Q&A: Independent Playtime, uninterrupted sleep

My question for you is about independent at time. My almost 2.5 yr old and almost 1 yr old seem incapable of playing independently. How do you start it? What were your techniques? What rules did you instill? How should I go about doing for a 1 yr old and. 2.5 year old? How should I do it different for each of them?

At just over a year old, Little Bug was incapable of playing independently, too and this was when I knew I needed to help her learn this valuable skill.

I started Independent Playtime with Little Bug at the age of 14 months. I put her in her room with several toys laid out on the floor for her to play with, put the gate up on her bedroom door, set the timer for only 5 minutes and told her, “Have fun playing in your room with your toys!! Mommy will be back when the timer goes off!”

She cried the entire 5 minutes the first time. You just have to stick with it and be consistent.

Here are my top 5 tips for successful Independent Playtime.

1. The timer is KEY! Set the timer and say you will be back when the timer goes off and then come back as soon as that timer beeps! Eventually she will learn that it is not her crying that brings Mama back, it is the timer going off.

2. Each day I would increase the timer by 2 minutes. We slowly but surely worked our way up to 30 minutes. Then, once she did 30 minutes well we extended to 45 minutes and then 60 minutes. (Here is a link for the appropriate IP times by age.)

3. Rotate the toys that the baby/child plays with to keep things interesting. I rotate toys about every other month.

4. Stick with it and be consistent. It is hard work to get your baby/child doing IP when you start implementing it during the toddler years. But, if you stick with it, your children will learn that it is a fun time!

5. Pick a time of day to do IP that you know you will be home. This was it can be a consistent part of your baby/child’s routine. We do IP right after breakfast for one hour.

Your 2.5 year old can do IP in his/her bedroom. Your one year old, depending on maturity level, might would benefit doing IP in the playpen (pac n play) for a few months until he/she is older. If you feel he/she is ready for IP in the bedroom, then start there. I think Babywise recommends using the playpen for IP until somewhere between 18-24 months when you transition them to Independent Playtime in their bedroom.

I honestly don’t know what I would do without IP, especially since Sweet Pea’s birth! IP allows our mornings to just run smoother in every way possible. While Little Bug is doing IP, I have one hour to: get dressed, spend time with the Lord, get Sweet Pea to sleep for a nap and, on certain days, I use half that time to do some household chores around the house (although since Sweet Pea’s birth I haven’t actually been able to get back to doing chores during IP). IP just helps us start our mornings right! It is amazing what I can get done in just one hour’s time when my little one is doing her Independent Playtime.

Babywise Mom wrote about the developmental benefits of having your baby/child do Independent Playtime here.

To see an index of all her “Independent Playtime” blog posts, click here.


When following Babywise, what do you do if the baby wakes up before the normal 2.5 to 3 hour feeding time in the middle of the night. When my little guy was a newborn, and all the way up to about 16 weeks, he would wake up every 45 minutes to 1.5 hours. I finally just let him cry and that worked but I was wondering what BW would say? Go in? Rock? Feed?

Babywise would suggest sleep training for a situation like this once you are 100% sure that baby is not waking from hunger, dirty diaper, cold, hot, pain, etc. If you are 100% confident that baby is waking out of habit and just needs to learn to put himself to sleep and stay asleep, sleep training is the answer! (Again, not for everyone. You have to be comfortable with letting baby cry.)

I reached this point with Little Bug. She was 15 weeks old and she would wake after 40ish minutes of napping. She needed to learn to fall asleep and stay asleep. A baby’s transitions from deep to light sleep every 30-45ish minutes and many babies will wake at this point of sleep instead of transitioning themselves to deep sleep. Because of everything I read about how important uninterrupted sleep is to a baby, I desired to give my child that gift.

