14 Months!

Sweet Pea is 14 months old!!


I’d say, since we went through all her stomach issues, this month has been the most difficult!!

And it is mainly because she is developing a little will, she is very mobile and meal time is just not fun.

Her little will…The baby that has been so laid-back since birth is now starting to voice her dislikes. And there are LOTS of them. She does not like for her morning milk to run out in her cup. She does not like diaper changes. She doesn’t like her cream to be put on her cheeks. She doesn’t like certain things sister does to her. She doesn’t like most foods. (More on that later.) She doesn’t like water to be poured on her head during bathtime. She does not like her face to be cleaned. I am sure there are more.

Sweet Pea is either extremely quiet or VERY loud! There is no medium volume. Her cry is just…funny. I know that sounds mean but she is SO dramatic when she cries. Her cry is always intense, even if she just fell and barely tapped her toe. Dramatic has become her middle name! There is no half-cry. She is an all or nothing baby when it comes to crying! Which is pretty funny considering this baby used to rarely cry at all. Now, she cries at the drop of a hat because her middle name is Drama.

Her mobility took off this month! She zips around the house at turbo speed. At 13 months we finally had to start closing the hallway gate and closing our bedroom door again. These were things we had already done months before with Little Bug!


The week Sweet Pea started “getting into everything” she: splashed with the water in the toilet bowl, found the toilet brush and was playing with it and climbed half way up the stairs at my parents’ house.


The week before turning 14 months old, she started standing up on her own. She won’t walk without support though, but it won’t be long now before she is walking! She started cruising the furniture as well around this same time. And she has mastered walking with the push toy! This picture is blurry but I love her face because she was so proud of herself!


She is learning what “no” means. Her no-no’s are: the candles on the coffee table, pictures on the end tables, the blinds, the TV and Daddy’s computer – all of which are in the living room. She actually found the “on” button for the TV and that is her favorite thing to do now.

Eating. I am not sure exactly what is going on. Picky eater? Maybe. I don’t know. But she refuses to eat some things that she devoured no problem even just a day ago! It’s quite frustrating since Little Bug has been a pig since birth when it comes to food.

I almost feel like Sweet Pea is this way because I introduced table foods to her “wrong” or something. Like I said, I don’t know what is going on…

She eats NO table food veggies so I still give her purees so that she gets her veggies. To encourage her to eat more table foods, I’ve tried to give her those first before her purees, but she has flat out refused to eat!!

I thought it could be teething but I see no pattern to indicate it is.

So, meal time, right now, is just not fun!

I have gotten Sweet Pea to give any unwanted food to Mama instead of throwing it on the floor. She remembers to do this about half the time!


Just this past week, as she was about to turn 14 months, there were two days that she just did not sleep for her morning nap at all! Since this just started, I haven’t really figured out yet what she needs to do with her naps. Most likely, she just needs to shorten the morning nap again and then possibly start that nap at 10am instead of 9:30am. Then, based on that nap, her afternoon naptime might need to shift 15 minutes or so. In the next couple of days I will work on tweaking things until I find what meets her needs.

There was also one night where she took 45 minutes to fall asleep at night, which she has never done before. That is just another sign to me that she is starting the morning nap wean and I need to make some adjustments to her sleep schedule.

Because her morning nap has shortened over time, she is now awake for about half of our Learning Time! This can be interesting because it is a little more challenging to work with Little Bug while her toddler sister is around instead of sleeping! For now, I am just going to try and incorporate Sweet Pea into our learning times as much as possible. I will try to do the activities that Sweet Pea really can’t be a part of while she is sleeping, and then when she is awake she will join us. At this age, I am thinking she will just have a ball playing with materials that we are using that are safe and fun for her to play with!

One day Little Bug and I were painting Fall Trees, so I let Sweet Pea play with all the paint bottles on the kitchen floor. That worked perfect. It kept her entertained and then when we were done we all sat on the floor and we talked about the colors together!


Sweet Pea is still uneasy around crowds. She wants her Mama when she is uneasy, which I love! She cries every Sunday morning when I drop her off in her class (which is the only time of week that she is away from me) but I pick her up and she is all smiles and I know she has a good time there and loves her teachers. Again, she just has to be dramatic!

Big Sister still hung the moon. I absolutely LOVE to hear this baby giggle at her big sister. It is such a precious sound and one I hear daily. I have no idea most of the time what they are giggling about, but Little Bug is the funniest thing ever to Sweet Pea. They have so much fun playing together.


If Sweet Pea is crying for whatever reason Little Bug will start singing, “Jesus Loves Me” to her!

Sweet Pea doesn’t really have any new words since last month but she is an excellent communicator even still. It is so funny to me to see her actually express her opinion about something because for a year I have basically done whatever with this baby and she has just gone with it, but now, she has opinions about things and knows what she wants to do!


We were at a pool birthday party and Dave and Little Bug left Sweet Pea and me sitting at the table and headed to the pool. Sweet Pea was sitting in her stroller and started reaching for the pool and her Daddy. She wanted to go swimming too! So I put her in her swimsuit and gave her to her Daddy where she spent the next half-hour swimming. One of my parents neighbors had offered to let us use their pool while they were on vacation and Sweet Pea did NOT want to swim then. (The water was too cold.) So it was fun to watch her basically ask to go swimming and then have a ball in the pool with her daddy and sister!

Sweet Pea also loves going to the park and swinging. She let me know she didn’t want to get out by crying!


She enjoys playing with this toy.


Even though Sweet Pea has become quite opinionated this past month, she is still her sweet little self. She is such a tender-hearted little girl!

