with Sweet Pea, Sweet Pea will no longer eat peas. So frustrating.


Sweet Pea’s morning nap time has been replaced with Independent Playtime in her bedroom (when we are home) and she absolutely loves it. Unlike her sister, this girl does not have a problem with playing alone. She actually loves it. When I tell her it’s time to play in her room, she excitedly runs to her room and wants me to open her closet so she can get her toys out!

Now that we have more time in the mornings, I want to start implementing a Learning Time with Sweet Pea too. It won’t be anything major. Just some intentional time when I sit down with her to work on puzzles, coloring, play-doh, letters and numbers.


At 19 months old Sweet Pea loves: playing in sister’s room (that is a real treat), eating a whole apple, bath time, playing outside, books, baby dolls, baby strollers and puzzles.

She makes this goofy face where she tucks her upper lip into her bottom:


Sweet Pea is very interested in sister going potty on the potty. She will peak into the toilet but she isn’t very fond about sitting on the big potty herself. I am going to take the same approach to potty training with Sweet Pea as I did with Little Bug: when it is clear Sweet Pea is ready (not me), I will train her. Little Bug was a breeze to train that way. For now, being interested in sister going potty on the big potty is enough for me!


Sweet Pea got a big boo-boo on February 19th after she got hold of a snowglobe and it cut her hand. It landed her in the ER and she got 3 stitches. I took her to the pedi on February 28th to get the stitches out but they were not ready to come out. We were told we’d have to go back to the ER in a couple days to have them taken out (no, thank you) so we asked my parents’ life long friend who is a doctor if he would take them out. He was more than happy to do that and the stitches came out on March 2nd. The cut has healed nicely and most likely there will be hardly any scar, if any, left.


Sweet Pea’s schedule (18 months old):

8am wake up

9:45-10:45am nap (Most of this month, she just rested during this hour.)

10:45-11:45am Independent Playtime

12:00pm Lunch

12:45 or 1:15pm – 4:30pm nap

6pm Dinner

7/7:30pm bedtime



18 Months!

Sweet Pea is one and a half year old!!


Sweet Pea is growing up faster than her sister did. It’s unbelievable and I thought Little Bug’s baby years flew by!

She loves to push the baby stroller. She had my dad’s shoes on and was pushing the stroller when I asked her to smile for the camera. This is what I got:


Sweet Pea still loves to play with anything that has a top. She loves to play outside and she loves bath time. She is eager to give her Daddy hugs when he returns from work, running to the door to do so! She is still shy at drop-off at church nursery. I hate leaving her like that, but that is the only time I leave her in the week (except with her grandparents) and she sure lets me know she doesn’t like it one bit.

Dave and I were talking about her personality the other day. She is the type that is going to appear all quiet and shy, but then, if you get her in an environment where she feels safe, oh boy you better watch out because this baby will let you know how she feels about everything!

I wish I could say her vocabulary is taking off, but it is not. When she had her therapy evaluation last month, the therapist asked me about her speech and said it might not hurt to get a speech eval as well since, at 18 months, she isn’t putting two words together and really doesn’t say anything consistently except “Mama” and “more”.


She doesn’t have a mouth full of words, but she does have a mouth full of teeth! I think she is about to cut the incisors. Those were the worst for her sister. Hopefully they won’t be too bad for her.


She loves to walk around with a bucket on her head and she thinks it is funny when she bumps into things because she can’t see.


These two play pretty well together! It is fun to watch them and listen to them as they play. I caught that sweet moment of the two of them playing with a baby doll that used to be mine when I was a little girl. That stroller is one I rescued from the TRASH – in perfect condition – in our neighborhood!


We are starting to work on puzzles. Sweet Pea likes to take the pieces of this puzzle out and then she will place them back in the correct spot, but she puts them upside down or sideways.


It amazes me how Sweet Pea can focus on one thing for a long length of time! She finds something (usually something with a top she can open and close) and she will play with it forever over any toy, any day!


Sweet Pea loves to wear dress up clothes. If sister is wearing them, she wants to, too!


Eating is still a daily adventure with Sweet Pea. I just never know what she will do. We continue to give her new foods to try and tell her to first touch it, then smell it, then taste it. Sometimes she ends up eating it and many times she ends up tossing it away. Therapy should start sometime soon. I am hopeful that I can learn a few techniques to help her want to try new foods so that we can keep these therapy appointments to a minimum. She will try new foods so that gives me hope that hopefully her therapy process won’t be long and drawn out.


Sleeping became an adventure too the week before Sweet Pea turned 18 months! It started on a Tuesday when she didn’t sleep at all for her morning nap. Over the last couple of months or so, that has happened every once in a while. To compensate I’d lay her down for afternoon nap about 15-30 minutes early. The next day she would usually go right back to her two naps. Well, this week, she did sleep for morning nap on Wednesday but she did not sleep at all on Thursday, Friday or Saturday!!