One day, at 3 months old, I laid Little Bug down for a nap and sure enough, like clockwork she was awake (but not ready to be awake) at the 45 minute mark. I let her cry it out. For an hour. The longest hour of my parenting career! Smile But, you know what? Each nap from then on out the crying decreased dramatically. Within a week (yes, just one week), she was taking uninterrupted naps of 1.5 to 2 hours in length. That week of crying was so worth my daughter learning the skill of putting herself to sleep and staying asleep. I have created healthy sleeping habits in my daughter that she will carry with her as she continues to grow and develop.

And think about it this way. Do you feel your best when you go to bed only to be woken up by the dog puking 3 hours after you have fallen asleep and then the baby needing to eat about 2 hours after you’ve cleaned up the puke? (Yes, that night recently happened for me. I was a tad groggy the next morning and dysfunctional.) Clearly, I am in a phase of life right now where I am getting very interrupted sleep and I don’t feel like I felt before Sweet Pea’s birth when sleep was uninterrupted! We all need sleep and when we are well rested we tend to cope with what life brings much better. This is simply my opinion, but I feel many parents underestimate the importance of sleep for their baby/children.

To you, I say “way to go” in giving your son the gift of sleep when he just needed his Mommy to teach him the skill of uninterrupted sleep!

New Sleeping Arrangements

Well, last night was much better (once Sweet Pea’s bad spell passed and she finally settled).

You want to know where she slept??

In our closet!

Yep, in our closet.

With me basically not sleeping at all with her in our bedroom and not feeling comfortable yet to move her to her own bedroom because of her tummy issues, the closet seemed the most logical solution.

So, last night we gave it a shot.

After Sweet Pea settled last night, Dave brought her into the bedroom and put her in our closet (in her inclined seat), which is vented and big enough to put a full-sized crib in there if we wanted.

You have to go through our bathroom to get to our closet, so Sweet Pea was just inside the walk-in closet with the door from the bathroom to the closet kept wide open. We pulled the door from the bedroom to the bathroom to instead of closing it because I wanted to be sure and hear her.

When I heard her for the first time last night I looked at the clock and it was 5:30am!

I jumped out of bed, made a bottle and brought her to our bed to feed her. She ate 3 ounces. I held her upright for quite some time and then was able to lay her back down in the closet. I then had to wake her at 8:30am for her first morning feed!

I have no idea if she grunted all night or not! It doesn’t matter. I heard what I needed to hear and we ALL got a good night’s sleep!

I never pictured our closet as a good sleeping place for a baby, but…whatever works!


This picture wasn’t taken in the closet, but this is the inclined seat that Sweet Pea sleeps in! A friend of mine is letting me borrow it! This seat really does help a baby with tummy troubles. Thanks, Holly!!

No sleep for no reason

Last night was interesting.

Dave does the 11pm feed, gets Sweet Pea settled (which means holding her upright until her tummy is calm and she can be laid down) and then they both come to our bedroom where I have already gone to bed.

Last night, I heard Sweet Pea at 2:30am. She let out a “I’m hungry, feed me NOW” cry and then, like a switch, she was completely quiet.

But then, of course, I am left WIDE AWAKE anticipating her to wake up for real at any moment.

I doze off and hear another “I’m hungry, feed me NOW” cry. I look at the time. It is 3:30. And, just like an hour before, the frantic 2-second plea for food is turned off like a switch…again.

And again there I am awake with a sleeping baby.

See, my problem is that I don’t just go back to sleep easily. I lay there in anticipation of her cry and before I know it another HOUR has gone by!

This time I decided I was feeding her whether she kept crying or not.

It was close to 5am. She hadn’t eaten since 11:30ish. I figured she would be starving.

Oh no.

I get up and make a bottle while she is frantically crying in the bedroom. I give her the bottle expecting her to suck like there is no tomorrow, but she just sips here and there and falls asleep.


I passed the paton to Daddy because by this time, I was tired and frustrated.

Not a good combination!

Dave got her to eat about 3 ounces but he basically had to force her to eat.