Schedule (13 months old):

8am wake up

9:30-10:45am nap

11:30-12:00pm Independent Play

12:00pm Lunch

1:30-4/4:30pm Nap

6pm Dinner

7pm Bath

7:30/7:45pm bedtime


Happy 14 Months, Sweet Pea!!

13 Months!

Sweet Pea is 13 months old!


Here we go, already a month into her second year…before we know it she will be 1.5 years and then two!

Sweet Pea has done A LOT of growing up this month.

She was weaned from bottles on August 6th and that was a complete breeze. My pedi recommends doing this as close to the 1st birthday as possible. She was weaned from bottles before her 12 month check up!

At 12 months old Sweet Pea weighed 19 pounds 9 ounces!

Next up was to wean her from formula to organic whole milk. That also proved to be a breeze and she had no tummy troubles at all with the milk. YAY! (I was a tad concerned about that.) She does like her milk to be warm and won’t drink it straight from the fridge. She drinks from a Born Free Sippy.


Sweet Pea has perfected her crawl and is quite fast now. It is so interesting because even though Sweet Pea is very mobile now, she just doesn’t “get into everything” like her sister did! She explores her world for sure, but I don’t feel like I have to constantly be two steps ahead of her like I had to be with big sis.

Sweet Pea started pulling up on everything soon after her first birthday.


Sweet Pea finds holes and puts her finger in it as you can see in the picture above.

She discovered the steps at my parents’ house on August 22nd! She climbed the whole way up.


This baby has been so funny with her pureed food vs. table food. There was a time I thought we were almost done with pureed foods, but she is 13 months, and she just doesn’t eat enough table food to sustain her! So we are still relying heavily on the purees. I still offer her table foods with almost every meal.


Maybe this is because at 13 months she only has three teeth and every bite she eats takes forever for her to gum and then swallow!

She cut her 3rd tooth at about 12.5 months old. She started teething right around her birthday and had some rough days until her top right tooth finally poked through a couple weeks later.


She has traded in her jumperoo for this music table! This baby loves music. She will dance anytime she hears music.


Sweet Pea takes two naps every day and sleeps 12 hours at night. I did shorten her morning nap again by 15 minutes, so now it is just 1.5 hours long. She sleeps in the afternoon for 3 hours most days.

As soon as you lay Sweet Pea down in her crib, she puts her thumb in her mouth. She does not suck her thumb at any other time of the day, which I find very interesting.


She is doing 20 minutes of Independent Playtime in the pack n play. Sometimes she does this in the morning after breakfast and some days it is after her morning nap. I will soon increase the time to 30 minutes.


Sweet Pea continues to have such a sweet personality, but she has formed an opinion on things which is quite funny at times. It is fun to watch her become her own little person. At dinner one night I was offering her cantaloupe but she clearly wanted watermelon. When I figured out what she was wanting she was so happy when I started putting the watermelon on her tray.

She is a little drama queen when she gets hurt. She wants EVERYONE around to know she got hurt and wants everyone to give her sympathy. It is the cutest thing. Her “I’m hurt” cry is so adorable. She is so dramatic. When she started getting around more she would fall and with every bump, no matter how small, she would let the world know she had gotten hurt by crying her very dramatic cry.


Sweet Pea is such a precious child and is such a tenderhearted soul! I love that about her! If she in an unfamiliar place, she doesn’t like it and wants me. She moved up to the crawler room at church a couple weeks ago and the change has been hard on her, but she is learning to like her new room and new teachers. Her sweet teachers in the baby room still come over to check on her and love on her if she is having a hard time, which I appreciate so much!

Her schedule this month was:

8am wake up, milk, breakfast

8:40-9am Independent Playtime (or 11:40-12pm)

9:30-11am nap

12pm lunch, milk

1:30-4/4:30pm nap

4:30pm milk

5:30/6pm dinner

7pm bath time, milk

7:30/7:45pm bedtime


Happy 13 Months, Sweet Pea!!

Sweet Pea growing {0-12 months}

10 days old – August 12th, 2011


1 month – September 2, 2011


2 months – October 2, 2011


3 months – November 2, 2011


4 months – December 2, 2011


5 months – January 2, 2012


6 months – February 2, 2012


7 months – March 2, 2012


8 months – April 2, 2012


9 months – May 2, 2012


10 months – June 2, 2012


11 months – July 2, 2012


12 months – August 2, 2012


Twelve more photos…coming right up!!

{over the next year}

12 Months!

Sweet Pea is ONE YEAR OLD!!!


What a blessing this past year has been. God knew the perfect little person to add to our family – and that little person is Sweet Pea.

She has the sweetest personality of any baby I’ve ever met!

Eating: She is drinking 10-16 ounces of formula per day now. Sometimes she does not want her 12pm & 4pm bottles, but most of the time she at least will drink 2 of the 3 ounces in those bottles. I guess she is naturally weaning herself, which is very nice.

Last month I thought our baby food days were numbered but then, she suddenly eagerly started eating her baby food. I’ve still introduced her to many table foods and she eats them with no problem. She still does not bring food to her own mouth! If she would just learn to do this, I think I could transition her to table foods even more. I know it will all happen in time.

This month, she ate 2 jars of baby food per meal (4 oz). She went through a growth spurt for a couple days and was eating 3 jars per meal.

The bottle and formula wean will start soon!

Sleeping: Sweet Pea started waking early from her afternoon nap over the past couple of weeks. I shortened her morning nap by 15 minutes and she started sleeping well for the afternoon nap again.