This was my first big sign that Sweet Pea is (finally!!) really moving in the direction of dropping this morning nap. This is both exciting and frightening. Exciting because our mornings will finally be free again and it’s frightening because typically the transition from 2 to 1 nap is hard for baby.

The rest of that week I continued to lay Sweet Pea down for her nap around 1:30 (so 15 minutes early). By Saturday I could tell she was getting overtired because instead of sleeping for 3 or more hours, she only slept for a little over 2. That told me I needed to lay her down around 1pm instead of 1:30pm. The next day (Sunday) I laid her down by 1pm and she slept 3 hours.

For now, my plan is to continue with the two naps. As long as she is content to lay and rest for that hour, I will lay her down for it. That “rest time” will hopefully help her be able to make it to 1ish for afternoon nap. I didn’t think Miss High Sleep Needs would be ready to drop the morning nap until closer to 19-20 months so this is a nice surprise! Hopefully by 19-20 months she will be fully transitioned to one, long afternoon nap.


Sweet Pea wears size 4 diapers, but we are out and I think we will move up to size 5. Or maybe even size 6. When we run out of her size she just wears size 6 (Little Bug’s size for naps/bedtime) and they work just fine.

Sweet Pea wears size 18 month clothing and wears a size 3 shoe. She has teeny tiny feet!


Sweet Pea’s schedule (17 months old):

8am wake up

9:45-10:45am nap

10:45-11:30 Independent Playtime

12pm Lunch

1:45-4:45pm nap

6pm Dinner

7pm Bath

7:30/7:45pm Bedtime



17 Months!

Sweet Pea is 17 months old!!


There really aren’t too many big updates on Sweet Pea this month! She is still her happy little self, toddling all over the place.

She loves a Tupperware container with a top that she can put on. She will play with something like that for the longest time! Kids truly do not need every single toy ever made! At this age, both of my girls loved Tupperware and most any fun, safe household object! I love that about this age.


Sweet Pea really bonded with her Gramps this past month. She finds his shoes and brings them to him so he can put them on and take her outside. She walks her around outside showing her everything. He even lets her point to what direction she wants to go in next. Right now their routine is to go out in the back yard and ring the chime hanging from the tree, then they turn and go to the tree swing where Sweet Pea loves to swing. After the swing she likes to touch the big oak tree and the bird house. Then they head to a small roof covering the AC unit where she likes to pick leaves off it. They also enjoy sitting together on the front porch looking at pinecones, squirrels and whatever else they can find.

Sweet Pea said some more words this month! She can now say: Mama, Dada, bye, all done, more, Amen!, eye, butterfly (basically is the ‘b’ sound), cracker, moon and I’m sure I am missing some more words she knows. She nods her head for “yes” and shakes for “no”.


Instead of putting her in the stroller if we take a walk, I typically let Sweet Pea walk. She loves being able to walk on her own like her big sister! She doesn’t always stay on the path. Many times I have to run off after her!

Sometime else very cute she has started doing is standing on her tippee toes to see things. She will go to the bathroom, stand on Little Bug’s stool and peer over the counter to see herself in the mirror.


Eating issues remain the same. I am looking forward to her 15-month check up in a few days from now.


She laughs when we brush her teeth! No new teeth this month. She still has the 12 teeth.


She is still needs and takes two naps per day. Occasionally she will not sleep during the morning nap and if that happens I lay her down at 1:30 for her afternoon nap. While I am not looking forward to the transition period from two to one nap, I am very much looking forward to having mornings open again for play dates, errands and special outings!

Nothing changed with her sleep schedule this month, but I did switch up some of her schedule to make it work better for us (because, after all, that is the purpose of a schedule!). I moved her Independent Playtime (which is now in her bedroom instead of the pack n play!) to right after her morning nap and during Little Bug’s learning time. It became too difficult to try and do learning time with Little Bug with a toddler getting into everything! I can’t wait to do learning time with both girls, but now is just not the time. I fought against moving her IP time to during Little Bug’s learning time because since her birth I have always had Sweet Pea do IP during Little Bug’s TV time because I am adamant that my children will not watch TV until age 2!

With this schedule change, Sweet Pea is “around” when Little Bug is watching TV. I am in the kitchen cooking lunch and folding laundry usually, so I keep Sweet Pea with me. Fortunately, Sweet Pea won’t plop herself in front of the TV at this age, so for now, this is working. If I ever find that Sweet Pea has started focusing more on the TV than playing around me while I fix lunch, I will move Little Bug’s TV time to her bedroom with my laptop!

Sweet Pea is still in size 4 diapers, although she can wear size 6 if needed (as in when we run out of her size). She is wearing 18 month sized clothing.

Schedule (16 months old):

8am wake up

9:45-10:45am nap

10:45-11:30am Independent Playtime

11:30-12:00pm Hang out with Mommy while I fix lunch and play with Tupperware Smile

12:00pm lunch

1:45-4:30pm nap

6:00pm dinner

7:00pm bath time

7:45 bedtime


Happy 17 Months, Sweet Pea!!