I kept Little Bug in our bedroom for way longer than was necessary before moving her to her own bedroom in her crib.

She was 4 months old!

Once she was out of our bedroom, we ALL slept better!

Sweet Pea is five WEEKS old and I am ready to give her the boot. She is such a noisy sleeper and every.single.sound. she makes while sleeping wakes me up.

But the problem is that I feel she is still too little to be in her bedroom by herself, especially with her tummy troubles. If she spits up through her nose in the night, I need to be able to hear her.

On the other hand, a repeat of last night is not going to cut it. I need more than three hours of sleep a night to function properly!

Tomorrow is Day 1 of SAHMto2. I’m starting off easy, though.

Tuesdays we usually go to my parents around lunchtime so we will go there tomorrow. So if I can manage to get both girls fed, dressed and myself fed and dressed and out the door, it will be an accomplished day.

Wednesday will be interesting as it will be just me and the girls all day long!

I have several slings on hand that people have given/lent to me. I have a feeling Wednesday a sling will become a permanent part of my wardrobe from now until Sweet Pea’s tummy problems are resolved.

If you don’t hear from me after Wednesday, call in the troops. Smile

Nap and Uh-Note

Before you think I’ve fallen off the face of the earth…

I haven’t. It’s just been a very busy week!

Figured out the nap problem. Monday, when I laid Little Bug down at 1:30 and she slept until 4:00pm, I knew the issue here was an issue of needing to lay down earlier and not later as I had first thought.

So, naptime is now back to 1:30pm, until there is a need for another change.

It’s interesting how I have seen a pattern of Little Bug needing more sleep during certain times and then needing a little less sleep. It’s never a huge difference but I do know that Little Bug requires 13-14 hours of sleep to function properly. Right now, she is needing 13ish hours…11 hours of nighttime sleep and a 2 hour nap is ideal, but I have seen this past week if she sleeps 11.5 hours at night, her nap will only be 1.5 hours.

It is interesting how sleep for baby/toddler is really a science and when you mix just the right ingredients of optimal wake time and consistency you have a recipe for an awesome sleeper. Getting the ingredients “just right” is more important for young babies, but as I learned with Little Bug this week, it still plays a big roll for a toddler as well.

Little Bug had a big surprise today! When she woke up from her nap her Uh-Note (Uncle Wesley) opened her bedroom door! She was still laying down but when she saw him she got this big smile on her face, stood up and started doing her little “happy dance” in the crib! Then she decided to play shy (which she is not!) and wanted Mommy. After she pretended she wanted Mommy she stood up and ran to Uh-Note who picked her up out of the crib! She gave him a big hug and had so much fun playing with him tonight.

Wesley flew in today and will be here a whole week! He’s already enjoying the nice weather here. He left some melting snow on the ground this morning!


Little Bug and her Uh-Note Wesley


Another week has begun… Am I the only one wondering how it can already be March?!

By the way, this is going to be a random post with lots of stuff included.

Nap: Saturday we tried putting Little Bug down for nap early. At 1:30 she was in bed, but didn’t go to sleep until 1:45ish BUT then we had to wake her at 4:30pm! So, I was thinking that must be it…she is needing to lay down earlier now for some reason. So, Sunday we did the same thing. Laid her down at 1:30 and she still took a while to go to sleep. She was asleep a little after 2pm and woke up at 3:30. So an hour and a half nap.

So…I’m still clueless about what is going on! I am going to lay her down at 1:30 this week and see what happens and go from there.

Congestion: She is still so congested, especially when she wakes up. I am trying to not take her outside as much as possible, but you know Little Bug. She could live outside if I’d let her.

Trip: We are going to Texas next month to see Mimi and Papaw and all the family that lives there! I am so excited about this. My parents and Grandmother are going too. Dave will be not be able to go due to work. I hope Little Bug likes to fly as much as her Mommy does!