Milestones: Sweet Pea is officially very mobile!! Early this month she started what we called “The Frog Crawl”. She would push with her little toes and feet and propel herself forward. She looked like a little frog! It wasn’t long after she started this that she learned to get into a sitting position from her “crawling” position. Then, while Dave was in Haiti she started crawling on her hands and knees! And now, she is perfecting her speed. She can crawl anywhere she wants to now, much to the delight of her big sister!

Sweet Pea crawling

I’ve been giving Sweet Pea a sippy cup and she has learned how to get water from it.

On July 20th I went to get Sweet Pea up from her afternoon nap and found her standing holding on to the rails of her crib!


Words: Sweet Pea will randomly say “Mama” but I am not sure she knows that is my name yet. She now consistently signs “all done” and “more” while eating and she knows exactly what those mean!

Teeth: At one year old, Sweet Pea has two teeth.

Sisters: Our new morning routine includes the girls getting down from the breakfast table and playing together before Sweet Pea goes down for her nap and before Little Bug goes to her room time. They like to get our Little People play sets (we have the farm and playground) and play with those together.

Little Bug tends to be a little more “rough” with Sweet Pea than I would like (laying on her and, honestly, doing what I would picture brothers doing with “wrestling” type moves!) but Sweet Pea loves it to a certain degree. I love it when Little Bug makes Sweet Pea laugh as she was doing in this picture below!


Favorite toys/activities: Sweet Pea is enjoying her newfound mobility! She crawls all over the living room and kitchen. She enjoys playing with anything that her sister pulls out for them to play with. She still enjoys her jumperoo. I mainly put her in it when Little Bug is watching her show while I prepare our lunch because I don’t want Sweet Pea watching TV until she is two.


Personality: Sweet Pea is just…sweet. She saw a computer mouse over by her Daddy’s desk in the living room. We are teaching her that playing at the desk and with the cords is a no-no. (Clue #1 is that she already pretty much leaves the desk alone – after only a few times of being told no!) So, one day she sees this mouse laying on the floor. I was in the kitchen cleaning up dishes. I saw her see the mouse. I could tell she wanted to go after it. Instead of impulsively going for it, she turned to find me and I could just tell she was asking me, “Mama, is it okay?”. I told her she could play with it and then she went for it!!


Diapers/Clothes: Nothing has changed here. Still size 4 diapers and 9 month or 12 month clothing.

Things I want to Remember:

  • At bathtime she kicks her legs furiously in the water to make big splashes.
  • When she is on the changing table she uses her feet to pick up stuff that is on the other end of the table! She’s picked up her wipes, lotion and desitin this way.
  • When I go to get her up from a nap or in the morning she is so.happy. She kicks her legs, waves her arms and has the HUGEST grin on her face.
  • When I lay her down for naps and at night, I stand at her bed to hug and kiss her and tell her goodnight, but she is usually pushing me away because she just wants to get in her bed and go to sleep!
  • Yes, she is the easiest, sweetest baby alive – I am convinced.
  • At meals, she wants her next bite now! We are working on learning to say “please”.
  • After her bath she will play peek-a-boo with me using her towel.
  • She loves her family. I love this about both of my girls. They both just simply adore all their family members and get so excited when they see them.
  • Sweet Pea somehow knows when we are about to leave or if someone else is about to leave because, without prompting, she starts waving goodbye.
  • Like her sister, Sweet Pea is a huge Mama’s girl, but they both adore their daddy and crave his attention.
  • Sweet Pea loves music. When it comes on Sweet Pea starts dancing.


Schedule (11 months old):

8am wake up, bottle, breakfast

9:30-11:15am nap

11:30-12pm Independent Playtime

12:00pm bottle, lunch

1:30-4:00/4:30pm nap

4:30pm bottle

5:30pm dinner

7:00pm bath, bottle

7:30/7:45pm bedtime



11 Months!

Sweet Pea is 11 months old!!


One month away from her first birthday! Wow! It is hard to believe she was once this tiny baby with the furrowed brow. I am so thankful for God’s healing touch on her life.


This has been a big month of change and developments for this sweet baby!

Eating: Sweet Pea has decreased the amount of formula she drinks at 12 and 4pm. She only wants 2-3 oz. The other two bottles she drinks 5 oz. I guess our formula days are numbered. That is kinda awesome though because it will be like a pay raise for us!

Solids/Table foods: I think our pureed baby food days are also numbered. Sweet Pea will eat her pureed foods just fine, but when I offer her some table foods this baby gets excited. One day at lunch I gave her tiny pieces of chicken and she was SO happy about that. It took her a while to gum them but she sure enjoyed the chicken. She has also had tiny bites of turkey, green beans, peas, black eyed peas, sweet potatoes and spaghetti noodles. All were a hit. I would say one of her favorite times of day is dinnertime because she gets to try new foods!

DSCN9451More chicken, please, Mommy!

For two weeks this month, Sweet Pea was taken off “binding foods” (like applesauce, bananas, squash, carrots) and we were to feed her the non-binding foods (peas, peaches, green beans, etc.) to hopefully get her digestive system working better. After those two weeks, we added back the binding foods one-by-one every other day and I think Sweet Pea was relieved to finally have some variety to her diet. I am now trying to make sure she gets a good balance of binding and non-binding foods and her digestive system seems to be working much more efficiently now. I’ve also taken her off carrots because they don’t seem to agree with her.


Sleeping: The biggest news here is that Sweet Pea is now sleeping in the CRIB! No more Rock N Play sleeper! And…the transition went smoothly. June 29th Dave was working late and I was getting both girls to bed. I had already put Sweet Pea to bed (in the rock n play) and was getting Little Bug out of the tub when I heard Sweet Pea fussing. I thought she had probably dropped her blankie so I went in to give it back to her. Instead, I found that she had completely climbed out of the buckle!! I knew right then and there that was the night she was going to her crib. With a wet, naked Little Bug at my feet, I got all the stuffed animals that had accumulated out of the crib and then I picked Sweet Pea up and told her she was going to sleep in her crib! She wasn’t too happy about that but within 10 minutes she was asleep and she slept the whole night through. She has been in her crib ever since and hasn’t missed a beat.

