At Home

All the nurses and doctors were so good to me, this being my first ever surgery experience. It’s all a blur. They put the gas mask on and I entered another world and don’t remember a thing until I woke up and couldn’t understand where Dave, Mama and Angele had gone. It was then the nurse informed me, “You’re done! It’s all over!” I remember thinking, “I’m alive! I survived! Praise the Lord!”

It wasn’t too long and Dr. L was standing there beside the bed. He told me I did have Stage 2 endometriosis. He cleaned it all up and he said the prognosis for a future pregnancy is very good. Because Dr. L cut the endometriosis out, instead of burning it, he said the chances of endometriosis returning is slim.

I also had 2 small cysts removed from a fallopian tube. He said both tubes are “nice and normal”. The inside of the uterus is absolutely fine.

Once again, GOD HAS PROOVED HIMSELF FAITHFUL! Put your faith and trust IN THE LORD and He WILL carry you through ANYTHING! That is the lesson God has taught me through surgery.

I feel fine except that I am extremely sore. I had no reactions to the anesthesia.

Tonight, I thank God for putting Dr. L in my life. I think it is incredibly awesome that he could go into my body through 4 tiny little incisions, look around with a camera and take pictures (I can’t wait to see them! He said he’d show me!), diagnose endometriosis and then cut it out. All in 2.5 hours and all for the glory to be given right back to God.

Thank you so much for praying! Once again, your prayers have made all the difference in the world. I was nervous and probably shaking like a leaf, but in my heart, there was peace – God’s peace. And I attribute it to all the prayers. Pastor Paul and Judy Crosby came up the hospital to pray with me before surgery. It is such a comfort to know people were praying right there in my presence all the way to people praying in another country (Cristina and Marcio – my cousin and her husband)! I am also so grateful Mama had Angele and Elaine Matz to sit with while I was in surgery.

God is good – all the time. God certainly hears the prayers of his people.

Now please pray for a speedy recovery and a clear direction for our next step. (More on that when I am not so sore.)