Little Bug loves to look at airplanes in the sky. We always say, “Can you reach it?” and Little Bug says, “Too far away!” When we are boarding the plane I can’t wait to ask Little Bug if she can reach the airplane and then see the excitement in her eyes when she can actually reach out and touch the airplane!

I’m sure the journey from here to there on an airplane will be quite interesting with a (very active) 22 month old! But I will have back up in my parents along the way, so that will be of great help I can only imagine. Last time I flew with Little Bug she was an immobile infant that sat in my lap and slept for half the flight!

I am hoping lots of snacks, books and small interesting toys will keep her entertained. But knowing Little Bug, she will be fascinated by all the people in such close proximity to her on the airplane and will be trying to talk to everyone within five rows of her. I bet she will exit the airplane with at least a dozen new friends.

Oh and another thing about sleep…it’s almost summer. Which means trips, which means sleep naturally gets a little off anyway. So, I suppose this is as good a time as any for a “bump” along the way. We have Texas next month, then the annual mountain trip probably in May and then another trip to a reunion in July. But this is just another benefit to having your kid on a schedule. When you get “off” for one reason or another, when it is time to resume “normal life”, your kid falls back into their routine/schedule. And hopefully by that time, this weird nap phase will have passed.

At least I can hope so!!

respecting the nap

Something I really appreciate about Babywise is that it busts many of the common parenting myths.

One such myth is that “babies will sleep when they are tired” when in reality an overtired baby won’t sleep well at all.

But that isn’t the point of this post.

Babies need sleep – and they need more than we probably think. Not only do they need sleep, but they need uninterrupted sleep.

A baby who is getting up during the middle of night out of habit, instead of need, is not getting the rest he/she needs.

Uninterrupted sleep is a beautiful gift parents can, and in my opinion, should give their child. And hey, let’s face it, uninterrupted sleep is a beautiful gift for the Mamas and Daddys too! Smile

There are many aspects of baby getting adequate uninterrupted sleep. This post will hit on one of those aspects: respecting baby’s naptime.

As I stated in this post, I was a bit of a naptime drill sergeant when I first started Babywise with Little Bug. If it was naptime, I was home and Little Bug was in her crib sleeping.

There is nothing wrong with a nap on the go. In fact, sometimes, it’s a necessity, but if every nap for baby is on the go – they probably aren’t getting the length of nap needed for good, restful sleep.

From the start, we have always made plans around Little Bug’s nap/bedtime schedule. Obviously, there have been times where Little Bug has had to sacrifice a nap or go to bed a little late. But overall, if it is naptime or bedtime, we are home and Little Bug is in her crib sleeping. Have we had to make sacrifices along the way  (such as leaving an event early to get Little Bug home and in bed)? Yes, but the way we look at it is this: This is a small phase of life. Before we know it, we will have teenagers, but for now, we have a baby who needs to go to bed before 9pm. And so we leave early. Only for a season. 

Think about it. What if we as adults had to continuously sacrifice the sleep we needed to be able to function properly? Many adults, in fact, do do that. They are not operating with optimal alertness because they are sleep deprived. It is the same for babies. Without adequate sleep, they are not operating with optimal alertness, which means they are also not at their point of optimal learning either.

I have no idea how to figure this one out, but I am sure, the more kids you add to your family, the harder it is to respect the naptimes of those who are still in need of one! The more schedules you throw into the mix, the harder this has to be!

I think it all boils down to this, however, I obviously have no experience in juggling more than one child’s daily schedule: It’s a balance. I can’t expect my older children to always sacrifice to be at home when it is baby’s naptime. And I can’t expect my future baby (who, by the way, is NOT on the way! Smile) to not be able to take a snooze in the stroller while big sis is at dance class. Big kids won’t always be on the go and babies won’t always be at home.