DSCN9886Waking up in her crib for the first time on the morning of June 30th

There were some changes in her sleep patterns this month. She shortened her morning nap slightly and increased the wake time between her two naps by 15 minutes. She was overtired when we returned back from vacation because of missed naps and early wakeups, but it was nothing staying home for the week and laying her down for early naps and early bedtimes couldn’t fix. Within several days of being home she bounced back to her normal schedule. I love that about a Babywise baby. You can get them “off” but they bounce right back to normal within a few days.

Milestones: Sweet Pea is getting closer and closer to crawling every day! June 30th she started pushing herself forward with her feet/legs to get something she wanted! She has been turning herself while siting with her feet for a couple weeks now. She leans so far trying to reach things that she will often fall onto her tummy. She is still slow in getting places and I wouldn’t exactly call her “mobile” (although she is very close) but she found her way to the TV stand doors the other day and was quite proud of herself. Teaching her boundaries and that certain things are “no-no’s” is just around the corner.


Sweet Pea was siting in her highchair as I was feeding her and as plain as day she said, “Mama”! That was June 30th.

June 30th she also started folding her hands together when we say, “Let’s pray!” before a meal.

June 30th was a big day for Sweet Pea!

She has been waving goodbye for about a month now.

Favorite toys/activities: Sweet Pea plays with just about anything you give her. She loves toys but she also loves to explore objects that aren’t necessarily toys but are still fun to play with. A box of toys brings her much pleasure and entertainment. She will sit and play for a good long while with a box of toys. I see those days coming to an end very soon however with her newfound mobility! She wants to get places now instead of just sit. I love this phase of babyhood. It is so fun to watch my baby explore her world on her own.


She still goes to town jumping in her jumperoo. Sweet Pea jumps so fast and furious in that thing that sometimes we wonder if she is going to catapulted herself out! Little Bug likes to interact with her when she is in there. She gets Sweet Pea laughing hysterically while she is jumping.

Diapers/Clothes: Sweet Pea was moved to size 4 diapers this month. She wears 6-9 month, 9 month and 12 month clothing. I recently packed up all the 6 month clothing.


Personality: Sweet Pea is still just the sweetest little baby you’ll ever meet. She is known by her smile, which is why her first birthday theme will be “Smiley Faces” (I think)! She does love her Mama. She doesn’t like to be away from me for long and I don’t mind that in the least little bit.


She’s never been one to complain about anything really, but in the last couple of days she has shown some frustration in not being able to get where she is wanting to go and she has shown her dislike of having something taken away that she wants.

Sisters: One day Sweet Pea and Little Bug were playing and Sweet Pea’s finger was accidentally closed in a drawer. Little Bug was so concerned about her sister. While Sweet Pea’s cries were pathetic, I was so happy to see the concern Little Bug had for her baby sister. She wanted to make sure she was okay.

Schedule (10 months old):

8am wake up, Breakfast

9:30-11:30am nap

12:00pm Lunch

1:30 – 4:00/4:30pm Nap

4:00/4:30pm Dinner

7:00pm Bath, bottle

7:30/7:45pm Bedtime


Happy 11 Months, Sweet Pea!!

10 Months Old!

Sweet Pea is 10 months old!


Sweet Pea may be only two months away from turning a year old, but to me, she still seems so much like a baby! I think it is because she is still not mobile! I know once she starts crawling and moving around, she will suddenly seem so much older.

Eating: She is drinking only 5 ounces per bottle now that she is eating more solids. Her bedtime bottle is still usually 9-10 oz!

Solids: My pediatrician recommends doing three meals a day once baby is 10 months old. Right after turning 9 months old, it became very obvious to me that Sweet Pea was ready for another meal of solids so I started giving her solids with her 4pm bottle. We are having to make some changes in her diet for about a week, but I will write about that is a separate post.


Sleeping: Nothing has really changed in the sleep department this month. When she woke early from her naps at one point, I realized she was actually waking at 7:45am (instead of 8am, since I moved bedtime to 7:45pm), so she started needing to go down for naps closer to 9:30 and 1:30. I kept expecting her to need to increase her wake time from 1 hour 45 minutes, but she hasn’t needed to increase this month at all. Should be soon though, I would imagine.

Zantac: Sweet Pea has been Zantac free since May 27th!! She hasn’t had any issues being totally off the Zantac.

Teeth: The biggest news this month is that Sweet Pea’s two bottom teeth popped through this month! She had some minor fussiness and her naps were disrupted a couple times when they were coming through. She chews on everything she can get her hands on.


Milestones: Sweet Pea is no where near crawling still (she just isn’t interested) but she has started scooting on her bottom somewhat. She’s certainly not moving fast at all, but it started one day when I put her down on the floor at my parents’ house. I looked over at her a few minutes later and she had scooted herself over to a drawer, had opened the drawer and was eating some paper!

Favorite toys/activities: Since Sweet Pea is not mobile, she is content to sit and play still which is a new phenomenon for this mama! I am certainly not complaining because it would have been a challenge for sure to have a mobile baby and active toddler over the past 3 months had Sweet Pea started crawling at 7 months like her sister did.

Sweet Pea takes her baths in the big tub now! She LOVES bath time!


She has become very curious in the last month. She will whip her head around at lightening speed to see something or someone that catches her attention. If we are around a group of people or around a lot of activity when she is trying to drink a bottle, I will sometimes have to go off to a quiet area to get her to drink with no distractions.