But as their mother, it is my responsibility to make sure everyone is getting adequate sleep.

no idea what to title this one…

This week in the mountains hasn’t been what I hoped, nor expected. It’s actually been rather stressful with Little Bug’s stomach issues (which seem to be okay now since I’ve continued the BRAT diet like her pedi suggested – no puke since Sunday afternoon), fearing my dad was coming down with a stomach bug (he didn’t), missing Dave more than I usually do when we are apart (I guess that’s a good thing 🙂 ) and the sleepless night on Tuesday night and fearing I had started something by bringing Little Bug to my bed. (I didn’t. She slept fine all night long but chose to wake up at quarter till seven this morning. Ugh!)

So I might have given a clue or two in the past that I detest the stomach bug. (Who doesn’t?) But my detest probably actually goes a little farther to some weird phobia of it. I remember having it as a child on several occasions. For some reason, at the mention of someone even feeling like they are going to throw up, my heart rate accelerates and I have the instinct to run away as far as I can go. Maybe I should go to counseling when I return home. But seriously, when my dad called me to tell me Little Bug was up from her nap and he asked me come on back to the cabin right away because he felt “chilled and queasy” I just knew that Little Bug had indeed had a stomach bug and she had passed it on to her Grandpa. I had visions of being stuck in this 800 square foot cabin with vomiting family members for the rest of the week. Because I knew if my dad had caught it, it would only be a matter of days before my mom and brother would be sick too. I had already decided if my dad was up sick all night long I’d just brave the 40-50 degree temps outside, bundle up like an Eskimo, plug my ears with my earplugs and sleep on the front porch. The cold would certainly be better than hearing that awful sound all night long.

But, fortunately, God heard my prayers and spared me. (Yes, I prayed that God would spare me that awful experience. He cares even about the stupidest things that concern us.)  Turns out my dad didn’t have the stomach bug (because I am certain it wasn’t a stomach bug Little Bug had and was instead an upset tummy from spicy pasta she ate) and most likely was feeling bad from the flu vaccine he had gotten before we left. 

While I am on a rampage of “trip annoyances” I’ll go ahead and share this because it’s pretty funny (at least I think it is):

As I said I slept 1 hour on Tuesday night. Wednesday, as soon as I laid Little Bug down for a nap, I headed to the front porch to take a nap myself. It was a bit nippy but I was fine in my cocoon of blankets.

I had almost drifted off to sleep when I heard a girl talking loudly in the most country accent I have ever heard in my entire life. I am not exaggerating, people! (No offence to any country folks who may happen to read my blog.) I was supremely amazed and slightly annoyed. Ok – I was actually very annoyed because I was trying to go to sleep.

I know I am in the mountains of North Carolina but wow I’ve never heard anything like it and I’ve been around many Carolinian’s in my lifetime. I, techically, am a Carolinian myself because I was born here in NC although we moved away when I was only 22 months old. Anyway. And she was talking so loudly. She was visiting the next door neighbors and I can’t tell you how relieved I was when she said, “Alright now. Yall have a good day and I’ll be seeing ya later.” and then got in her mustang and drove away. I think I was asleep before she got down the mountain.

But right now, as I type this, there is serenity all around. It is the picture of a crisp autumn day. A breezy 60 degrees or so, a beautiful canvas of red, yellow and orange leaves all around. The distant sound of a train passing by down the mountain. Beautiful sunshine streaming through the trees and wrapping warmth on my exposed hands.

Yes, there have been moments when I have wished I was just home already, but overall, there is no place like the mountains in Fall.

Oh! It was special to be here on October 20th because it was on that day in 2006 that Dave brought me here to propose! My mom, Little Bug and I went walking to the general area where he proposed but I couldn’t really find it because the brush had really grown and hadn’t been kept up. I couldn’t even find the picnic table we were near. Anyway.

This is where it all began for Dave and me! We started dating here in June of 2006 and then were engaged here later that year in the Fall. And then, we came here for our honeymoon too!

Well, enough randomness for one post. Adios!

don’t underestimate the importance of zzzz’s

You always hear that Babywise babies are so happy, flexible and well-adjusted. I saw this firsthand in Little Bug this weekend as we were out of town for my cousin’s wedding.

I knew Friday and Saturday night would be late nights for Little Bug. And they were.

Little Bug is usually in bed between 8 and 8:30pm and she gets 11 to 11.5 hours of sleep each night. Friday night she was in bed by 9:30 and the night of the wedding she went to bed at 10:30pm! (Little Bug hasn’t been to bed past 10pm since she was probably 3 or 4 months old!) She still woke up around the time she normally wakes up (around 8am) so she definitely lost several hours of sleep those nights.

During the trip naps stayed the same. I knew it was critical for her to get her afternoon nap in because she would be having two late nights in a row.

Overall, Little Bug did AWESOME Friday and Saturday night. My parents kept commenting that she sure is a well-adjusted little girl to be up past her bedtime and to be doing so good. I did notice that she was whinny towards the end of the evenings but that was fully expected. We would get in the car and she would fall asleep on the way back to the hotel. Then I’d put her to bed as soon as we got to the hotel.

It wasn’t until Sunday morning, the morning we were leaving to come back home, that Little Bug had a melt down. She had only gotten about 9 hours of sleep two nights in a row. Saturday night she had woken around midnight and cried for about 5-10 minutes before going back to sleep (I am positive that was because she was so overtired).

That morning we met up with my Uncle David, Aunt Mary, Lauren (cousin) and my Grandpa for breakfast at the hotel. Little Bug was fine while she was eating but once she was done she became this child I did not know!

She was whining and crying. She was restless and was not happy to sit in her highchair. I gave her a fork to hold and she threw it down in anger! Once I gained my composure from that incident, I knew I had seen first-hand the result of a toddler who had not gotten adequate sleep.

Uninterrupted, adequate amounts of sleep really is critical for babies/toddlers/children.

Little Bug is 16 months old. She’s never had late nights like that before (because we make bedtime a priority) and she, up until that time had never thrown something in anger. It truly was not my Little Bug that was at that breakfast table! The lost sleep had caught up to her and had made her a monster!

Unfortunately, I feared that things were only going to get worse because we had a long car ride ahead and Little Bug’s naps in the car seat tend to last 40-45 minutes max! She needed a good LONG nap that day.

Much to my surprise, Little Bug fell asleep soon after we got in the car and slept an entire hour. Then, after lunch, she did the unthinkable! Little Bug fell asleep at 3:25 and slept until 5:30… in her car seat! I knew I had gained some ground with 3 hours worth of naps in the car and we would be well on our way to having a well-rested Little Bug back if she got in bed on time (or even early if she was showing signs of being tired earlier) that night.

This is just my opinion, but I think parents tend to underestimate the importance of their child getting adequate sleep. On Becoming Babywise talks about studies that have been done that show children who got adequate sleep as babies have higher IQs. They also go on to say that generally speaking, Babywise babies/children are happier and more obedient. They are more alert and are at their optimal learning capacity during their waking hours. This makes sense. Think about the last time you were lacking in adequate hours of sleep. You probably felt sluggish and you weren’t at your best. It’s the same for babies and young children. A baby who isn’t getting enough sleep can be classified by the three C’s: crying, clingy & cranky, according to The Baby Whisperer by Tracy Hogg.

One of the most important things I’ve learned from Babywise is this: Baby’s sleep must be respected. This does not mean that life halts at naptime and there are no exceptions. But this does mean (for me, at least) that when it is Little Bug’s naptime I am going to make an effort to be at home so that she can nap where she naps best (in her crib) so that she can get the sleep she needs. Yes, life happens and there are times when Little Bug hasn’t been able to nap in her crib. That is the beauty of a flexible Babywise routine! It allows life to happen, but at the same time it provides structure and predictability so that I can plan my day so that when it is naptime, we are home so Little Bug can get her nap(s) in.