Sweet Pea does get “bored” more easily than she used to. She likes for me to move her around to new activities every so often. If I leave her too long, she will let me know she is ready to move on.

She still loves her jumperoo and sometimes she is jumping so hard in there I think she will jump herself right out of the thing. Her legs are so powerful and I think it is from all the jumping she has done since she was about 4-5ish months old. Since she couldn’t really do a lot of tummy time because of her spit up issues, she jumped and she is one jumping baby now! She will jump while being held in your lap. She just goes to town as if she were in her jumperoo.

She loves to chew on these books and her Sophie Giraffe!


Diapers/Clothes: Sweet Pea is still in size 3 diapers. I still have 6 month, 6-9 month and 9 month clothing in her closet, but she pretty much wears 12 month clothing 75% of the time! I am not sure her 6 month outfits would fit her now anyways. I know her 6 month onesies would be too tight. Same for 9 month. Her 12 month onesies fit perfect. She will be out of those before I know it! This girl is all chunk!!

Personality: She seemed a little more “outgoing” to me this month. She wasn’t as apprehensive of strangers and in a big crowd of people she was content for a friend to hold her instead of me or my mom. I love watching the personalities of my daughters unfold. It is so interesting to see the little people God created them to be.

Sisters: Little Bug hung the moon according to Sweet Pea. Sweet Pea has been interested in sister for the past few months, but this month, Sweet Pea adores her big sister. If Little Bug is in the room, Sweet Pea is watching her. It is a challenge to feed Sweet Pea because she is always turning her head to watch her sister. I believe half the reason Sweet Pea is such an easy baby is because of her personality but the other half is due to the fact that she has constant entertainment in the form of her big sister! The best thing is that this love is mutual between the two girls. Little Bug adores her baby sister and looks out for her and loves to make her laugh!


Schedule (9 months old):

8am (or 7:45am) wake up, bottle, solids

9:45am (or 9:30am) – 12:00 nap

12:00pm bottle, solids

1:45pm (or 1:30pm) – 4:00/4:30pm nap

4:00 (or whenever she wakes up) bottle, solids

7ish bath, bottle

7:30/7:45pm bedtime


Happy 10 Months, Sweet Pea!!

9 Months Old!

Sweet Pea is 9 months old!!


Oh, this baby. A baby that came way sooner than I had planned (that word is a silly word), but now a baby that is so much a part of our life I can hardly remember what life was like before her. It is so hard to believe she has almost been a part of our family for a whole year. Only 3 more months before her first birthday.

Eating: Eating stayed the same this month. Four-hour schedule. She eats 6 oz. during the day and then she has gotten to where she wants 9-10 oz. before bed! This baby has some rolls!!


Solids: Sweet Pea has really picked up on the amount of solids she eats. She is eating about 2-3 oz. per meal. She has solids with breakfast and lunch. Because of her diarrhea marathon this month, I’ve still not been able to introduce to her all the basic baby foods! We were working on introducing fruits.

Sleeping: She pushed her naptimes back by 15 minutes because she was ready to extend wake time from 1.5 hours to 1.75 hours. Days after turning 8 months, she officially dropped the 3rd nap! I knew she was ready because she basically just stopped sleeping for it and would play the entire time she was in bed. She also extended the length of her first two naps. So, I just stopped laying her down for that 3rd catnap one day. It did take her body about a week or so to fully adjust. I started laying her down for bedtime 15-30 minutes early and that helped her during that transition time of dropping the nap.


Sweet Pea is still in the Rock N Play sleeper. My motto is to not fix something that isn’t broken. She is still sleeping well in there, so I haven’t seen a reason to move her to her crib. However, my thinking is that making that transition will be easier to do when she isn’t mobile, so I am thinking I will move her to the crib in the next month or two. One day when I got her up from a nap, she had turned herself in the bed and was laying sideways.


Sickness: Need I say more? We assume what Sweet Pea had was some awful virus that gave her diarrhea for 15 days straight! I never knew that was possible, but apparently, it is. She had a horrible rash that turned into a yeast infection. Two prescription creams later and it finally started to heal. Baking soda in the bathtub took the sting out so she could enjoy being in the bath, diaper free hours while playing on a blanket, COUNTLESS diaper changes and LOTS of sanitizing daily (multiple times a day!) with Clorox and Lysol got us through those weeks.

And…a couple days ago Sweet Pea came down with a cold. This just continues our trend since February of get sick, stay well for about a week and then get sick again. She is pretty miserable today with lots of congestion.

Weaning (formula and zantac): We were in the process of getting her switched to the powder formula when the diarrhea began so it was unclear if the cause was a food allergy or a virus. Allergy testing came back negative but it could be a false negative, so for now (and probably until she is 12 months and weaned to whole milk), Sweet Pea is on 100% ready made formula and we are no longer trying to wean her to powder formula.

April 25th we stopped the 8pm zantac dose. She had no issues stopping another dose of Zantac so next month (or maybe even sooner) we will stop the morning dose and then Sweet Pea will be completely off Zantac!


Independent Playtime: Sweet Pea still does this in the morning after breakfast for 20 minutes in the pack n play. Soon we will increase to 30 minutes (when she is mobile).

Favorite toys/activities: This baby is so funny. She is still content to just sit and play with some toys on a blanket on the living room floor! She enjoys all the typical baby toys: stacking cups, stacking rings, blocks, stuffed animals. Sweet Pea find much entertainment in things that aren’t necessarily toys but are interesting to her just the same. She has started grabbing whatever is in front of her wherever you are so I do have to watch those little pudgy hands! Sweet Pea still enjoys her floor mat, jumperroo and jumper. That baby LOVES to bounce. She will be sitting on my lap and just start bouncing herself.