Is it inconvenient sometimes? Most certainly, yes! Especially when Little Bug was napping 3 times a day! As she has moved from three naps to just one, it has gotten easier and easier to plan activities and outings around naptime.

Something that really helped me be able to respect Little Bug’s naptimes (especially when she was napping 2-3 times a day) was to remember that it was only for a season! There was a time when Little Bug was napping around 9am, 1pm and 5pm daily, but it didn’t last long! Typically by 15-18 months or so, toddlers are down to only one nap. One nap is so much easier to work with and plan the day around than three naps was!

The sacrifice that was necessary for Little Bug to get her naps in was well worth having a baby who was getting adequate sleep. I can’t tell you how many people have told me that I have the happiest baby they have ever seen. I’ve even had people ask me if she ever cries. My dad was astounded that Little Bug was crying so much at the hotel that morning because Little Bug is generally so happy and rarely cries. From the time I started Babywise there has rarely ever been a time when Little Bug was crying and I had no idea why. I am serious when I say that. There is always a reason and typically, because she is on a routine, she has no need to cry because she knows what is coming next. All her needs are met before she ever has to cry and ask for something.

Babywise gives sleep guidelines, which was great information for me to have during Little Bug’s first year. Remember, Babywise gives averages*.

Newborns nap 6-8 times a day, depending on how many feedings they have (because Babywise follows an eat, play, sleep routine that repeats itself over and over every day). At two months, baby sleeps 7-8 hours straight during the night and naps are at least 1.5 hours long.

By 3 to 5 months of age baby sleeps 10-12 hours per night and has three naps that range from 1.5 hours to 2 hours in length.

Typically around 6-8 months the 3rd nap is dropped. Baby continues with two naps until dropping the morning nap around 16-20 months. Baby continues to need 10-12 hours of nighttime sleep and has one 2-3 hour nap in the afternoon.  *All of these averages come from On Becoming Babywise Chapter 7, page 131-133.

I found having this knowledge in my mind very useful as I was plugging along with Little Bug the first year. Babies are hard enough to figure out, but having these guidelines/averages to follow was very helpful to me to ensure my baby was getting adequate rest. (And just so you see those ages above are averages… Little Bug was 5 or maybe even 6 months before she started sleeping 11-12 hours straight through the night. She was 10 months old when she dropped her 3rd nap and 15.5 months old when she dropped the morning nap.)

So in summary, I’ve learned to not underestimate the importance of Little Bug getting adequate sleep through uninterrupted nighttime sleep and naps. It does take some sacrifice on my part but the end result of a well-rested, happy, secure baby is well worth all the sacrifice!


Found the culprit of yesterday’s short hour and 10 minute nap!


The night before, Little Bug had cried out some but never fully awoke. She slept through the night like usual.

Then we had that hour and 10 minute nap.

And then I noticed swollen gums, runny nose and fingers in the mouth…Little Bug’s typical teething signs (minus the runny nose – this is a first for that one).

Surprisingly enough Little Bug was a complete ANGEL yesterday compared to the little cranky pants I pictured her being after such a short nap. We had a wonderful evening together – just the two of us – as Dada had to work late. I did put her to bed early (8pm) and she slept till nearly 8am.

So how did today’s nap go?

Well, with a dose of Infants’ Motrin at quarter till one, Little Bug took a 2 hour nap!

I just got back from an Infants’ Motrin Scavenger Hunt. (I had to go to THREE stores to find the stuff. I stocked up once I found a store with the goods.)

Now, we are rooting for these teeth to make their grand appearance soon!


Today’s Nap Saga:

In bed at 1pm.

Went right to sleep.

Awake at 2:10pm.

(Woke talking/playing in bed, not crying. Weird.)

1 hour and 10 minutes??

Someone is going to be a cranky-pants tonight.

(I won’t name any names.)

But that same someone is going to bed e.a.r.l.y. tonight!