After bathtime, when she is laying on her changing table, she will play Peak-A-Boo with me using her towel to cover her face!

Diapers/Clothes: Still size 3 diapers. Sweet Pea is wearing mostly 9 month and 12 month clothing. There are some 6 month outfits that still fit but probably not for long.

Milestones: I caught Sweet Pea rolling over on her floor mat. She was trying to reach something that was above her head (while laying on her back) and she rolled her whole body over. I praised her and praised her. She hasn’t rolled again since then. She is just so laid back and content. At least I know she can roll if she wants to!

I have caught Sweet Pea rolling to her side when I put her on her back. Maybe she is getting ready to start rolling around. She just hasn’t been interested but since she has started grabbing everything she can get her little hands on, maybe she is becoming interested in learning to move around.

She said something that sounded like “bye” this month. Then the next day she said “bye” again, but she hasn’t said it since, so I am not sure I am counting that or not!

She will sometimes get her whole arm/hand swinging when we are saying “goodbye”.


Personality: Sweet Pea is possibly the most laid back baby I’ve ever seen. She seriously goes days (weeks?) without crying. The only time she fusses (and it is hardly even a ‘fuss’) is around bath time and, of course, when she is not feeling well. It’s almost like she just wants to get on in the bathtub because I pick her up and take her to the bathroom and start the bath and she smiles so big because she knows what is coming: a warm bath, a warm bottle and her cozy little bed! Sweet Pea just goes with whatever is happening and takes it all in. Most of the time she is very quiet and you wouldn’t even know she is present. Sometimes she gets in a talkative mood and babbles away. Sweet Pea is a sweet, happy little baby.

Just like her sister, Sweet Pea LOVES her family. She gets SO excited when she sees her family first thing in the morning after waking up or when she wakes up from a nap. She saves her biggest smiles for us.

She has a thing for her Daddy which is just the cutest thing ever! Little Bug was always a HUGE mama’s girl (still is) but I think we may have a “Daddy’s Girl” in Sweet Pea. She starts jumping and bouncing when her Daddy walks in the door from work. Extreme excitement!

Sweet Pea gets so excited when I am holding her and we head out the garage door. She starts to swing her little arms, kick her legs and she gets so excited because I guess she knows she is going somewhere!

Sisters: Sweet Pea adores her big sister. Her big sister adores her! They have started this thing where they look at each other and just start laughing hysterically. They do it most mornings at breakfast and then throughout the day.

After breakfast we have some time before Sweet Pea lays down for nap now that she has extended her waketime more. Little Bug likes for me to put Sweet Pea on the floor so they can “play”. I love it! I pray they are the best of friends someday.


Schedule (8 months old):

8:00am eat (bottle + solids)

9:45am – 12:00pm nap

12:00pm eat (bottle + solids)

1:45pm – 4:00/4:15pm nap

4:00/4:15pm eat

7:15pm bath

7:30pm eat

7:45/8:00pm bedtime


Happy 9 Months, Sweet Pea!!

8 Months Old!

Sweet Pea is 8 months old!!


Eating: Sweet Pea is officially on the 4-hour eating schedule now. She started not wanting to eat after just 3.5 hours so we moved to 4 hours. She drinks three 6 ounce bottles and one 7-9 ounce bottle before bed. She eats at 8am, 12pm, 4pm and 7:45pm.


Solids: Sweet Pea hasn’t really been eager to eat her solids until just recently. She has started opening her mouth and anticipating spoonfuls of food! At 8 months, she has two solid meals with her 8am and 12pm bottles. She has two veggies for breakfast and a veggie and fruit for lunch. I just introduced fruit to her on March 28th. I am doing as my pediatrician suggests and only giving her one fruit to two veggies so that she does not develop a sweet tooth. Her diet consists of: squash, peas, green beans, sweet potatoes, carrots & pears.


Sleeping: There was a time during this month that I thought Sweet Pea was ready to extend her waketime again. It was during the week where I was sick and then was out of town for 2 days, so it was hard for me to pin point exactly what was going on. Turns out, Sweet Pea was just ready to give up her paci and swaddle. When I tried to extend her waketime she started waking early from naps, so I left her waketimes as they were. Waketime stayed at 1.5 hours to 2 hours.

One day Dave laid her down for a nap and later he told me that he had laid her down without the paci and swaddle. She had slept fine! From then on, we stopped giving her the paci to go to sleep (she is now officially a thumb sucker) and we stopped putting her arms in the swaddle. She is still sleeping in the inclined bed. Next sleep transition will be to move her to her crib. I was waiting for the swaddle to be dropped first before transitioning her to the crib.


Dropping 3rd Nap: I think Sweet Pea might almost be ready to drop the 3rd nap. If we are out of the house during this naptime I give her the opportunity to sleep in her carseat. Sometimes she does, sometimes she doesn’t. If she doesn’t, I put her to bed a little early. I don’t imagine this nap hanging on for much longer. If we are home I lay her down for this nap. There has been one time recently where she didn’t sleep so that also makes me think she is getting ready to drop it.

Sickness: Sweet Pea had her first cold during her 7th month. By the 10th day she was pretty much back to normal, minus some lingering congestion. When she didn’t have fever, she continued to be her happy self. She did have some trouble drinking her bottles from the congestion but we diluted her formula and that seemed to help her be able to get it down. I did give her motrin at night several nights to help her feel more comfortable.

About two weeks after the colds, we dealt with the stomach bug, but due to my mom being extremely careful to avoid spreading germs, Sweet Pea stayed well in spite of the fact her big sister was getting sick in the same house. My mom kept the girls separate, kept a pile of toys for just Sweet Pea that Little Bug was not allowed to touch or play with. My mom even covered her clothes with a towel when taking care of Sweet Pea after having taken care of Little Bug. My mom also washed her hands very frequently. I am so thankful God spared Sweet Pea (and my mom and Dave!) from this stomach bug thanks to Grandma who did everything possible to ensure Sweet Pea wouldn’t get sick.


Independent Playtime: Sweet Pea has her IP time in the pack n play for 20 minutes every morning. I set out 3-4 toys for her to play with and she sits and plays happily. The only time she fusses is if she accidentally falls over. She can’t get herself into a sitting position yet so she needs help to sit up again and then she continues to play happily.


Favorite activities/toys: Sweet Pea still loves her jumper and jumperoo. This baby loves to jump! She also enjoys siting on the floor and playing with toys. We have this soft soccer ball that Dave will roll into her belly and Sweet Pea thinks it is the funniest thing ever. She laughs and laughs when he does this. Sweet Pea is also in that stage where you can give her anything (as long as it is safe) and she will spend the longest time holding it and examining it in her hand. She will do this with toys or any common household item (like a mac n cheese box or plastic container). I love watching babies explore things at this age. Everything is so new and exciting to them.

Sweet Pea enjoys walks in the neighborhood. She sits in the stroller and just watches the world go by. She also enjoys sitting with me on the back patio swing while Little Bug plays outside and swinging at the neighborhood park.


Diapers/Clothing Size: Sweet Pea is officially in size 3 diapers. We used up all the 2s and moved on to the size 3s. I packed away 3 month and 3-6 month clothes so now Sweet Pea mostly wears 6 month, 6-9 month and…she can even already fit into several 12 month summer outfits!

Overstimulation: It is safe to say now that Sweet Pea’s overstimulation issues are a thing of the past! I have not noticed her getting overstimulated in over a month. She is just like every other baby now in this area – she will only get overstimulated if she stays up too long before getting a nap. Woo-hoo!!!!


Weaning from Zantac/ready made formula: We started the wean from the ready made formula! Right now, she is on half and half. If her naps hadn’t been off during that week, she probably would have already been switched over to the powder formula, but I didn’t want too many changes going on at the same time because then it would have been hard for me to pinpoint why she was waking early from naps.

We were told by the GI doctor that at 7 months we could decrease the Zantac dosage to twice a day instead of three times and just this last week we stopped giving Sweet Pea Zantac at 4pm!

Milestones: Sweet Pea has no interest in becoming mobile. She is perfectly content to be 8 months old and not crawling. I am not worried because I know babies do things in their own time. Sweet Pea has such a docile personality which I think attributes to her being content to be non-mobile! She is a very strong baby and loves to stand. With her stomach issues, she has had limited tummy time and she is just “behind” in this department, but I do not feel there are any threats to her overall development. She is just going to crawl and walk much later than her big sister, which is perfectly okay by me since big sister already keeps me on my toes daily!


Schedule (7 months old):

8am wake up, bottle, solids (two veggies)

9:00-9:20am Independent Playtime

9:30-11:30/12 nap

12pm bottle, solids (veggie and fruit)

1:30-3:30/4pm nap

4pm bottle

5:30-6pm nap

7:15pm bath, bottle

8pm bedtime


Happy 8 Months, Sweet Pea!!

7 Months Old!

Sweet Pea is 7 months old!!


Is it normal for a 2nd child to seemingly grow up waaaaay faster than their older sibling, because, even with Sweet Pea’s challenging start, her first year is flying by.

Sweet Pea’s 6th month was a month of change as she lengthened her wake times and shortened her last nap while also lengthening nighttime sleep.

Eating: No really big changes here, except she did start eating 7-8 ounces every bottle. And she is almost at the 4-hour schedule! She just needs a little more time to lengthen her wake times further and she will be there. She ate at 8am, 11:30am, 3:45pm, 7:15pm and 11:30pm.


Solids: The big change for her this month as far as eating goes is she was introduced to solids on February 8th! So far, she has had squash, peas and green beans. She is certainly not an “eating machine” but she is eating solids every day now, once a day. This month, she had solids after her 11:30am bottle. She ate about half of a stage one baby food container.

Dreamfeed: We stopped the dreamfeed cold turkey for a few nights, but then when I started letting her CIO around 4am, we added it back in for about 2 weeks. Then we started gradually weaning from the dreamfeed again by giving one less ounce every 3 days until we were at just 2 ounces. February 22nd was her last dreamfeed.


Growth Spurt: Sweet Pea has had several small growth spurts it seems this month, which is another reason why we added back the dreamfeed for a couple weeks.

Sleeping: This is where the big changes this month happened. At the beginning of the month, Sweet Pea’s nighttime sleep became disrupted around the 4am hour because she wanted the paci to be put back in her mouth. As much as I didn’t want to do it, I knew the time had come for CIO. So on the night of February 10th, we put her to bed with only one arm swaddled so she would have a way to self soothe herself with sucking if she wanted, and when she woke in the night, we let her CIO. It only took one night, much to my complete surprise. And her crying-it-out was more like fussing-it-out for about an hour.

Another sleep issue this month was waking up early in the morning. Sweet Pea was waking anywhere from 6:30 to 7:15ish. To get her to sleep 12 hours a night, we extended her waketime between her naps by 15 minutes, cut her last nap to a short 30-minute catnap and moved bedtime earlier by half an hour. That helped her start sleeping from 8pm to 8am.


Wake time: Sweet Pea’s wake times have always pretty much been the same but now her first wake time is 1.5 hours, her second and third are 1.75 hours and her last wake time before going to bed at night is 2 hours. I tried to stretch that second wake time to 2 hours to give us a little more time to do things, but she would wake up too early from her nap if she was up 2 hours instead of just 1.75 hours. She will get there, eventually.

Sickness: Sweet Pea was sick for the first time this month. She caught the virus Little Bug had. On Leap Day, she woke early and was fussy, which is very usual for Sweet Pea. I took her temperature hoping for the best but fully expecting a fever. Sure enough, she had a fever. She is now sneezing, coughing and has lots of congestion. She is headed to the doctor on her 7 month birthday. Sad smile

Personality: I keep waiting for the bottom to drop out and for Sweet Pea to show a dramatic side, but she continues to be as easy-going as they come. When she is tired of an activity (like playing on the floor with toys) she will start “talking” a certain way as if saying, “Mommy, I can’t get up and move myself so will you please come put me in my jumper??” and I will move her to a new activity and she is happy as a lark again. She has started laughing hard when her Daddy tickles her. It is the cutest thing.


Siblings: Sweet Pea loves to watch Little Bug. I love to watch her watching her sister. Whatever Little Bug is doing is fascinating to Sweet Pea. Little Bug is learning what “sharing” means through her baby sister, which is good for her. When we read books, if Sweet Pea is with us, I let Sweet Pea pick a book and then Little Bug gets a turn to choose a book. I also encourage Little Bug to go to the baby toy box and pick some toys out for Sweet Pea to play with. Of course, Little Bug has to have a baby toy too to play with. I can see the start of a sister bond developing between the girls and it is fun to watch that grow and develop.

Independent Playtime: The day Sweet Pea got sick, I had decided that that was going to be her first day to have Independent Playtime in the pack n play in our bedroom. I got her set up to play and went to finish up breakfast with Little Bug. Sweet Pea whined and fussed which was very usual because she loves to sit and play with toys on a blanket. It was soon after that I discovered her fever and realized she was coming down with the same virus Little Bug had.

Once she is well, we will start IP in the pack n play for 20 minutes a day. The goal will be to increase her IP time to 30 minutes by next month. She will do IP at 8:30am while I am getting Little Bug up, giving her breakfast and getting her dressed. I figured this was the best time of day because we are home during that time of day every day.


Favorite Activities/toys: Sweet Pea still loves her jumper. I think she would be happy to live in the thing. She also still really enjoys her excersaucer and floor gym. When we are eating, I try to put Sweet Pea at the table with us in her chair so she can be with us while we eat. I keep some toys on the table for her to play with. She seems to really enjoy this. Sweet Pea got to swing on the park swing for the first time this month! She enjoys stroller rides up to the neighborhood park.


Bath: Sweet Pea now sits up to get her bath! She still really enjoys her bath time. Now that she is sitting, she can play with her toys more easily. Right now she loves to play with stacking cups, rubber duck and keys!


Diapers/Clothing Size: I could probably pack up 3 month and 3-6 month clothes but there are several outfits she can still wear. I pulled out the 6-9 month box and I think that is when I realized that Sweet Pea’s first year is flying by! She can already wear 6-9 month sized clothing! She mainly wears 6 month clothing.

Overstimulation: Recently we had friends over for dinner one evening and after Sweet Pea’s little cat nap she was in her excersaucer playing while all the “commotion” was going on around her in the living room. She didn’t have her typical overwhelmed, Mommy rescue me face on! She was jumping up and down in the excersaucer having a grand time looking at everything that was going on in the living room around her. It was another moment for me that stood out as another sign that these withdrawals are coming to an end for Sweet Pea.


Tummy Troubles/Meds: Spitting up has greatly decreased over the past month. I end the day more and more in the same clothes that I had put on in the morning, and so does Sweet Pea! She still has a minor spit up here and there, but the spit ups that require clothing changes and a major clean up are getting less and less frequent. She is totally off the Gripe Water and mylecon drops! She is still on Zantac but we will start to wean her from that during her 7th month. We will also start slowly transitioning her to powder formula instead of the ready-made formula. Since I first wrote this update, Sweet Pea had one of her “spells” where spit up comes up and out her mouth and nose at the same time. She has a hard time catching her breath and it makes her really upset. (One of the rare times when she actually cries.) When she had this spell, I couldn’t even remember the last time she had had one of these! It had been months. This spell made me a little hesitant to start the formula/zantac weans next month, but then, a few days after this spell we accidentally forgot to give her zantac at her 3:45pm feed but she was totally fine without it! That was really encouraging to us and now, I am hopeful again that weaning next month will go well.

Milestones: She started sitting this month! She loves to sit and play with toys on a blanket in the living room.

DSCN4320This picture was taken the first night she started sitting. She was playing with a toy that was mine when I was a baby!

Schedule (6 months old): This is the schedule we eventually made it to once we figured out her sleeping needs:

8am eat

8:30am-8:50am Independent Playtime in pack n play

9:30am-11:30am nap

11:45am eat

12pm solids (1 oz of squash, peas or green bean)

1:30pm-3:45pm nap

3:45pm eat

5:30pm-6pm nap

7:15pm eat/bath

8pm bed

11:30pm dreamfeed – dropped on February 22nd!

I am so happy to see my Sweet Pea where she is today. She is doing remarkably well. I remember while writing her month one and month two posts thinking that when I wrote about her 6th month things would be so much different than they were then. And they are. She isn’t the writhing-in-pain baby she once was. She is thriving, she is happy and she is a complete joy!


Happy 7 Months, Sweet Pea!!